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Friday, March 27, 2020

By CarKhabri Team

Understanding The Functioning Of Power Windows

Understanding The Functioning Of Power Windows

With changing time the integration of features in cars has undergone vast changes and the features that are introduced in the new cars compel us to think that how the people of yesteryears drove their cars. Understanding the relevance of these features, some car manufacturing companies are offering some of the features as a standard feature in all the trims of the cars manufactured by them.
The power window has emerged as one of the highly preferred features in cars of today’s generation. Power windows are considered as a convenient way of opening and closing the window with a push-button mounted on the crank handle.
Working of Power Windows: These windows have an electronic motor that is attached to a worm gear and various other gears which jointly create torque for lifting and pulling the glass up and down according to requirement. There is a long rod attached to the bar placed beneath the window. One end of this rod moves the groove when the window is pulled up. The other end of this rod has a gear with teeth cut in it, the motors use the gear for engaging the teeth cut for opening the window.
When Does Power Window Stop Working? Power windows do not alert before stop functioning. This is mainly of because the excessive use of regulators and motors highly used than other components used for developing these windows. If there is any issue with these windows, without wasting time it is recommended to visit the car technician for rectifying it as this is a matter of your safety. In case of emergency windows are used for coming out from the vehicle.
Other Problems With Power Windows: The most common reason due to which power windows stop working is the defect in window regulator, which stops working due to damaged motor, damaged cable or due to auto button for pulling and pushing the window. All these defects happen due to water which moves in the machinery during rainy season and washing. This, however, does not happen frequently and happens only in those cases where the glass is pushed and pulled consistently as the purpose of entertainment.
Benefits of Power Windows: Some of the common benefits of these windows are referred-below:
  1. Easy to be used by the people suffering from arthritis or hand injuries and have a problem in pulling the window lever manually for opening and closing.
  2. Some cars have the main operating system of these windows mounted near the driver’s seat, this helps in controlling their opening and closing when you have children in the car. You have the control of windows in your hands, and children cannot operate them for playing.

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