BMW 5 Series

Rs. 37,60,000 to Rs. 58,00,000 (ex showroom delhi)

BMW 5 Series Review

Generation next BMW 5 Series caught by spied

May 27, 2016: According to reports spies have caught generation next BMW 5 series being test on roads.  Although the unit of 5 Series spied was completely disguised but still spies succeeded in noticing aggressive pointed front bonnet with steep slope, headlamps merged with kidney grille, aluminum mixed alloy wheels with glossy black garnish and also drilled brake discs. The up-gradation will be offered in all versions of 5 Series existing in International car market including sedan, estate version, GT version and its sports version M version. Apart from these changes there will be huge fleet of engine options including 4 cylinder, 6 cylinder and 8 cylinder.

BMW 5 Series Updated version launching on October 10, 2013

October 10, 2013: The 6th updated version of BMW 5 Series will be launched in Indian auto market on October 10, 2013. The model was showcased during Geneva Motors Show this year and since it was expected that German luxurious car manufacture will launch this version in Indian market. As far as engine configuration is concern it is reported that company has carried the same engine which is adorned in the existing version, however company has introduced various appreciating upgrades in exteriors and interiors which are ahead from the ongoing model.


BMW 5 Series Review by Expert

BMW 5 Series PicturesSince last decade BMW has taken over almost every segment from the luxury saloons to SUVs or from X6 to the GTs. But it’s the BMW 5 Series that forms the base for its premium brand value and it has been defended well. BMW has been launching new models every now and then and at a glance it feels that the company is not making any radical changes. Maybe it’s due to the huge success of the BMW 5 Series that the company wants to encash upon and not going for a makeover for its cars. But actually there are a lot of changes on the inside. The eight speed automatic transmission is installed on the whole series and engine is almost re-engineered. The twin turbo technology is what that makes them so powerful and gives it a performance that driver wants. The new xDrive that is the intelligent all-wheel drive system is present in all variants.

Officials say that BMW 5-Series is more progressive blend of performance, luxury and efficiency than ever before. Some models have an outstanding mix of execution and efficiency. Every single one stands out with something or the other which makes the BMW 5-Series range varied and advanced. The car is more connected to the driver not only emotionally but also technically with some state of the art technologies.

BMW 5 Series is a broad range and the lineup includes saloons and estates like the 5-Series GT. Exteriors are not as different as there are two trim levels- the SE or the M Sport. Buyers are usually pulled towards the most efficient and versatile among those which are tuned for maximum economy. But still there’s a lot you can choose from, to fit your needs and pocket perfectly.


BMW 5 Series Mileage and fuel efficiency

BMW 5 Series PicturesFuel economy has been BMW 5 Series’ main strength. In this regard it stands in the most advantageous position over its rivals. Taking out the 520d from the range as anyone would do as it has the highest listed mileage; it is thriftier than Mercedes E200 CDI. Some cars may get closer in the economy figures but lack the power. Like Audi A6 2.0 TDI has a competent average but is about 0.7 seconds slower than the 520d. And the obvious advantage is that BMW 5 Series price is much lower than the Audi.

BMW 5 Series is lot cleaner and greener with checked emissions and being the most affordable cars in the segment to run they have won over many customers worldwide. In addition petrol engines are the best performers in the class. It has a cleaner exhaust with lesser CO2. More powerful engines may disappoint in terms of economy but have a lot to offer when it comes to performance.

Model Mileage (City) Mileage (Highway)
BMW 5 Series 520i 11.20 Kmpl 13.25 Kmpl
BMW 5 Series 520d 14.40 kmpl 18.48 kmpl
BMW 5 Series 525d 15.25 kmpl 17.24 kmpl
BMW 5 Series 530d 12.40 kmpl 14.80 kmpl









BMW 5 Series Models and features

BMW 5 Series PicturesThe most brilliant form of dynamics can be found in the BMW 5 Series sedan. Perfectly fitted to everyday use, it is a totally new automobile with a different feel. All the models in the BMW 5 Series maybe tuned differently but have unlike engines and run on different fuel but they share a common trait. Each one is sure to give you the BMW feel.

