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Friday, March 12, 2021

By CarKhabri Team

Tips to Tow a Car with Car Dolly

Tips to Tow a Car with Car Dolly

Uncertainty does not send you an alert before knocking on your door. You are coming back from the office or coming with your family from a long drive during the weekend and suddenly your car stops in the middle of your journey. The matter of concern is that it is late-night and there is no mechanic around to rectify the error. The only option left with you is either call for roadside assistance or call any of your friend or relative for some help. If you are lucky than the technicians coming from the roadside assistance company will detect and rectify the issue at the spot.
Car Towing Through Tow Dolly
In case if they do not succeed due to a lack of necessary tools then the only option left with them is to tow your vehicle. Towing a car although seems very easy with your vehicle being pulled by another vehicle, but do you know a little mistake is enough to damage your whole car. Therefore, if unfortunately there is a situation when you need to tow a car on a dolly, there are certain tips which you should keep in concern.
What is a tow dolly? In simple words, it can be defined as a trolley that is used for pulling the vehicle. The front wheels of the vehicle are placed on its platform whereas the rear wheels are move on the ground while the vehicle is being towed. The basic tips for towing the vehicle through a car dolly are mentioned below:
Connecting vehicle with the tow dolly: As the first step connect the hitch ball of the towing vehicle to the tow dolly. Make sure that the hitch ball is properly connected to the dolly. For this, before towing the vehicle move the towing vehicle for a few steps. Once you are satisfied with this, put on the chains from the dolly to your vehicle. These chains will hold the vehicle strongly even if the coupler leaves its place from the hitch. If the distance of towing the vehicle is too long, it is recommended to check the connectivity within the tow dolly and your vehicle at regular intervals.
Loading the car: Once you have connected with the vehicle with the tow dolly, it is time for you to move ahead with the front fascia of your car hanged on the ramp of the dolly. The width of your vehicle should properly fit in the ramp of the dolly. Make sure that the front tires are placed properly on the wheel stops. To tighten the grip of the tires you can use the tire straps to restrict the movement of the front wheels.
Remove the driveshaft: If you drive the vehicle with a four-wheel drive or a rear-wheel-drive option, then it is better to remove the driveshaft. Doing this will protect the transmission system of your vehicle from damage. For this, you should try to locate the point where the driveshaft is connected with the vehicle.  Once you have found the point, search for the joint that connects the driveshaft to the differential housing. Now safeguard the driveshaft through a strap or a bungee.

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