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Friday, July 22, 2022

By CarKhabri Team

Tips To Remove Fog From Car’s Windshield During Rainy Season

Tips To Remove Fog From Car’s Windshield During Rainy Season

Driving the car during the rainy season is funny and pleasant. But at the same time, it is risky because the fog which accumulates on the windshield makes it challenging to drive. The fog on the windshield develops due to the difference between the external and internal temperatures. The fog accumulates on the windshield due to warm air inside the car coming in contact with the cold surface and thus developing condensation. This makes driving a risky task. Interesting there are some ways by which the fog can be removed and you can enjoy safe and pleasant driving not only during rain but also during winters. 
Using the Fog Button:  Nowadays, most luxurious cars come with the feature of a defogger switch. This helps in defogging the fog on the windshield. To remove the fog, just push or switch on the button, which forwards air directly to the windshield. The air matches the temperature inside the car and the surrounding areas including windows and reduces the fog.
Pulling Down The Windows: This tip will work only when you want to remove the fog from the windshield, However, this tip will not work during the rainy season. When windows are pulled down the air coming from the outside collects inside the car and matches the exterior temperature. Gradually the fog on the windshield starts disappearing as the air moves inside the car.
Switch on The Air Conditioner: The windshield of your car turns cold due to rainwater, and as the temperature inside the car is warm, it condenses the inner portion of the windshield. As the first step, you need to get immediate visibility by cleaning the windshield with a soft lint-free cloth. Once you clear the windshield, as a  next step switch on the air conditioner of the car at a high speed, so that the interior temperature turns matches to exterior temperature. Thus removing the fog from the windshield during rains. 

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