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BMW M3 Review

New edition of BMW M3 launched in Indian car market

November 28, 2014: BMW German luxurious car maker has launched the new version of its luxurious sedan M3 in Indian car market with starting price of Rs. 1.198 crore (ex-showroom price India). The upgraded version was showcased during the Detroit Motor Show held earlier this year in month of January. The refreshed carries most of its looks from its previous version and boosted with turbocharged M Twin Power Turbo inline six cylinder engine boosting the power of 431 bhp and torque of 550Nm. The engine is coated with DCT double clutch system and accelerates speed from standstill to 100 kmph within the period of 4.1 seconds and picks the top speed of 248 kmph.

2014 BMW M3 to soon touch the Indian Roads 

June 27, 2014: India bound BMW M3 is going to be launch in Malaysia by German car maker today, after which it will make its way to Indian car market. The car maker had showcased M3 in the Detroit Motor Show. The new M3 is energized with twin-turbo, 3.0 litre in-inline six cylinder engine churning the power of 431 bhp and torque of 550Nm. The engine would be coated with dual clutch, six speed manual transmission system or with 7 speed automatic transmission system.



BMW M3 Review by Expert

BMW M3 PicturesThis premium luxury car is designed on BMW's popular 3 Series sedan platform. The design of Coupe reflects the superlative workmanship of the engineers as one gets the most modern exterior styling with in-place aerodynamics, V8 engine, suspension and interior trims. Put simply and precisely, BMW M3 Coupe has a very powerful engine and a lightweight body so that it turns into a high performance sports car. It also crams in the best safety features that have been well tested.
Heavier and more expensive, BMW M3 Convertible is also quite powerful and refined than any previous model of M3. It brings in a different concept in India and also retains the core essence of BMW M3 series best traits. 
BMW M3 PicturesM3 cars do not fall in the realm of ordinary 3-Series coupes or convertibles. They cram in some absolutely refreshing slight changes in the exterior styling. They have a distinguished sporty look, thanks to those sparkling fender arches, carbon fiber roof, domed hood and exceptional aerodynamics. BMW M3 Convertible can be made to resemble exactly like Coupe if its hard top is folded with roof up. It is electrically operated and takes just about 22 seconds to close or open.
In the interiors, the new BMW M3 Coupe and Convertible shares maximum elements like shapes and materials with standard 3-Series. However, the interior is well-executed and everything has been designed keeping in mind that everything remains under his reach and control. The well-bolstered sport seats use Novillo leather upholstery, in Coupe. Besides, there is a whole functional cabin with stylish steering wheel and horizontally-oriented dash.
On the whole, 2012 BMW M3 Coupe and Convertible cars are extremely luxurious and fun-to-drive sports cars with immense potential.


BMW M3 Mileage and Fuel Efficiency

Model  Mileage (City) Mileage (Highway)
BMW M3  6.8 Kmpl 9.5 Kmpl

2012 BMW M3 Coupe and Convertible can’t be considered as the most fuel efficient cars. They are powerful and a pleasure to drive but that comes at cost. The performance of their V8 engine requires that the mileage is cut down to 6.8 kmpl in city and 9.5 kmpl on highways for Convertible and the Coupe alike.

These are some obvious tradeoffs but buyers must buy M3 with full knowledge of these figures.


BMW M3 Models and Special Features

Models Features
BMW M3 Coupe BMW M3 Coupe has 18” light alloy wheels, leather upholstery, dynamic brake control, dual front airbags, electronic stability control and cruise control. It is lighter in weight than Convertible variant and hence gives better handling and faster pick up.
BMW M3 Convertible The BMW M3 Convertible is specially made to give a pleasurable drive. First is the 360 degree panoramic view that one gets while sitting in it with open retractable folding top. It also sports some exceptional interior features. The seat belts are integrated and there is leather sport steering wheel. This variant also has 18” alloy wheels.

Compare BMW M3 Models


BMW M3 Engine, Power and Performance

BMW M3 Engine PicturesA 309 KW, 4.0 L V-8 high rev engine coupled with 6-speed automatic transmission that comes in both BMW M3 Coupe and Convertible is of top-notch build quality. This takes the BMW M3’s ahead of its predecessors that used incline four cylinders. Also, the engine of these cars is very potent and delivers an awesome thrilling sound towards 8400 rpm red line. Henceforth, it gives excellent acceleration and quicker pick up. The peak torque of 400 Nm @ 3900 rpm is also breathtaking and makes M3 very dutiful in each and every gear.

BMW M3 cars drive in rear wheels only and give you the choice between seven-speed M dual clutch transmission and six-speed manual. One can opt for either or any, as per requirement. The former gives a sporty drive and the latter gives a traditional self-shifting convenience to the driver for everyday driving.

The engine noise from V8 engine of BMW M3 (that we discussed can already) can be troubling at times and that happens when the car is moving at high speed or is under heavy acceleration. It isn’t something really serious but needs a mention because particularly in India, this issue may get exaggerated due to bad road conditions. However, the tire noise that creates a buzz at some surfaces is well under control in most situations.