BMW 5 Series Sedan 520i It is the base model of BMW 5 Series. Has a 1997cc, turbocharged petrol engine coupled with manual transmission.
BMW 5 Series Sedan 520d The upgraded version of 520i, but has a diesel engine. Engine displacement is same (1995 cc). Also has an automatic gearbox.
BMW 5 Series Sedan 525d 1995 cc diesel engine is what makes it an unmatched performer on roads. It has been installed with an automatic transmission.
BMW 5 Series Sedan 530d The 2993cc engine has some extra horses on the run. It has has larger valves, so that it has better acceleration and a higher top speed.


BMW 5 Series Engine, Power and Performance

BMW 5 Series PicturesNo matter how astonishing a car looks or how overwhelming the performance is, the moment one sits in the driving seat, all that matters is the driving experience. And it’s guaranteed that BMW 5 Series will offer you one that is breathtaking and has the feel one is looking for. The BMW 5 Series 520d has been topping the sales charts. The engine can be a bit noisy on the overdrive, but has a lot of power to overtake any coupe on road. Though it’s heavy but the engine has enough punch to let you your driving freedom. Achieving the top speed in manual gear setting needs a lot of workout but has a tight shift so it’s not unpleasant. The 8-speed automatic gearbox is set to hold gears longer which in turn increase the economy also.

The BMW 5 Series 530d has an impressive power output of 190kW @ 4000 rpm along with the massive 560 Nm of max torque @ 1500-3000. It takes mere 6 seconds to rush to 100 kmph. These figures match to those of Jaguar XF 3.0D S or Mercedes-Benz E350 CDI, but 530d could have been faster if the test surface would not have been damp.

The twin turbochargers in the 535i engine have lead to a massive 295bhp of power and a peak torque of 442 lb ft. The engine is more refined than previous model which is evident by the fact that it hits 100 kmph in 5.7 seconds. Pressing emission norms have forced BMW to downsize its petrol engines, but all the investment and hard work has gone in vain due to petrol price hike. Petrol car sales are going down and the market has been taken over by diesels.


BMW 5 Series Pickup and acceleration

BMW 5 Series PicturesAll the models in BMW 5 Series have a class leading performance. The 520d has a top speed of 235 kmph and is said to achieve 100 kmph in 8.1 seconds. It has been the best-seller in the whole series. The 520i has a petrol engine and is 8 seconds slower than the 520d but flooring the throttle for longer can take it up to 250 kmph. In 525d reaching 100 kmph takes 7 seconds and maximum up to 235 kmph. The 530d is better tuned and barrels to 100 kmph in 6 seconds which is 7 seconds lesser than the 525d. With a top speed of 250 kmph, 530d stays ahead here too.


The latest version of the Maruti Swift model was launched almost 6 years after the inception of the car in the Indian market, and in all these year the car has been through a continuous improvement in terms of quality, performance and presence. The new Swift can be called an ideal compact hatchback for the Indian market with its superb combination of low maintenance cost and high fuel economy.

In comparison to the previous generation version, the new Swift is improved on various fronts. The engine now has less NVH level and the dimensions are more aerodynamic which makes the car more spacious from inside. Also the quality of interior material like plastic and fabric is much more improved as against its predecessor. Moreover, with a large number of buyers rushing to buy new Swift, it can prove a real threat to the competitors that are nowhere near to the car in sales figures.

