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Friday, August 21, 2020

By CarKhabri Team

Understanding The Concept Of Wheel Balancing In Car

Understanding The Concept Of Wheel Balancing In Car

There is a myth among most of the car owners that wheel balancing and wheel alignment are two same things conducted while servicing a car, and therefore they debate with the management of the service center for charging the separate payment for both these services. Well, in the first instance both these terms sound similar but then there is a huge difference between both of them. Where the former is conducted to distribute equal weight throughout the wheel so that it can maintain proper balance while running on the road. Whereas the wheel alignment is conducted to determine the position of the wheel while moving. Wheel alignment helps the vehicle to move in the correct direction instead of pulling your car out of the way.
Wheel Balancing Machine
Why Weight Is Fitted To Wheel: At the time when a wheel is fitted on a vehicle, it needs to be balanced properly. As time passes the wheel starts losing the balance resulting in the improper coordination between the weight and the contact patch, which is a part of the tyre that moves on the road. The proper balance helps the tyre to rotate evenly, and therefore small weights are fixed on the rim to retain the weight consistency.
When your car needs wheel balancing?  Your car needs wheel balancing in the following conditions.
  1. When the steering wheel of your car starts vibrating after reaching a specific speed mainly after reaching the high speed. This type of problem normally happens when your front wheels are unbalanced.
  2. You notice vibration on the seats that are positioned above the unbalanced wheels, mainly the rear seats.
  3. The wheel also loses the balance due to excessive use of the tyres, and if not balanced on time for a long time, it will start affecting the steering components and suspension system too.
These are three symptoms that reveal that the wheels of your car need balancing. Therefore, whenever you take your vehicle for servicing make sure to get its wheels properly balanced.
Benefits of Wheel Balancing: Some of the benefits of wheel balancing can be summarized as follows:
  1. Safe driving without any vibration
  2. Proper handling of the vehicle
  3. Improved fuel efficiency
  4. Tyres lasting for a long time.

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