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Friday, November 08, 2019

By CarKhabri Team

Why You Should Get Your Car Serviced On Scheduled Time?

Why You Should Get Your Car Serviced On Scheduled Time?

In today’s scenario, all of us are occupied with lots of responsibilities on our shoulders that we hardly get substantial time to spend with our dear ones. In-fact, going through the burden of huge responsibilities sometimes we even forget to accomplish our important tasks, and therefore forgetting the servicing of the car on its scheduled time is not an exception to it. Besides, there are lots of people who ignore or sacrifice car servicing due to the requirement of finishing other tasks on a priority basis.
Ignoring or forgetting the car servicing for a few days do not impact much on its machinery, but ignoring the service of the car for a long time can be quite harmful to the health of your car. Some of the benefits that you enjoy by getting a car serviced on time are referred below:
1. Minimizes the cost of maintenance: Servicing the car on time minimizes the charges of maintenance, because while servicing you can locate the problems on time and get them rectified on time by either repairing or replacing the defective part. Moving ahead, it also protects you from the troubles that you might face suddenly without any prior notification during odd hours.
2. Retains the cost of your vehicle: Although the looks of a car play an important role in determining its value when you sell your car in the market, still the performance of a vehicle in terms of average is the major criteria considered while selling the used car in the market. Thus, getting the car serviced on time and rectifying the mechanical drawbacks on time help in receiving the good resale value of a car if you plan to sell it in the coming future.
3. Increases the safety: Getting the car serviced on time also ensures the safety, because apart from the mechanical defects, servicing on time also lets you know about the condition of tires, headlights, taillights, fog-lamps, turn-indicators and various other factors which play an important role in ensuring the safe driving.
Epilogue: As you do not forget to pay the EMI or rent of your flat on time and set the reminder of their due dates in your mobile or any other device, similarly set the reminder date of the next servicing as soon as you come out of the service station after servicing. Making this a habit will protect you from various unexpected problems.

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