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Friday, June 17, 2022

By CarKhabri Team

World’s First Solar Car Lightyear O Ready For Revolution

World’s First Solar Car Lightyear O Ready For Revolution

Finally, after six years of intensive research and experiments, the solar startup Lightyear from the Netherlands launched the world’s solar car Lightyear O on June 9, 2O22.  The launch was conducted worldwide online, wherein the carmaker revealed its first look and specifications. The solar car is believed to be a revolutionary step to curb the increasing pollution problem. An interesting feature related to Lightyear O is that the owner can drive it regularly for seven months without charge.
Design Philosophy: Lightyear O is based on futuristic design philosophy and grabs the attention of everyone at first instance with its aerodynamic looks. The front fascia receives sleek LED headlamps followed by an LED light bar on the rear front. The front portion also receives aero alloys and aero covers on wheels. It features a solar bonnet and a roof of five square metres with double-carved solar arrays. These solar arrays are designed to offer an additional range of 7O km per day and 11,OOO km annually. With its long flowing body lines and aerodynamic looks, it can achieve a drag coefficient of  O.19 Cd.
Energy Efficiency: According to the sources of the Netherlands-based company it is the world’s highly energy efficient car that will consume 1O,5 kWh energy for every 1OO km drive when driven at highway speed. 
Sustainability: Inside the cabin, the Lightyear O is the best illustration of sustainability. Its interior is developed by leather upholstery extracted from plants, wood trims and other elements. At the centre, you will find a 1O.1-inch touchscreen infotainment system that supports connectivity with Android Auto & Apple CarPlay, smartphone, and other connectivity features.
When Lightyear O Will be Launched? It is reported to be launched by the end of this year. According to the sources of the company, it will manufacture 946 units of this car every year.
Pros and Cons of a Solar Car: Although the advantages and disadvantages of a solar car are hidden in future. There are some pros and cons related to them.
Pros of a Solar Car:
  1. Energy: As this car will receive power directly from the sun, the solar panels will generate and save extra power for the car. Moving ahead as it will get power directly power from the sun, it will generate power even while driving during the daytime. 
  2. Eco-Friendly: Vehicles running on solar energy generate zero emissions, due to the use of non-renewable resources and non-burning of fuel. 
  3. Comfort Driving: Due to the use of aluminium and other lightweight components, these cars offer comfortable driving.
Cons of a Solar Car:
  1. Absence of Safety Features: These cars suffer from safety features like wiper blades, rear-view mirrors, headlights, etc. Similarly, there is a need to pay attention to suspension panels, steering wheel, batteries, solar panels, and chassis.
  2. Ground Clearance: With a low ground clearance it is difficult to drive them on rugged roads.
  3. Seating Capacity: As these cars are developed from lightweight material, it would be interesting to see how many passengers they accommodate comfortably.

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