BMW 5 Series Pickup and Acceleration
Engine Variants Power (Kw/ RPM) Torque (NM/ RPM) Acceleration (0-100kph) Top Speed (Km/ h) Transmission
BMW 5 Series 520i 135/5000-6250 270/1250-4500 8 Seconds 250 kmph 8 Speed Automatic
BMW 5 Series 520d 135/4000 380/1750-2750 8.1 Seconds 235 kmph 8 Speed Automatic
BMW 5 Series 525d 160/4400 450/1500-2500 7 Seconds 235 kmph 8 Speed Automatic
BMW 5 Series 530d 190/4000 560/1500-3000 6 Seconds 250 kmph 8 Speed Automatic


BMW 5 series exterior and features

BMW 5 Series PicturesThe new design approach incorporated by BMW in its new version of BMW 5 series, receives a mixed reaction from the people around the world. BMW backbone strategy details that new BMW 5 series is built up on the same root platform of 6-series, 7-series and 5 series GT. Result of this made this incarnation much longer and wider as compared to its predecessor and comes fully packed with technology. The car is built with conventional monocoque construction instead of hybrid construction of the preceding model, while the body (doors, front wings and bonnet) is a mix of aluminum and steel.

In comparison with other BMWs, kidney shaped grille are much wider and lower along with bonnet curve that designed to make it look more athletic. The front kidney grille gently mates with the huge bonnet that has gentle slope and reminds you of latest generation of BMW7.The BMW 5 series exteriors are spectacular with front fascia embedded with new bi-xenon headlamps. LED turn indicators are embedded within the headlamps that seem to be a jewel on flashing. The side turn indicator looked more stretched as it lie upon lean side fender gives a very elegant looks to this car.

To reduce down the overall weight the car doors are huge and made of aluminum. The roofline is made much longer along with trademark of fish fin antenna that also houses moon/sun roof. The rear end of this car has huge massive bumper that gives it a voguish look. The side contour flowing extends till the back where it gently merges with the new light clusters.

The tail lamps consists of three L shaped lines that look like three pipe burning gently with soft smooth glow and frightening away the dark. The rear light also has LED that together work as turn indicators. The chrome finished twin chrome exhaust pipes lies left beneath the massive bumper. The BMW 5 series exteriors’ charismatic looks and neat design totally shows the hard work and craftsmanship that its developer team has dedicated.


BMW 5 series interiors and features

BMW 5 Series PicturesIn E- class Mercedes you may find a simpler dashboard, by virtue of larger and fewer buttons, but once you settle down with it BMW 5 series presents no navigation problem and worth our opinion. According to comfort design, there is only one slip: the ABC pedals are slightly positioned to the right. In other respect BMW 5 series interiors are elegantly designed to offer ample of space for storage, headspace, legroom and adjustment for most shapes.

Car shares similar instrument cluster from BMW 7 series that would surely make 5 series buyer happier. The refined touch is given to switches and knobs along with very high in cabin quality, much higher than the predecessor 5 series version. The interior elegance and dynamics simply flows from the instrument panel to the door. The car is in laid with power steering that is mounted with the entire multi-functional switches to access Bluetooth, audio/video function etc. For driver comfort the cockpit is angled to some extent and steering can be electrically adjusted.

To maintain its luxury standard the car comes with lush sleek wooden trim that complements the dash and centre console. BMW 5 series interiors provides storage space in the form of glove box, cup holder, foldable seats and lockable storage box, that is just placed behind the gear knob with butterfly like lid opening.  The fourth generation i-Drive is embedded at the centre of dashboard with standard display of 7 inches. Next to the gear shifter houses i-Drive dial which is set to control the entire task displayed on the screen, radio stations, music, car service check, Bluetooth phone function etc.

For making every ride a pleasurable one, the cabin is upholstered in finest Dakota leather. The rear seats offer 60:40 folding ratio, an extra half inch for knee space, ski bag and a pass through as options. The car has uniformly shaped luggage space of 520 liters and that can be extended up to 1760 liters on folding.


Safety features in BMW 5 series

BMW 5 Series PicturesBMW has taken all the important measures to make BMW 5 series a perfect car in terms of safety and security. Car with the score of 15.537 out of 16 has scored very well in the offset crash test. The aerodynamically optimized 17 inch light weighted alloy wheels are beautifully integrated to provide better strength and hold on the ground. In case of loosing stability on road the car is loaded with dynamic stability control system that prevents the car from skidding away in case of under and over steering.

