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Friday, May 27, 2022

By CarKhabri Team

 Will This Speed Limit Control The Accidents?

Will This Speed Limit Control The Accidents?

Recently the Ministry of Road and Transport filed a petition in the Supreme Court of India against the order passed by the Madras High Court, quashing the speed limit of 120 kmph and 100 kmph on Express and National Highways respectively. In 2018 the ministry had increased the speed limit on both express and national highways.
According to sources in the petition filed by the ministry of road transport, it has said that the Motor Vehicle Act in India authorizes the ministry to determine the speed limits for all types of roads in the country. In the petition filed by the ministry, it has also said that the decision of increasing the speed limit was taken after conducting a thorough study by a group of experts. Before submitting its recommendations the group has properly considered the road infrastructure in the country and also the improved technology used in manufacturing the vehicles.
Commenting on this the honourable Minister of Road and Transport, Government of India, Nitin Gadkar said, that he had given his consent to file a petition in the Supreme court. It is reported that the country’s law experts also favour the challenge given by the ministry to the order passed by the Madras Supreme court. According to them, the order from the high court has come after the three years of the notification made by the ministry.
Dissolving the notification of the ministry, the Madras High court said that there is no improvement in the conditions of the road in compliance with the rules determined by the government. In the favour of its order, the high court said that the high speed is the main reason behind the increasing number of accidents and therefore quashing the order was necessary. 

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