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Friday, March 10, 2023

By CarKhabri Team

 Tips To Clean Car Air Conditioner Vents

Tips To Clean Car Air Conditioner Vents

The season of summer has knocked on our doors and driving out in the afternoon is not as enjoyable as it was in winter. It is when all car owners quickly switch on the air conditioner of their car to relax from the hot waves. Doing this undoubtedly offers them the relaxation they look for but at the same time comes with lots of other problems. Many complain about a pungent odour coming from air conditioner vents or the smell of dust or dust particles coming out from air conditioner vents. 
This is mainly because air conditioning vents in cars are frequently overworked, and accumulated dust particles can make them look unsightly and unhealthy for passengers. To maintain a clean and dust-free AC system, it's recommended that you clean the vents at least every month or two, or more frequently if dust formation is noticeable. However, cleaning the narrow spaces between the vents can be challenging when using a simple cloth. Fortunately, an inexpensive foam paintbrush can make this task easier and quicker.
If turning on the air conditioning system causes a musty odour to be released inside the cabin, it's advisable to use a disinfectant spray cleaner to eliminate any fungus growth. To prevent fungal growth in the AC system, it's important to periodically dry out the AC vents by blowing the fan on maximum with the AC turned off. Additionally, it's important to clear away any dust that accumulates around the cabin air filter.
Here are some simple tips to ensure that your car's AC vents are clean:
Use a foam paintbrush and homemade cleaner: Purchase a foam paintbrush, which is an ideal tool for getting deep into the spaces between the AC vents' slats. These brushes are inexpensive and widely available. Dip the paintbrush into a homemade cleaning solution of warm water and vinegar. Insert the paintbrush between each vent slat to remove dust and grime, rinsing the brush as needed. Finally, wipe the vents clean with a dry brush.
Replace the car's cabin air filter: Most modern cars have an easily replaceable cabin air filter that can be accessed from the cabin. Check your user manual to learn how to remove and replace it. Lower the glove compartment and remove a few screws to access the cabin air filter cover. Remove it and pull out the old filter from its housing, then replace it with a new one. Generally, a cabin air filter should be replaced every 24,000 km, but consider changing it more frequently if you live in areas with higher pollution levels.
Clear off air intake vents with a brush: The cabin air intakes are located on the exterior of the car around the windshield cowling. Use a handheld brush to remove debris, then spray inside the vents with a sanitiser.
Spray cabin AC vents with disinfectant cleaner: Close all car doors and windows, turn off the car and remove the key from the ignition. Spray the in-cabin AC vents with an enzymatic cleaner. Wait a few minutes before starting the engine and setting both the air conditioner and fan blower to the maximum. After about 10 minutes, turn off the AC, open all car doors, and let the fan blow for an additional 10 minutes to dry the vents and remove any moisture inside the cabin.

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