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Friday, June 25, 2021

By CarKhabri Team

Tips To Enjoy Flawless Drive Of Your CNG Car

Tips To Enjoy Flawless Drive Of Your CNG Car

It is speculated that there would be more than one crore CNG vehicles on the Indian roads by 2025. To reach this objective and to minimize the dependence of the imports of oil the government of India is working on establishing more than 10,000 CNG stations by the end of 2030. According to the statistics revealed by the government, there are about 1424 CNG stations in India. With increasing fuel prices, CNG could be a cost-effective option. The cost of maintaining a CNG car is up to 30% cheaper than a petrol or diesel vehicle. According to an estimate driving the CNG car could help you in saving up to 50% of your expenses on fuel.
The increasing use of CNG vehicles although helps in protecting our environment from pollution, but these vehicles also need proper care and maintenance. Remember the maintenance of CNG cars is the same as fuel-based cars. The engine of both the vehicles work in the same format and use the same type of ignition engine. The only difference between a CNG car and a fuel-based car is the fuel storage efficiency and the average. If you think that replacing spark plugs or cleaning the air filter is enough for maintaining a CNG car, then below are some tips to consider for enjoying the flawless drive of your CNG car.
Get the CNG Kits Installed by a Professional: Buying the company fitted CNG kit is always the best option. In case if you are converting your existing fuel-based into a CNG based car then you should get it done by an expert technician. The cost of converting the fuel-based engine into a CNG based engine costs between Rs 10,000 and Rs 15,000. But by doing this you are putting the warranty assurance on your vehicle on the verge. Moving ahead not all the cars are competent for converting into the CNG variant, therefore make sure about its compatibility.
In the Beginning, Drive the on Petrol and Then on CNG: As CNG is installed in the combustion chamber in the gaseous form, it doesn’t let the fuel move to the cylinders this can result in wear and tear to the engine. At the start when you drive the car on petrol in the beginning it will warm up the engine. Before moving to the CNG engine try to drive your car on petrol for a minimum of two kilometres.
Get the CNG Plate Replaced After Every Three Years: It is not only legally mandatory but also good for your safety. There are lots of components like throttle body, reducer cartridge, regulator valves, low-pressure filter etc,  in the CNG engine which require regular servicing. Also do not ignore the CNG leak tested immediately if the engine is moving at high RPM. It is important to get the tappets settled properly.
Replace the Spark Plugs: The spark plugs of CNG car damage at a higher speed than the petrol engine. It is important to clean and check the spark plugs after the drive of 20,000 or in 12 months.
Get the CNG Tank Checked Regularly: The tank in the CNG cars is one of the most complicated products and therefore should be maintained properly.  The CNG tanks are developed with full precautions for storing the fuel with full safety and also to cope with the vibrations during driving. Try to get the tank inspected regularly to ensure there is no dent or any damage to the tank. In case you notice the leakage of CNG from the tank, stop your vehicle and come out from it by switching off its engine. Don’t try to run the car on petrol as it may catch fire while driving.
Don’t Skip the Service: As you get your fuel-based car serviced according to its scheduled time, the same principle applies to CNG cars.  Don’t skip the service and get the following components checked and replaced after driving up to the specified kilometres
  1. Air filter cleaning and replacement after every six months.
  2. Replace the low-pressure filter cartridge after every 40,000 kilometres
  3. Replace the reduce filter cartridge after every 20,000 kilometres
  4. Get the throttle body cleaning after every 10,000 kilometres.
Final Tip: Try to park your CNG car in the shade, as its fuel stored in the tank evaporates faster than the petrol or diesel car. 

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