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Monday, March 01, 2021

By CarKhabri Team

Tips for Safe Driving in the Summer

Tips for Safe Driving in the Summer

Finally, after a long wait of a year children have once again started planning for the summer vacation. Due to the impacts of the global pandemic COVID-19 children across the world were not able to move anywhere during the summer vacations because of the lockdown imposed in all the countries across the world. With life turning to normalcy people have started moving to different places according to new normal life guidelines determined by the government. Keeping this factor in concern people have started planning for the summer vacations.
However, going through the threat of the existing pandemic people are avoiding the use of public transport facilities and look to use their vehicle for the movement. If you are also going out somewhere during the summer holidays and planning to drive your car with the family below are some tips for you to consider. Following these tips will let you enjoy safe driving during the summer with your family on your holidays.
Park Your Car Under a Shade: Going out for holidays with family in the car means you need to drive a long way, which also means to stay at different places before reaching your destination. During your stay at such places try to park your car under the shade and also unlock all the windows and doors to let the blowing wind move inside the car. Doing this will help in cooling your car more instantly and eliminates the discomfort which you might feel after sitting directly in your car due to the presence of heat existing inside the car because of the locked doors and windows.
Hydration: The problem of dehydration is common in the summer days. Due to the long journey, people try to avoid drinking the water. Doing this results in dehydration. To avoid this problem it is recommended to drink plenty of water and carry insulated drinking water bottles to cope with the problem of stuck in the traffic jams on the highways.
Top-up the Fluids: The machinery of the car gets extremely heated in the summer season while driving, going through this reason not only the level of engine oil, but other lubricants and coolant also decline at the high speed. Keep all types of fluid topped-up accordingly. Turn off the car on the traffic lights. If you think that doing this burn the excess of fuel, then you are mistaken. Doing this burns less fuel than what it would have burnt keeping your car in the idle position for more than ten seconds. 
Tyres: The problem of a tyre blowout is common in the summer season. According to industry experts, the repaired tyres are at an edge of inflation due to high temperature resulting in blowouts and punctures. Before starting your journey make sure to check the tyre pressure and also do check the air pressure of the spare tyre.
Protect yourself from the Sun Glare: Impaired vision due to the sun is one of the important reasons for an accident in the summer. Replace the damaged windscreen wipers and try to keep the area of the windscreen clean while driving. Put on sunglasses and use the overhead sun visors to protect your eyes from the sunrays. Due to the excess of hot waves in the summer days, the dust particles stuck on the windscreen, thus blocking the clear vision of the road. Clean your windscreen with the washer fluid, mainly at the time when the sun is setting. 
Don’t Leave Your Dog in the Car: It is seen that lots of people also take their dog with them during the holidays, and leave him in the car if they have to go out somewhere. Doing this can be dangerous to the life of your beloved dog. According to RSPCA, the temperature inside the car increases rapidly when parked even in the shade with doors and windows opened. Therefore leaving a dog in the car can result in the emergence of some unexpected incidence. It is better to let your dog stay at home or drop him at the house of anyone known to you with whom he is familiar. 
Keep these common tips in concern while going on holidays with your family in your car.

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