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Friday, July 05, 2019

By CarKhabri Team

Understand The Rules Related With Accident By Car In India (Part-I)

Understand The Rules Related With Accident By Car In India (Part-I)

In recent years there has been dynamic hike in the number of cars on Indian roads and this has resulted an increase in the number of accidents. In-fact injuries, death and permanent disability due to accident, have become the matter of concern for people to think. According to data revealed in a study conducted by the National Transportation Planning and Research Centre there is an accident in every four minutes within the country. The main reasons behind the accidents are rough driving and ignorance of driving rules by the people.
An accident develops the feeling of civil and criminal responsibilities on the part of a driver. As a general practice the Motor Vehicles Act 1988 looks after all the matters related to accidents on roads. Along with this the Indian Penal Code also looks after the matter related to accidents in case of criminal liability.
Responsibilities of Drivers during road accident as revealed in Section 132 of Motor Vehicles Act, 1988
1. It is expected from the driver to stop at the place of an accident and wait for local police authority to come for appropriate time, in case if the accident has resulted in the death or an injury to the person or an animal or has damaged to property.
2. The driver should not be aggressive with the police authority and should provide all information required from his including his name, address and contact details to the police office. He should also ask for details of another person who got affected due to accident.
3. It is seen that most of the people run after accident sometimes either due to their criminal record and sometimes due to harassment by the people. It is also seen that there are lots of people who feel that by giving bribe to the concerned officer they will come out from the case being filed against them. In-fact, there have been cases when a celebrity was involved in an accident and taking the advantage of his strong financial position he got himself protected from any criminal implication on him. Some of the celebrities like the bollywood star Salman Khan, Akash Ambani, son of industrialist Mukesh Ambani, are few names, who despite of being involved in an accident enjoyed the benefit of doubt by the court due to absence of strong witnesses against them. If you remember almost two years back even bollywood actor and the then and present Member of Parliamnet, Hema Malini’s car also smashed in an accident in which unfortunately the family lost its two years old daughter, but were not offered interim medical help. On the other side Hema Malini was allowed to move by another car and given treatment on time.
The things which a person should do in case if someone is injured in an accident by him (Section 134 of Motor Vehicles Act, 1988)
1. It is the responsibility of the person to take the victim to the nearest hospital, unless it is not possible for him to do so. He should also inform the local police station and provide every information to the dealing officer.
2. In case if there is no police station close to the area of the accident, in such case, the report should be submitted to the nearest police station within the span of 24 hours after the accident.
3. The person should also inform the insurance company about the accident detailing the place, time, number of persons injured, etc, to the insurance company.

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