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Rs. 55,35,000 to Rs. 66,56,000 (ex showroom delhi)

Audi Q7 Review

Audi Launches Petrol Version of Q7 in India, Priced Rs. 67.76 Lakh

September 5, 2017: German car maker Audi has launched the petrol version of its luxurious SUV Q7 in Indian car market christened as Audi Q7 40 TFSI in Indian car market with starting price of Rs. 67.76 lakh (ex-showroom price). The Q7 petrol is energized with 2.0 litre TFSI petrol engine that churns the power of 252 bhp and torque of 370Nm. The petrol Q7 touches the mark of 100 kmph from the standstill in the span of 6.9 seconds and mated with eight speed automatic gearbox system.

Audi Q7 Review by Expert

With the Audi Q7 series, seems that Audi has made a successful debut in the Indian SUV market. With 4x4 segment already flooding with Land Rover, Range Rover, Toyota Land Cruiser, Mercedes Benz GL Class and VW Touareg, the Audi Q7 has become an imposing presence on the Indian Roads. Mighty gripping on wet slippery roads has been its forte, but Audi will always be considered a new comer in the SUV class even when its Quattro model holds a commanding position in world market.

Audi Q7 Pictures

Nevertheless, this ancestry does not count when it comes to 4x4 segment. What matter is a blend of abilities like off-road quality, spacious interiors, high and comfortable driving position and comforts of a luxury saloon. The makers have made successful attempt to put all those in Audi Q7 as they are aware of what best models are offering.

Audi Q7 offers both, diesel and petrol engines. All TDI are diesel engines and TFSI are petrol engines. If one has a choice among these, anyone would suggest a diesel engine. Even the 3.0 litre petrol engine gets overwhelmed by the stark size of the car. Audi Q7 is marketed as an off-road SUV but there are others which are a lot better off roads. If you wish to have a veritable performance then you should look for other options.

The car is enormous and the ground clearance is lower than others in its class. It is expensive to buy and the running costs are high. Audi Q7 still may have a notable performance but is not rugged or strong like Land Cruiser. In India it would a bit tough to find a parking space for a car of this size, plus many would detest it being an eco-friendly vehicle.


Audi Q7 Mileage and fuel efficiency

Audi Q7 PicturesRunning costs are high and insurance is expensive but Audi Q7 mileage and fuel efficiency gives some relief. The engines have been tuned as such so that the CO2 discharge is now less than 200 g/Km. On a long tour with the 3.0 L TDI Quattro engine the mileage touches 12.6 kmpl but in cities it drops to 8.5 kmpl. This is a much lesser than the Q5. One needs to be sure that if Q7’s XXXL space is really required before you go towards a bigger car.

The economy  may not sound satisfying but is not so poor when if we take look at the overall mileage in its class and is a lot better than 3.0 L TFSI engine’s  5.0/8.6 kmpl city/highway mileage. Following similar trend touring with 4.2L TDI Quattro is much economical than driving the giant inside the city. For one liter of diesel the car runs for 10.1 km on highways and 6.5 km on streets.

Model Mileage (City) Mileage (Highway)
Audi Q7 3.0 TFSI Petrol 5.0 Kmpl 8.6 Kmpl
Audi Q7 3.0 TDI Diesel 8.5 Kmpl 12.6 Kmpl
Audi Q7 4.2 TDI Diesel 6.5 Kmpl 10.1 Kmpl








Audi Q7 models and features

Audi Q7 PicturesAudi has launched three models in India. All of them have automatic transmission but have different engines. The Audi Q7 3.6 FSI Quattro and Audi Q7 4.2 FSI have been discontinued. Audi has also set up an assembly line in Aurangabad which has helped Audi to reduce the costing on imported parts and share the profit with its customers.

Audi Q7 3.0L TDI Quattro: This is the base model of the Audi Q7 series. This model has a 2967 cc diesel engine. An automatic transmission is installed and it is most popular variant in the series.Audi Q7 3.0L TFSI Quattro:  This is the petrol variant of the Audi Q3 model. It has 2995 cc petrol engine.  This car is the smoothest among all three. Audi Q7 4.2L TDI Quattro: This is the top variant in the series. Equipped with a mighty 4134 cc engine and a perfectly mated automatic transmission makes it the top performer in the series.


Audi Q7 Engine, power and performance

Audi Q7 PicturesThe car is big but is still quick. Audi Q7 3.0L TDI Quattro has a 2967cc, V6 cylinder diesel engine with turbocharger. The engine also features common rail direct injection fuel supply system. This engine generates 176 PS of maximum power at the rate of 4000-4400 rpm and maximum torque of 550 Nm at the rate of 2000-2250 rpm. The car has a notable top speed of 216 kmph. Considering the size it has this sprint should have been lasted for 10seconds or more but the engine tuning and balance are superb.

