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Friday, June 18, 2021

By CarKhabri Team

When Should You Replace The Battery of Your Car?

When Should You Replace The Battery of Your Car?

When it comes to car maintenance the battery of a car is one of the highly ignored components towards which only a few car owners pay attention. Whereas the fact is that a battery plays an incredible and important role in driving the car flawlessly. In the absence of a properly charged battery you will not be able to switch on the engine, nor be able to use other accessories. Taking care of the battery is as essential as changing the engine oil, brake oil, filters and regular maintenance tasks. With proper maintenance of your car’s battery you will be able to drive it smoothly.
How to Know That the Battery of a Car is giving up? For the smooth functioning of the battery it is important to pay appropriate attention towards its maintenance. There are symptoms which will help you in understanding that the performance of the battery is diminishing.
1. When you switch on the ignition the light of the dashboard will flicker or will display dim light.
2. The engine will take time to start or will not start, as the battery is not able to generate the required power.
3. There will be an accumulation of enough corrosion on the terminals of the battery. If you notice on the head of the battery, then it is an indication to replace it.
4. The dim lights on the dashboard will get brighter when you rev the engine at idle position.
5. The power windows of the car will start operating at a lower speed than usual.
6. If you are driving a modern car which is not too old, then you will notice an indication of low battery power on the dashboard. The car’s today’s generation displays this warning sign when the battery is low.
What is the Lifespan of the Car’s Battery? If you take proper care of your car’s battery then it will operate flawlessly for 4-5 years. In the absence of this it may stop working even before that. If you are resident of a region which is too cold and where snowfall is common then this lifespan can be a little bit less. According to experts it is important to pay attention to the symptoms mentioned-above after three years of replacing the battery. It is important to replace the battery immediately after noticing these signs, as ignoring them will affect the electrical components of the car. For the proper working of the battery it is important to pay attention to its maintenance so that it works without any problem for its whole lifespan. There is no other way to avoid the replacement of the battery after 4-5 years.

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