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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

By CarKhabri Team

Which is better selling your car to a private buyer or authorised dealer

Which is better selling your car to a private buyer or authorised dealer

The decision of selling a car is not an easy one and follows a series of choices based upon personal needs. Some sell their car when they require urgent cash, whereas others are inclined towards upgrading their car. The process of selling a car used to be a hectic process wherein the seller would approach a buyer or an authorized dealer to help sell the car. The process would take anywhere between three weeks to 2 months and would be marred by documentation hassles even after the deal was done. There have been several cases where the car has been sold and according to the law, you are responsible for the car as long as it is registered in your name. 
There are several factors you must know to decide which option is best for you: 
Price: When it comes to the right valuation for your car model, selling it personally or through your private buyer will help you achieve a higher valuation as compared to an authorized dealer. An authorized dealer will undervalue your model and will make the process seamless enough to convince you to opt for the dealer. However, the private buyer will help you earn a fair price. Nonetheless, there are ways through which you can get a better return through an authorized dealer and that is when you have more than 30,000 certified buyers waiting to buy your model. At QuickSell, you can sell your car at a fair valuation. If you are uncertain about your car’s value, you can take the help of Orange Book Value
Documentation: Perhaps the most troublesome element when selling your car is documentation. There’s no doubt that documentation is the most pivotal component when you’re selling your car. As mentioned, if not done properly can land you up in unwanted trouble. Without hesitation, authorized dealers are better at documentation than private procedure as they are very clear and transparent about the procedure. 
Time: For people looking to sell their car in dire need require the vehicle to be sold within a period of one or two weeks. In such case, a private buyer of your choice can provide you with the urgent case and the deal can take place faster than the one with the authorized dealer as they require the documentation to be completed first. However, if you use platforms such as QuickSell, you can sell your car in a flash and that too to an authorized dealer. 
Options: There might be very few authorized car dealers around your locality, but there is a high chance of finding tens and fifties of individuals looking for a car like yours. If you are not satisfied with the price being offered by car dealers, you can list your car on Quicksell to get better deals. Once your car gets listed on the website, you can choose from the buyers offering you the amount you are looking for. 
Easy and convenient: Selling the car to an authorized showroom can be tedious. You might face problems like multiple visits, unsatisfactory offers and sometimes hefty commissions. To avoid such encumbrances, you can opt to sell it to an individual dealer. For which, you can take the help of Droom or Quicksell and sell your car without having to go anywhere.
The five points above should be considered when you’re confused between a private buyer or an authorized dealer. Even If the person you are selling to is close to you, don’t forget the importance of the documentation process. 

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