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Friday, September 25, 2020

By CarKhabri Team

Tips For Driving Car With An Automatic Transmission System

Tips For Driving Car With An Automatic Transmission System

Driving a car is pleasure for its owner, but at the same time, it becomes irritating when a person has to crawl his car in heavy traffic and change the gears every minute. Going through this reason nowadays most of the prospective car owners prefer to buy a car with an automatic transmission system. As the name suggests the gear transmission duty in these cars is performed by an automatic system that changes the gears automatically according to existing traffic conditions.
Although driving the car with an automatic transmission system is not different from regular cars, except for the transmission system. Still, if you are driving an automatic car there are certain tips which you should consider to avoid any problem.
Absence of the Clutch Pedal: As a general practice there is a clutch pedal in cars that is pressed whenever you change the gear. In an automatic car as the gears change automatically there is no clutch pedal in such cars. There are only two pedals at the beneath for brake and accelerator. It is seen that most of the car owners who have driven the car with a manual transmission system hit the pedals of brake and accelerator at the same time which affects the performance of an automatic system. Thus, forget the use of left feet while driving an automatic car.
Brake and Accelerator
Get ready for ‘Creep’:
As soon as you will switch on the ignition of an automatic car it will move forward without pressing gear or changing the gear. If you have parked in the reverse gear, then it will move backwards. This is known as ‘creeping’ and therefore when you switch on your car keep your right foot on the brake when you are parking or moving in slow traffic. To avoid any problem you can either select the neutral option from the gearstick or use the handbrake to ensure your car doesn’t move ahead.
Get habitual of the new gearstick: Although there is no need for gearstick in driving an automatic car, yet there are some functions like reversing or parking the car when you need to use this stick. The functions performed by the gearstick are mentioned below:
P: Refers for parking
R: For reversing the car
N: For taking the car on neutral at stoplights or in traffic.
D:  This option is used for driving.
Automatic GearStick
Practice: Finally the last, before driving an automatic car it is recommended to practice so that you do not face any problem while hitting the roads.

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