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Friday, October 16, 2020

By CarKhabri Team

 Understanding The Concept Of Charging The Electric Cars

Understanding The Concept Of Charging The Electric Cars

In recent years the concern for the use of electric vehicles has gained popularity in the entire world due to the excess of pollution increasing from different vehicles. The government of India is also planning to depend on electric mobility by 2030. Taking a step ahead to encourage the use of electric vehicles the government of India has started providing these vehicles to its high-level officials. It would be interesting to know that understanding the benefits of these vehicles the people are getting aware of the use of such vehicles that operate electrically. But the problem which is restricting them from bringing the electric vehicles to their home is the absence of charging stations and lack of information about their charging.
Suppose if you have to cover the distance of 300-400 kilometres, then you need to get your vehicle fully charged so that it doesn’t give-off in the middle of your journey. Well, this can also happen with a vehicle running on fuel, but then there are lots of petrol stations from where you can get them filled and continue your journey. On the other side, there is the absence of substantial charging stations within the country. To cover the distance of 300-400 kilometres you need to recharge the battery of your vehicle overnight. Going through this reason the government is taking necessary steps and focussing on the establishment of charging stations at the short distances on the highways, and also encouraging the fuel stations for developing the facility of charging the electric vehicles.
Electric Car Charging
If inspired from the benefits offered by an electric car you are also speculating to buy for your family, but unaware about its charging process, then this blog will help you in making your all doubts clear.
Where to charges these vehicles? To enjoy the flawless drive of your electric car to accomplish your journey it is necessary to charge it fully, otherwise, in absence of proper charge, you will not be able to complete your journey as planned. To charge these cars you need sufficient time. Although there are places like your home, office, or public charging points.
At Home: This is regarded as the best place to charge your car without any of concern of getting delayed in reaching to your destination. Moreover, as it takes a long time in charging you can charge your vehicle overnight. There are two methods by which you can charge your vehicle at home. One is plugging the vehicle into a three-point standard plug socket. This although is the easiest way to charge your vehicle but as the wattage is low it takes long hours to charge your vehicle. The second method is to use a fast-charging point to let your vehicle charged at high-speed. For this, you need to install the high charging point at your home, which could be a little bit expensive than charging through a standard three-point socket.
Public Charging Points: These points help to charge your vehicle while you are going for the long journey. As these charging stations are believed to over-crowded by the people standing in queue for charging their vehicles, the government of India is working on the establishment of such stations at a different location along with developing an adequate infrastructure for the use of these vehicles.
How Long Time Does An Electric Car Take In Charging: This is mainly related to the wattage available for the charging. At home the users to two options.
Standard Charging: This is performed through a three-point charger using electricity at 3kW. It almost takes 8-14 hours to charge your vehicle.
Fast Charging: This charger consumes electricity between 7-22kW, and charges the full vehicle within 3-4 hours.
Public Charging Stations: Keeping the arrival of masses in concern these stations use power chargers that use the electricity at 43-50 kW and charges the vehicle in 2 hours or less than this.
Rapid Charging: This type of facility is although not suitable for all the electric cars due to high wattage. But it is capable of charging your vehicle from empty to 80% in just half an hour.
We are sure you would have enjoyed reading this stuff and, it would have helped in making your doubts related to the charging of electric vehicles clear to huge extent.

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