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Thursday, February 23, 2017

By Carkhabri Team

What Documents You Need to Carry while Driving Car on Public Road?

What Documents You Need to Carry while Driving Car on Public Road?

There would be hardly any car driver who would have not paid penalty for not carrying his driving license while he went for long drive on some pleasant day or vacation. In-fact if I say that it is one of the common mistakes that almost all of us do many of times whenever we plan to skip our office for enjoying a vacation with family. Well driving license is just an illustration of paying a penalty when we are found culprit for driving car on road without keeping in concern the relevance of necessary documents which we should carry with ourselves while going out.


What Documents You Need to Carry while Driving Car on Public Road?


This might surprise to most of the drivers, because generally there are lots of persons who consider carrying their driver license with them enough for making them suitable for driving on road, but apart from this there are various documents which are necessary for carrying while driving. Therefore today going through the concern of novice drivers we are discussing the relevance of such documents.


1. Certificate of Registration: Days have gone back when the certificate of vehicle registration did not have the copy of vehicle owner. But today going through the increasing incidences of vehicles stealing photo of vehicle owner on the certificate is must to ensure that the person driving specific vehicle is the actual owner of that vehicle. It would therefore be important for you to carry the copy of vehicle registration with you.


2. Certificate of Pollution Under Control: Today going through the concern about the increasing pollution from vehicles, it is imperative for vehicles to get the certificate of pollution from the certified stations after every six months. Carrying this certificate protects you from being culprit for driving a polluting vehicle.


3. Certificate of Insurance: Carrying the insurance certificate of car is helpful in making you suitable to claim the car insurance from insurance company in case if your vehicle gets crashed in an accident.


4. Driving License: Whether you are a learner or an expert driver it is imperative for you to carry the specific license with you, because these licenses not only authorize you to drive vehicle in your region but also helps in determining your level of driving in case of any unfortunate accident.


5. Vehicle Fitness Certificate: If in case you are driving a vehicle that is used for commercial purpose then you should carry the certificate about its physical fitness that is issued by traffic authorities, permitting you to drive that vehicle within the specified geographical boundaries.


So, now next time before your step out from your place, keep these documents with you to avoid any type of inconvenience. Anyhow in case if you are concerned about their safety or damaging then you can carry their attested copies from authorized person.

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