For the internal safety of occupants the car is built in strong rigid monocoque structure with aluminum to resist against external damaging force. For the further internal safety the car is loaded with dual front air bags, side air bags and side curtains for head protection. Some of the other BMW 5 safety features include Anti lock brake system, electronic brake force distribution, seat belt pretensioners, lane guidance, active cruise control, night vision enhancement, intelligent seat belt reminder and rear view camera.


Drive and handling of BMW 5 Series

BMW 5 Series PicturesYou never buy a BMW 5 series and care for anything else except the drive experience. The new BMW 5 series is an outstanding car to drive; quiet comfortable and smoothes your drive with same crushing relief. This sedan is fully recommended to those drivers who want to drive 80,000 km per year and enjoy themselves occasionally. The aerodynamically designed light weighted alloy wheels keep the car in motion with full agility and control on the ground.

All the variant of BMW 5 series is integrated with Dynamic stability control technology that enhances the control over the driving while loss of traction in unstable vehicle situations. The car is also enchanted with electronic stability control that presets the brakes in powerful braking, drying of brakes in wet driving and balance for brake fade in extreme driving. BMW has put in lots of efforts for a better driving experience to make its buyers happy.



BMW 5 series Accessories

This remarkable sedan comes loaded with standard accessories that add up to the glory of this car. Sunroof with tilt /slide function, sleek wooden trim on the centre console and dash, sun blinds on the side rear window are the standard features added to its interiors. Mirror glasses are tinted blue and are aspheric and heated. To add more agility to this premium class sedan the car comes with aerodynamic spoiler. The BMW 5 series is embedded with high quality headlamp cluster and fog light that are designed to show clear vision to the driver. More add ons such as i-Drive system that facilitate for better navigation and Music system with speaker and subwoofer would surely stand up to your expectations.     



There is no doubt in saying that BMW 5 series is a very proficient car, arguably more extent of capabilities than strength in any single area. The car is more spacious, refined, economical and comfortable. If you are looking for a car that covers up all, then it would not be hard to recommend it. This mind blowing sedan is hard to be faulted with all usability, refinements, unruffled dynamics, performance and high quality cabin finish. An executive sedan that not only deals with loads of gadgetry and space but also have an engaging driving experience.

Design, material quality and craftsmanship are simply fabulous that simply gives you the feeling of sitting in an expensive place. Even after distinguished characteristics, establishing supremacy has been tough due to other rivals like Jaguar XF, Mercedes Benz E class, Audi A6 and Lexus GS series, but BMW 5 series still owns the major chunk in the world automobile market.

BMW 5 Series Variants

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BMW 5 Series Petrol
Price (ex showroom)
Engine Details
Special Features


Get On Road Price
1997 cc , Petrol

11.20 Kmpl (City)
13.25 Kmpl (Highway)

*iDrive System *Electric Glass Roof *17 Inch Alloy Wheels *Brake Energy Regeneration *6 Airbags (Front, Side & Curtain) *HiFi loudspeaker system
BMW 5 Series Diesel
Price (ex showroom)
Engine Details
Special Features


Get On Road Price
1995 cc , Diesel

14.40 kmpl (City)
18.48 kmpl (Highway)

*6 Airbags (Front+Side+Curtain) *DVD changer for 6 discs *Electronic Stability Control *Traction Control


Get On Road Price
1995 cc , Diesel

15.25 kmpl (City)
17.24 kmpl (Highway)

*Dakota Leather Upholstery *Electric Glass Roof *6 Airbags (Front, Side & Curtain) *Electronic Stability Control *Traction Control


Get On Road Price
2993 cc , Diesel

12.40 kmpl (City)
14.80 kmpl (Highway)

*18 Inch Alloy wheels *3.0L Diesel Engine *Brake Energy Regeneration *Crash sensor *Rear Seat with 8.2" Display

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