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Friday, April 02, 2021

By CarKhabri Team

What If Brakes Of Your Car Suddenly Fail During Drive?

What If Brakes Of Your Car Suddenly Fail During Drive?

The failure of brakes while driving is one of the unexpected and unfortunate incidents which can happen to anyone anytime without any prior information. At the same time, it also compels us to think that despite being equipped with all the latest safety features the mechanism of our cars can stop following our commands. 
Although the car’s of today’s generation are equipped with lots of features the chances of their failure while driving are less, but uncertainty doesn’t knock on your door before moving inside your home the failure of the brake can happen anytime. It is the time when not only you have to protect yourself from any harm, but also the commuters on the road. If unfortunately this, happens with you while driving then there are certain tips which you can follow to protect the life of every person on road.
Don’t be Panic: Once you realize that the brakes of your car have stopped working, the first which you need to do is stay calm and think about the options which could save the lives of people on the road. Remember the first few minutes of your drive are going to be crucial during which you have to take some concrete decision with full discretion. Because one wrong decision will be dangerous for everyone. So don’t be panic and stay calm to combat the situation. 
Switch-on the Hazard Lights: After realizing that the brakes of your car have failed without wasting a minute switch on the hazard lights to make the people on the road alert about your situation. One thing which needs to be mentioned here, more importantly, is that if there is huge traffic on the road, keep on blowing the horn regularly to warn everyone. Doing this will help others understand that something is going wrong in your car, even if they do not understand your exact situation.
Don’t Switch off the ignition of your car: This although sounds like the right decision to retain control of your vehicle and slow down its speed. But this can also result in its skidding and more harmful than your expectations if someone suddenly comes in front of your vehicle. It may also disable the steering lock of your car and decrease your control. Therefore, instead of switching off the ignition keep the engine on, until the car doesn’t stop itself. Try to take your car on the blank side of the road where you can stop it safely.
Apply emergency brakes: Although emergency brakes are not the regular brakes and therefore won’t stop your car immediately but help in stopping the car slowly. While applying the emergency brakes make sure to use them with full precautions so that you are able to retain control of your car.
Shift from top to lower gears: If you are driving a car with a manual gear transmission system then start shifting the gears from top to lower. This however should be done slowly and not directly from fifth to first gear, as doing this can skid the car. In the car with an automatic transmission system, you should immediately move your feet from the accelerator as doing this will slow down its speed. Shifting to lower gears will slow down the car and make it easier for you to park the car on the roadside.
Keep on trying the brakes: Most of the car in the current scenario are equipped with a dual braking system that controls the front and rear brakes individually. Therefore in the situation of brake failure both the systems should fail at the same time.
Epilogue: Car brake failure is an unfortunate and dangerous situation that can disturb any person, it is the time when you need to keep calm and exhibit your maturity of dealing with the complex situation without losing your control.

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