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Friday, May 21, 2021

By CarKhabri Team

What Are The Benefits of BS6 Emission Norms?

What Are The Benefits of BS6 Emission Norms?

Last year the government of India made it mandatory for all the auto manufacturers to manufacture the new vehicles based on BS6 emission norms after March 31, 2020. The government also instructed the auto makers to transform their existing vehicles according to the new emission norms. The acceptance of new emission norms will help in minimizing the level of pollution generating from the vehicles. It is said the vehicles developed on BS6 norms will pollute the environment more than 50% less than the BSIV norms.
Some of the benefits of BS6 Norms are:
Benefits to Engine:
  1. The engine is based on the new On-Board Diagnostic system which is more advanced than its predecessor. It regulates and checks the performance of the engine for optimal combustion.
  2. The OBD also tracks the emission levels of the exhaust gases from the vehicle.
  3. The combustion process of the engine is tuned into the new format. The vehicles manufactured before the introduction of the new norms had an engine based on the air-fuel mixture.
  4. The cars based on the BS6 norms are now tuned to run on the existing stoichiometric air fuel mixture. This helps in increasing the power generation of the vehicles controlling the exhaust gasses. It however has also reduced the average of the cars.
Controlled NVH Levels
  1. With the use of stoichiometric air-fuel mixture the combustion inside the engine processes accordingly. This increases the refinement and few vibrations.
  2. All the two wheelers based on the BS6 norms operate on an electronic fuel injection system which transfers the appropriate percentage of fuel in the chamber of the combustion.
BS6 is a notable change which will help in controlling the emission norms.

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