 Audi Q7 3.0L TFSI has a more refined performance than this, for its 2995 cc, V6 petrol engine with mechanical supercharger module  produces  mighty 333 PS of maximum power at the rate of 5500-6500 rpm. Torque output is 440Nm at the rate of 2900-5300 rpm. The MPFI system is responsible for the astonishing performance by this petrol machine. Maximum speed goes up to 245 kmph. The mightiest of all is the Audi Q7 4.2 TDI Quattro. With a 4134 cc, V8 diesel engine with CRDI fuel injection system and exhaust gas turbocharger it churns out 760 Nm at the rate of 1750-3000 rpm. One needs to be brutal enough to push out the full performance from it.

 The gear shift is smooth and the ride is well controlled by the efficient braking system. The heavy frame comes to rest from 130 kmph in 2.9 seconds which is actually impressive. If you want to go for a car which is fast you obviously won’t go for a 2.5 tonne car, but despite being heavy Audi Q7 under- promises and over-performs. The engine is smooth as even when you rip it at 170 kmph. The engine still does not make a hush even when you pull it at 200 kmph.


Audi Q7 pick up and acceleration

Audi Q7 PicturesAcceleration was never a problem for Audis. The Audi Q7 3.0 TDI Quattro hits 100kmph in surprising 8.5 seconds. The diesel engine does a great job with the heavy frame. The 3.0 TFSI is more than 1 second quicker than TDI. Owing to the outstanding fuel injection system there is a 6.9 second sprint to touch 100kmph. The 4.2 TDI is the quickest to reach 100kmph. This car unleashes the true diesel power and reaches 100 kmph with just 6.4 seconds on the clock.


Audi Q7 Pickup and Acceleration
Engine Variants Power (PS/ RPM) Torque (NM/ RPM) Acceleration (0-100kph) Top Speed (Km/ h) Transmission
Audi Q7 3.0 TFSI Petrol 333/5500-6500 440/2900-5300 6.9 Seconds 245 Kmph 8 Speed Automatic
Audi Q7 3.0 TDI Diesel 176/4000-4400 550/2000-2250 8.5 Seconds 216 Kmph 6 Speed Automatic
Audi Q7 4.2 TDI Diesel 250/34000 760/1750-3000 6.4 Seconds 200 Kmph 6 Speed Automatic



Audi Q7 series Interiors and features

Audi Q7 PicturesThe exteriors of this car may be tremendous, but there is no question in denying that inside Audi Q7 is a beautiful car. The interior of Audi Q7 vastly owes from it preceding Audi model A6 and A8. Impeccable fit and finish as expected from Audi and a perfect place to spend time with your loved once. Advanced key option in Audi Q7 opens door for the elegant, sporty and utterly focus function embedded interiors. Audi Q7 series interior texture feels to be too soft and front seats have a feel of ergonomically designed cockpit.

The Audi Q7 interiors are designed in Cosmo cloth upholstery available in paranut brown and black color. Inlays are featured in walnut natural or can be opted in piano fish black, aluminum triogen and selected wood. The front interior of this car is dominated by central console and the multi function 4-spoke adjustable leather steering wheel. The central console presents the pleasant LED ambient lighting. Audi Q7 latest generation MMI (Multi Media Interface) has an excellent performance and is accompanied by voice controlled operations. Rapid access to the important vehicle function and information is given by central console system. The standard four zone automatic air conditioner monitors the air quality in the interiors and maintains temperature. It also ensures for the individual climate control in the second and third rows.

Audi Q7 can accommodate seven passengers two at the rear, three in the middle and two at the front. This car is embedded with multifunctional seats and loading concept that offers you up to twenty seven different configuration options, so that you can have as much loading space and seating choices required. The car has equally enough legroom and headspace for the comforts of passengers.775 litres of luggage space that can be extended up to 2035 litres on folding up the rear seats.


Audi Q7 Exteriors and Features

Audi Q7 PicturesNo other than Audi is considered as most imposing car as the Audi Q7 exteriors defines it all. This car is an eye charmer and is meant to drive better on roads than off it. From every stance Audi Q7 is dauntingly large and has a bonnet that would come up to your chest. While on resting it hangs out from the edge of the parking space like an over fed stomach over a belt. No matter how bulky this SUV looks, it is aerodynamically shaped car that directly impacts on its efficiency.

From any angle front, sides or rear the car seems to be perfectly impressive and superb. The front majestic view of this SUV is dominated by the large broad lined chrome radiator intake that intertwined with four circles, presents the classic Audi Logo. The tall vertical chrome slats provides the horizontal space for the number plate, makes it more easy and visible. Audi Q7 exteriors has a very hefty bonnet that give an impression of heavy machinery work is laid inside coupled with contrasting lower half of the bumper and wide body colored bumper. The front of this car is embedded with twin Xenon headlamps that is automatically activated and is surrounded by daylight LED cluster. This bi – Xenon headlamps comes along with headlamp washing system that clears up the dirt that restricts the clear vision.

