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Friday, December 17, 2021

By CarKhabri Team

 Tips To Make Your Car Ready For Winter

Tips To Make Your Car Ready For Winter

Going for a long drive during every season has its fun, and the season of winter is not an exception to this. Driving a car during the cold winter night and having a cup of tea/coffee from a roadside tea stall is not less than an adventure. If you want to enjoy the pleasure of this adventure with your family then ensure the condition of your car. Because during winter not only you have to cope with fog but also the condition of the road is also not good.
Therefore to avoid any problem affecting your travel it is important to make your car ready for the winter season. For this, there are some tips to take care of your car during winter. Following these tips will help you to enjoy a smooth and pleasant drive on winter nights.
Warm Up Your Car Before Driving: There are lots of articles that say, warming up a car in winter before driving is a myth. This although is true in the current scenario, as the cars of today’s generation are miles ahead of the cars that were manufactured till a few years. Despite this, an expert technician will suggest you warm up the car before driving. Doing this lets the engine oil move across all the components of your car and lubricate them. This reduces the chances of their wear and tear. It is therefore important to warm up your car for a few minutes before moving ahead.
Check the Condition of the Tyres: Tyres are a part of your car that comes in contact with all types of terrains during all seasons. To avoid any issue with tyres, ensure that they are in good condition and there are not any cuts. Also, make sure that the tread of the tyres is appropriate. Don’t hesitate in replacing the tyres if your technician recommends you to do so.
The Battery: The battery of your car is one of the components which are on the verge of failure. There is nothing more dreadful than your car stopping suddenly during the journey just because of the battery. If you notice any issue while starting your car, which you think is due to battery, then without wasting a moment get it checked by a technician.
Coolant: The presence of coolant helps in retaining the level of water in the radiator of your car, and ensures that it doesn’t freeze or boil. Coolant contains both antifreeze and water. Coolant also helps the engine run smoothly and stop the development of excessive heat in the engine.
Headlights and Foglamps: Headlights and foglamps play a crucial role while driving at night, especially during the fog. If you are planning to go out during the night, make sure that both of them are working properly. 
The Windshield: The clear windshield helps in offering a clear vision of the road, whether it is day or night. During winter, there is a huge accumulation of fog, dust, and smoke, which make the vision hardly visible. Sometimes the fog even develops inside the car, this is due to the exterior and interior temperature. To remove the fog either you have to open the windows or adjust the temperature. It is, therefore, important to keep the windshield clear during the winter season. 
These are some winter care tips to enjoy safe driving during cold nights.

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