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Friday, September 15, 2017

By Carkhabri Team

Tips To Find The Best Insurance Plan For Your Car

Tips To Find The Best Insurance Plan For Your Car

As life insurance offers financial compensation to you and your family in case of unfortunate incidences, similarly car insurance offers you compensation to face the financial loss that you might face because of any damage to your vehicle due to any reason. But finding the best insurance plan for your vehicle is a daunting task and as most of the car owners are unaware about the fact buys the plan that is suggested to them by the insurance agent. So, how the car owners can find the best insurance plan for this car is the matter of concern for them, therefore with an objective to help them we are suggesting some tips which they should keep in concern while getting their car insured.
Tips To Find The Best Insurance Plan For Your Car
Tips for buying appropriate car insurance policy:
1. Get the insurance of your renewed strictly before its expiry date. If you forget to do that you will be deprived from the benefits offered under no-claim discount after 90 days from expiry date of your policy;
2. Never drive your car while your drunk. Because insurance policy do not offers claim if the car driver is found drunk at the time of accident. But in case except driver all other passengers were drunk then you are eligible to ask for claim from the insurance company;
3. Try to get your vehicle insured at the price lower than the price of vehicle being sold in used car market;
4. Always try to keep your driving license with you while going out. This will not only protect you from any legal action taken against you by the police but insurance company might also ignore your claim for not following the terms and conditions determined in the insurance agreement;
5. Try to accommodate only recommended number of occupants in your car;
6. If you are disqualified from the regional transport authority for acquiring the license, do not drive vehicle until you do not get the license. Because in case of an accident you will not be entitled to make any type of claim from the insurance company;
7. In case if you own the learner’s license then claim will be paid to you only in the condition when you are found driving the vehicle under the supervision of the person having valid driving license;
8. In case of minor accidents do not make any type of claim from the insurance company. Doing this will deprive from enjoying the benefit of high bonus in case of some serious accident.
Types of car insurance offered in our country
Comprehensive Insurance: The comprehensive insurance generally covers payment against all types of damages including both materialistic and physical. But there are certain factors like depreciation in machinery, age of the vehicle, existing market value of the car, which are kept in consideration while deciding the value of premium.
Third party insurance: Third party insurance is the self explanatory term in which the amount of insurance is paid to the affected person during an accident which took place from your vehicle. Having third party insurance is compulsory for driving the vehicle on road if you are not having the comprehensive insurance. Anyhow you can add some components like fire, theft, etc as additional terms according to your requirements.
Zero Depreciation: The feature of Zero-Depreciation is the recent concept introduced by the insurance companies offering car insurance. Here the car owner is required to pay the fixed amount known as Administration Charge as the cost of insurance, and the remaining cost is paid by the insurance company. As the premium in Zero-Depreciation concept is quite high it is mainly applicable on luxurious cars. But interestingly now going through the launch of new cars at regular intervals it is expanding its roots in segment of other cars also. But still it is applicable on the cars that are not more than three years old.

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