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Friday, April 16, 2021

By CarKhabri Team

Tips To Retain Good  Health Of Your Car During Lockdown

Tips To Retain Good Health Of Your Car During Lockdown

It is not hidden from anyone that the second wave of global pandemic COVID-19 which started last year is extending its feet in a more dangerous and dynamic way than compared to its first wave. Going through this reason the governments of different states have started imposing strict restriction on the movement of people to control the spread of the virus. The government of Maharashtra has already imposed the lockdown across the state till April 30, 2021, and the governments of other states are also expected to follow the same practice in the coming weeks.
Lockdown not only means a restriction on the movement from one place to another but also follow the government guidelines of maintaining social distancing. It also means that during lockdown your car will also be not moving and in an idle situation. Continuation of this situation for the long period can impact the mechanism of your car, especially to some of the components like engine, battery, fluid storage components, etc. For this, there are certain tips which be of great help to retain the working condition of your car to a huge extent.
Battery: The battery of your car starts depleting if the car is not driven for the long period. To protect the battery from being discharged it is recommended to start your car at least once a week and keep its engine running for 15-20 minutes. Doing this will let the alternator allow the flow of different oils to the different components of your car. If it is not possible to do so, or if you forget it for a long time, then it is advised to disconnect the points of the battery from the negative terminal to protect it from discharging.
Don’t park the car with an engaged handbrake: Although normally handbrake is applied at the time of parking the car, doing this for a long period can fix the position of the handbrake. If you have to park the car for a long period then it is recommended to park in gear. If parked on a downhill gradient then apply the reverse gear, and the first gear if parked on an uphill gradient. Along with this, you can also keep some stones at the rear wheels to protect your car from rolling back.
Move the car: Remember that machines perform well when they are used regularly. Although the lockdown period of 15 days doesn’t look like a long period, there are chances that the government may extend the period if the situation doesn’t improve. To keep the mechanism of your car running move the car to the surrounding areas of your home so that all the components including the air conditioner to work properly. Apart from keeping the mechanism of your car running, it will also help the tyres from getting flat. The tyres flatten if keep idle for a long period and develop flat spots.
Exterior: Parking the car under a shade helps in protecting the car from damage due to direct exposure to the sunlight. If you do not have a garage or parking space, try to cover the car. Also keep the exterior clean to stop the accumulation of dust and droppings of bird, as all these things can spoil the paint of your car. If you have car wax and polish at home, then waxing and polishing will retain its good condition, even during the lockdown.
Interior: Although you will not drive the car during the lockdown period, it doesn’t mean that the interior will remain clean. Ask yourself that you have cleaned the car before parking it for the lockdown period. The accumulation of existing dust and other bugs can develop irritating odours inside the car. To get rid of this problem clean the interiors properly to move dust. 
Summing-up: The situation of the lockdown is temporary and will pass out as the other phases of life. The only thing we need to do is to keep calm and look after our health. Don’t forget to clean your hands properly after cleaning your beloved car. 

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