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Friday, September 11, 2020

By CarKhabri Team

 Understanding The Concept Of Wheel Alignment In Car

Understanding The Concept Of Wheel Alignment In Car

Most of the car owners often confuse between the terms wheel alignment and wheel balancing are two terms due to their association with wheels. Going through this concern of our readers we decided to let our readers understand these terms clearly. After discussing the concept of wheel balancing in our last blog, today we are discussing the concept of wheel alignment to clear their doubts.
What is Wheel Alignment: Wheel alignment is also known as tire alignment is the service that lets your tires perform well and helps in increasing their life-span.  In simple words, alignment is mainly related to the suspension of your vehicle. It is that segment where the wheel is connected to the body of your car. The main objective of a wheel alignment is to adjust the different angles of the tires so that they can retain proper contact with the road according to the movement of the steering. The proper alignment also helps in retaining the proper control over the vehicle and restricts it from moving in one direction or vibration of the vehicle while driving in speed. 
How Will You Know That The Wheels of Your Car Need Alignment? Certain indications indicate that the wheels of the vehicle need an alignment. The common symptoms of wheel alignment are:
  1. A vehicle moving forcefully to the left or right direction, despite driving straightly.
  3. Improper tread wear.
  5. The steering wheel starts vibrating.
  7. The steering wheel does not stay in the center during driving.
 Why Wheel Alignment Is Necessary: The improperly aligned tires can result in uneven wear of the tires before their expiry period. Some of the common problems that happen in the absence of improper alignment are:
  1. Camber Wear: It is the situation where the internal and external tread of the tire is weaker than the central tread. In short, the positive or negative camber results in this type of tread wearing.
  2. Feathered: It is the situation when the tread of your car’s tire is even from one side and uneven from the other.
If you notice any of these symptoms in the tires of your vehicle, it is recommended to visit the technician and get the issue resolved at the earliest, before it becomes more critical.

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