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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

By Carkhabri Team

Tutorial Series (1): Check your car tyres before driving

Tutorial Series (1): Check your car tyres before driving

There are lots of car enthusiasts who consider themselves as an expert driver who can drive in any critical conditions despite of their age. But as it is said that an over confident person also sometimes fails in examination, interestingly the same is true for such over confident drivers who apart from being expert driver sometimes fail to pay attention towards little things and get in trouble at the time when they are in middle of their way. The main reason is due to their focus only on driving their car due to which they fail to pay proper attention towards other factors which facilitate them in driving their car smoothly on roads. As a general practice nobody pays attention towards the tyres of his car and is more concerned about the engine performance, whereas sometime negligence of tyres may put them in big trouble. This could be understood from the following paragraphs:
  • Life of Tyres: Along with rubber a tyre is composition of various other materials which impact its performance. However apart from this there are various other factors that determine the performance of a tyre these include your driving habit, your parking space and weather. For proper performance of tyre it is necessary to get it properly filled with requisite air pressure even if you are not driving your car. Otherwise in absence of significant air pressure tyres of your car may get flatten squeezed.
  • Wheel alignment: It is one of the most important which needs to be paid  attention while driving. If you feel that despite of your efforts for driving car in straight line you steering is pulling your car in another direction, that mean it is an indication that wheels of your car need alignment to protect your car from going in wrong direction. In absence of proper alignment wheels of your car may get damage and also affects the proper handling of your car.
  • Repairing of tyres: The internal damage to tyres cannot be detected from outside and therefore it is imperative to get the damaged tyres repaired from an expert who expertise in job of repairing tyres. In today’s scenario almost every car is equipped with tubeless tyres for owners of such cars it is necessary that they get the tyre of their car repaired from inside. However not every tyre repairing expert repairs tyre from inside, it would be beneficial for you to ask these experts to get your damaged tyre from inside so as to assure you complete safety while driving.
  • Balancing: Alike alignment balancing is also an important part of your tyres that help in driving your car in straight direction. In absence of proper balancing you feel vibration in your steering wheel while driving your car at high speed, as an impact of improper balancing, tyres of your car may damage before their actual time and even affect the working of your steering wheel while driving car at high speed.
  • Air pressure: This is one of the most ignored factors towards which most of the drivers do not pay attention as the result of which sometimes they get tyres punctured. It is necessary to drive car with appropriate pressure in tyres, so as to enjoy fuel efficient performance and less chances of damage due to overheat. It would be better to get nitrogen filled in tyres instead of normal air as nitrogen stay for long time in tyres.

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