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Friday, June 24, 2022

By CarKhabri Team

Tips To Protect The Tyres Of Car During Monsoon

Tips To Protect The Tyres Of Car During Monsoon

The season of monsoon has arrived, and people are feeling relaxed from the hot waves of summer and going for long drives during weekends. Driving between drizzles with your favourite music running in the car has its fun. However, at the same time, it is also necessaryto look after the proper maintenance of your car especially the tyres. It is because the roads are slippery during rains and need extra stability to retain proper control over the vehicle. For this, the tyres of your car must be in good condition.
This blog highlights the tips to take care of your car’s tyres during the monsoon.
  1. The tyre pressure: The tyre pressure is one of the important factors to take of the car’s tyre during monsoon. Here it is important to remember that both underinflated and overinflated tyres are dangerous while driving during any season. Due to underinflated tyres, you cannot retain control on are, whereas with overinflated tyres they will lose traction with the road. To avoid these problems it is better to retain the required pressure in tyres. With appropriate pressure, the tread of tyres will also degrade slowly.
  2. The Tread of Tyres: The tread of tyres not only helps in retaining the appropriate control of the car but also helps in making the brakes more responsive. To ensure the safety of your family while travelling it is better to check the tread of the tyres during the monsoon. The tread of tyres can be checked through a tread depth gauge or tread wear indicators. If the tread of tyres is degrading, get the tyres replaced at the earliest.
  3. Alignment of Weehls: The misaligned wheels can also damage the tyres of a car. If you notice any type of change in the interior and exterior of tyres get them aligned immediately. The misaligned tyres result in decreased fuel efficiency, vibrations while driving, and heavy steering. As you have to drive over potholes during the rains, the condition of tyres will be more worsen due to misaligned tyres.
  4. Cleaning the Tyres: The tyres get dirty and muddly while driving in the rain. Cleaning them immediately after returning from outside will help in maintaining their good condition for a long time. Applying tyre polish or tyre wax after washing will stop the accumulation of rust, but also keep them shining and in good condition.
These are some tips that you can keep in concern to take care of your car’s tyres. 

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