Top of the car has dynamic roofline and high shoulder section gives the influenced sporty form of coupe. Aluminum roof rails, side windows and aluminum window trims frames and add further compliments to the exteriors. Towards the sideways this SUV is dominated by all aluminum alloy six arm wheels and add to the tough looks of Audi Q7. The rear view of this SUV is succinct and puristic and is outfitted by characteristic LED rear lights. The encompassing tail gate in conjunction with the bumper which is integrated with underbody protection gives the Audi Q7 series an impression of high power and performance. The car has wavy tail lamps that elongates from side to rear.


Audi Q7 Driving and handling

Meanwhile, on the go, Q7 behaves like an Audi, albeit a heavy and big one. This giant has a fully independent suspension that delivers controlled handling and comfortable ride and is capable of managing road imperfection without making booming sound or annoying jolts in the cabin. Even at the greater speed, the interior noise level is low. The automatic 8 gear transmission shifts are so smooth that it’s barely noticeable unless during full-power acceleration.

For confident dry-weather handling the power is distributed between front and rear wheel in 42/58 percent split that make rear wheel drive bias. Audi Q7 series SUV has enhanced electronic stability control with an off- road mode that allow to switch for some smooth power delivery on sandy or gravel surfaces. Sensitive power steering that reduces amount of assistance at higher speed to give more road feel. This car is integrated with adaptive cruise control that uses radar to maintain distance between Audi Q7 and other vehicles, braking and accelerating as required.


Audi Q7 Safety Features

Audi Q7 series SUV are loaded with most powerful yet elegant, safe and secure features. The car has door exit lights at the front to ensure that one can safely enter or exit the SUV. Moreover, Anti lock braking system, Electronic Stability Programme, Electronic differential lock with absolute on and off road function enhances the ease of handling this car.

The inbuilt unique Trailer stabilization system helps to keep the trailer steady off road, on road or up-hill. For the immediate medication at the time of emergency Audi Q7 safety features includes a first aid medical kit. Audi Q7 not only thinks about its passenger, but is also integrated with the Adaptive cruise control for the safety of pedestrians and other vehicles. Audi Q7 safety features includes airbags for front, second and third row passengers, plus it also added the side guard head airbags for the safety against the side collision.


Audi Q7 Accessories

Audi never lack in satisfying its buyers in terms of comforts and convenience. If its Audi, it will always provide you best series of luxury and other accessories. The car is updated with most recent technology such as MMI radio plus, DSP sound system, CD changer, voice dialogue system and Power operated tailgates.

Audi Q7 accessories features also include HDD based satellite navigation system, Mobile phone preparation with online services, Driver navigation and information display and advanced Audi parking system. For the greater entertainment pleasure the car is loaded with Bang and olufsen surround sound that will leave you ear mesmerized. Advanced rear view parking camera shows the area behind the car and also displays guidelines for better parking.CD soft bag that can store up to 24 CDs is provided for the storage and comfort. Beautifully designed wheel arches are fitted with 18 inches five spoke alloy wheels.


As a final layout, Audi Q7 series is known for full dynamics, refinement and elegancy. If you are searching for seven seater SUV and is comfortable of bulk then no other would satisfy you, as this do. Audi Q7 series is made with an idea of imposing outside and feel good inside, stands promising in its worth. With full respect to Audi, the manufacturer has made Q7 with the concept of doing less and getting more and showed progress through technology. In comparison with cars in its section Audi stands apart from others in term driving experience, luxury, comforts and style. The reason to buy Audi is not only that it belongs to a reputed Audi class, but it worth it and fulfill all the driving desire that one needs.

Audi Q7 Variants

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Audi Q7 Petrol
Price (ex showroom)
Engine Details
Special Features


Get On Road Price
2967 cc , Petrol

5.0 Kmpl (City)
8.6 Kmpl (Highway)

*Cricket Leather Upholstery *Panoramic Glass roof *Electric Differential Lock *8 Airbags (Front+Rear) *Cruise Control
Audi Q7 Diesel
Price (ex showroom)
Engine Details
Special Features


Get On Road Price
2967 cc , Diesel

8.5 Kmpl (City)
12.6 Kmpl (Highway)

*Cricket Leather Upholstery *Panoramic Glass roof *Electric Differential Lock *8 Airbags (Front+Rear) *Cruise Control


Get On Road Price
4134 cc , Diesel

6.5 Kmpl (City)
10.1 Kmpl (Highway)

*4 Spoke Multifunction Steering *Parking + Rear camera *Rear Seat Entertainment

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