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Friday, September 01, 2017

By Carkhabri Team

What to do if your car wedges on the road during heavy rain

What to do if your car wedges on the road during heavy rain

The season of monsoon is going through its last phase and soon it will be completely out from Indian continent, but the rolling out monsoon has again disturbed the regular life of the people, especially in the commercial city of India, the Mumbai. The heavy rains during last couple of days has resulted in water logging, traffic jams and fallen trees at different places have slowed down the speed of this dynamically moving city. 
The highly affect segment of people is one which has to move from one corner of the city to another corner in personal car. If you are lucky then it is better to leave for your home at the earliest as soon as the rain starts, otherwise any delay in departing from the place might get you stuck in your car if you are driving from the water logged area.
Drive Slowly From The Water Logged Area
The problem might become dangerous for you if the level of water keeps on rising rather than moving down. The rising water not only damages your car but if the pressure of water is fast it might even affect your life. To get rid of this problem it would be better to follow some of the tips referred below:
1. Leave the office before time: Staying late evening at office during rainy season might put you in trouble, if your home is located in the area where water logging is common. To avoid any problem the best idea is to leave your office before or on time, so that you can reach your on time. Anyhow if you face any problem there should be someone to help you.
2. Keep on accelerating the engine while driving: Anyhow if it is not possible for you to postpone the driving, make sure that as soon as you enter in the water logged area drive the car in the first gear and keep on accelerating the engine at high speed so that water may not enter in exhaust pipe and damage the engine.
3. Drive slow: The visibility during monsoon becomes less due to rains and clouds. To avoid any unfortunate situation it would be better to drive slow, especially while driving at the road about which you are unaware.  Moreover it is difficult to apply brakes quickly on the wet roads try to maintain substantial distance from the vehicle moving ahead of your vehicle.
4. Park your car at some safe place and come out: While driving through water logged area if you notice that the level of water in going down it would be better to park the car at the roadside and move to some safe place which is about the ground level. Because one the water enters in the car there are chances of electric short circuit in the system which could push your life to danger.
5. Remove the headrests and break the windows: Unfortunately if you are not able to come out from your car and water inside the car has reached at dangerous level, take out the headrests and try to break the windows from their pointed side to come out from the car.

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