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Friday, August 31, 2018

By CarKhabri Team

What To Do If Your Car Sinks In The Water?

What To Do If Your Car Sinks In The Water?

Water clogging during the rain is one of the common problems from which almost every city of not only India, but across the world suffers, due to the poor drainage system. The situation becomes problematic for the commuters, especially driving and riding their personal vehicles, especially the four wheelers, whose cars stops between the water. Interestingly, the problem of water clogging is not only critical for the vehicles moving from, but even for the vehicles parked at different locations.
For instance, if you have parked your car, outside your home and suddenly due to heavy rains and water clogging it almost sinks in the water, thus making the huge damage to your car.  If, your car also submerges in the water like this, for the long time say for seven to eight hours, then there are certain factors which you should consider before driving your car. Because, driving it immediately, after the decline in the level of water will damage the whole machinery of your car to a huge extent.
Car Submerged in the Water
If your car also gets submerged in the water then there are certain factors for you to consider.
1. As referred above, do not try to switch on the keys to check whether your car is working or not. Although, doing this will offer you the peace of mind, but on the contrary, it will also result in a huge damage that could be even repaired. It would be better to get your car towed to the mechanic.
2. Make a call to your insurance agent to assess the damage caused to your car due to flood. If, you have got the comprehensive insurance of your car, then it will cover the damage to your car in all types of cases including floods, theft, accident etc.
3. Try to check the depth up-to which your car was submerged. For this you can check the waterline left by the mud and debris, appearing on the exterior and interior portions of the car. If the lines appear at the beneath of the doors, then it is an indication that the engine and other components of your car are safe and you can drive it for checking its condition.
4. If  the water gets inside the car, then there are chances the mold will start appearing at high speed, thus leaving a pungent odour inside the cabin. To avoid, any such problem, it would be better to unlock the doors and windows, put dry towels and newspapers on the floor for soaking the water. The best option to get rid of this problem will be to replace all the wet items, as replacement of such items is mainly covered under the comprehensive insurance.
5. An important factor before starting your car, in the situation, if the level of water has not reached into the engine, is to check all the electrical components like headlights, air conditioner, stereo, power windows, central locks etc to avoid the chances of short circuit in your vehicle.
6. Checking the emergence of debris across the wheel and tyres will protect you from getting your car slipped on the road while driving.
 keeping these factors in concern will help you in protecting your car for irreparable damage caused due to flood or water clogging.

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