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Friday, March 16, 2012

By CarKhabri Team

Volkswagen on back seat in India

Volkswagen on back seat in India

No doubt, the car maker Volkswagen is bidding high on the Indian sub-continent. It has earlier stated that they are projecting to become the world’s largest car maker by 2018 and to make this plan a success story, their expectations would be quite high from the Indian auto-market, one of the fastest growing automobile hub.

Though, the car maker has entered into in the Indian car market quite late in 2007, but to cover up, it has been quite fast in all the marketing and promotion stills. Volkswagen started its journey in India with the Volkswagen Passat and the Volkswagen Jetta, and later on it introduced the Volkswagen Polo hatchback. After Polo, the company introduced the Volkswagen Vento notchback to fill its compact sedan space.

Volkswagen Passat Pictures

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However, the car makers like Honda and Toyota have been on the domestic shores for a longer tenure, but they took so long to bring the small cars. In 2010, Volkswagen got almost double digit and triple digit growth in 2010, which was remarkably high ever in the industry and in year 2011, when the entire automobile industry had a slowdown, Volkswagen was maintaining a healthy sales ratio. You can say that the excess of growth can some time mislead the company as in April 2011, Volkswagen sales increased by 370%, while the growth in March 2011 was around 900 percent. However, the sales of VW accounted for around just 7000 cars which was not even one-tenth of domestic auto-leader, Maruti Suzuki.

Volkswagen Jetta Pictures

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Furthermore, this year, things have gone worst for the car maker, Volkswagen in India. Though, a 3 months span of time is not much to decide the fortune of a car maker, but its sales have been quite less in December last year, when the entire industry got a boom back. In addition, in February 2012, when the sales of the industry were pretty good, VW did not have much sales move. You can surely say that VW is somewhere struggling consistently.

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