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Friday, November 16, 2018

By CarKhabri Team

Why You Should Prefer To Buy SUV As Your First Vehicle?

Why You Should Prefer To Buy SUV As Your First Vehicle?

There is a belief among most of the car enthusiasts across the world, especially in India, that having a car means a sedan or a hatchback as the second option. Because, from the years driving a personal car is considered as the status symbol in the society and therefore, when it comes to buy a car, lots of the buyers prefer to buy a sedan. However, with changing time and increasing trend of neutral families, the trend of buying a hatchback has also gained huge popularity in the recent years. Except these choices, the buyers never thought of buying any other type of four-wheeler.
Here, one thing which needs to be mentioned here about the preferences of Indian buyers, towards these two segments is heavy traffic on the Indian roads due to which it becomes easy to drive a sedan or a hatchback from the congested locations. But, interestingly, during the last few years, one more segment has dynamically emerged in the market that prefers to buy tall boy vehicles which are not only bigger in size but also offer substantial space to the passengers. Moreover, driving these vehicles adds an extra add-on in the personality of an owner. Going through all these reasons nowadays the trend of buying the SUV and compact SUV is now emerging as the preferred choice of the buyers.
compact SUV
If you are also going to buy the ever first vehicle of your life, then, it would be better to think for a SUV or a compact SUV along with a sedan or a hatchback. Anyhow, if you are concerned about the benefits of buying any of these vehicles, despite of sedan and hatchback, then, undergoing the following points you will understand the relevance of an SUV or a compact SUV.
1. Driving conditions: Whether you are driving in the highly congested road or driving on a highway the high positioned driver seat of these vehicles facilitate the driver to enjoy a clear view of the road and drive according to the existing conditions.
2. Spacious interior: An interesting feature about SUVs and compact SUVs is that going through their bigger size they offer substantial space to the passengers not only for sitting comfortably, but also put their stuff without any problem at the rear portion of the vehicle.
3. Extra seats: One more interesting feature that makes SUVs and compact SUVs ahead from sedans and hatchbacks is the facility of third row seat, which again offer a comfortable seating experience to all the members of big Indian families.
4. Improved fuel efficiency: The days have gone back when people complained about the poor fuel efficiency offered by the powerful engine configurations installed in the SUVs. Interestingly, going through the developments in the methods of car manufacturing the SUVs and compact SUVs have also started delivering the same fuel efficiency figures that are almost close to the average delivered by other vehicles.
So, now after going through the above-mentioned benefits, if you are planning to buy a car for yourself to drive, then why not buy a car that is enriched with multifarious benefits and helps in adding an extra impact on your personality.
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