BMW M3 Pickup and Acceleration

The BMW M3 Coupe is much faster to reach 250 kmph of top speed as it does that in just about 4.8 seconds, while the BMW M3 Convertible requires nearly 6 seconds. Since M3 Coupe is lighter, it is livelier and it can take over the driver’s senses by both seven-speed dual-clutch transmission and the six-speed manual. The Convertible can’t do that with similar fervor since it is heavier, despite of its same basic character. But no matter which variant you choose, an incredible powerhouse performance will surely be delivered.


Variants Power (KW/RPM) Torque (NM/RPM) Acceleration (0-100 kmph) Top Speed Transmission
BMW M3 Coupe 309/8300 400/3900 4.8 seconds 250 kmph 6-Speed Automatic
BMW M3 Convertible 309/8300 400/3900 6 seconds 250 kmph 6-Speed Automatic


BMW M3 Interiors and Features

BMW M3 Front Seats Pictures2012 BMW M3 can make you feel like moving around in luxury and that kind of pleasure is derived in the driving seat because these cars are well equipped in terms of technology and features alike. The interiors of BMW M3 are well-constructed. The cabin is perfectly set for seating you in luxury and comfort. The front seats give enough lumbar support so that long drives are comfortable but the same does not apply to the rear seats. Its entertainment systems, navigation gadgets, driver-configurable controls and superlative interior settings give a perfect finishing touch.

The interiors of the BMW M3 Coupé and Convertible are not very different and hold little differences only. The functional cockpit of both the cars has been designed for giving comfort and pleasure. There is M steering wheel, dual M circular dials and the ergonomically optimized M seats with memory function. In Convertible, the M design iDrive Controller is optional while it comes in Coupe as standard. In Coupe, one gets the carbon structure leather trim while in Convertible there is the fine-wood interior trim. BMW M3 Front AC Controls PictureAll these features combine to create a perfect ambience that awaits the driver and passengers and take them on to a pleasurable drive in great comfort.

There are some troubles too, for instance, there isn’t enough legroom in the rear seats and they are best used for child transport or carrying your luggage. BMW M3 cars are well designed but darkness issue in this series car is well known. 2012 BMW M3 duo is also suffering from this issue. If you use a Convertible, you can put down the top but similar option is not available for the users of Coupe. To some extent, one can avert the darkness by choosing wood or aluminum trim upgrades. The lack of thigh support in driver’s seat of BMW M3 cars may also create problem for tall people.


BMW M3 Exterior and Features

BMW M3 Headlight PicturesThe 2012 BMW M3 cars look like the last models of 3 series. They are powerful and dynamic vehicles whose styling is done in such a way that results in superior performance. Consequently, their expressive front end has flared fenders that accommodate the massive V8 high rev engine inside. The muscular rear with bulging hoods makes place for wider track and four tailpipes. The exterior mirrors are also appropriately shaped and adds to the overall aerodynamics.

There is a sculpted front end of the BMW M3 Convertible and that like other exteriors styling features, it also display and exude power and strength. Tremendous power of V8 high-rev engine is also taken care of by the exceptional dynamics of the external design of BMW M3 Convertible. There is an intake hole besides its powerdome that feeds air inside the engine and the side vents in the apron cools the engine off. The rear diffuser and wing mirrors are also aerodynamically designed or rather contribute to the overall aerodynamic feel of the Convertible.

BMW M3 Wheel and Tyre PicturesThe M styling is visible all around in both BMW M3 Convertible and Coupe. There are chrome-plated twin exhaust pipes and M gills and all these give added prominence to the elegance and dynamics of Convertible. The right interplay of all these measures actually ensure that BMW M3 gives the high sports car performance that is acceptable on everyday basis.

In the case of the Coupe, a carbon fiber roof wraps around to the rear and the Convertible has a retractable folding hard top to give 360 degree panoramic view to the passengers and makes it ideal for long drive hauls. It’s low, sleek and tidy looks characterizes it. This variant, however, closely resembles the Coupe when the top is up. If you are keen on enjoying an open-top drive, its retractable hardtop can be opened in just 22 seconds.


Safety Features in BMW M3

BMW M3 Tail Light PicturesLike every expensive high-end premium car, BMW M3 is also tested for safety. BMW M3 has emerged a winner in all such tests and so we believe that its driver can use the high-tech braking and handling systems of the car to altogether avoid unfortunate mishaps under most circumstances.

2012 BMW M3 offers all the typical safety equipments and dynamic stability and traction control features. Besides one can opt for some upgrades like adaptive cruise control and rearview camera if need be.

The premium car is so well engineered and its core structural design is so strong that that its anti-lock brakes, dual front airbags, side and side curtain airbags et al. will never ever be required in practice.  There is slight rearward visibility problem in its convertible model but on the whole they are both top-notch in safety of the passengers.


BMW M3 Driving and Handling

BMW M3 Steering Wheel PicturesBMW M3 marches ahead of other models of the M-series in delivering driving pleasure.  BMW M3 is heavy and as already said its heavy weight has direct effects on handling. These performance issues crop up in a more pronounced manner under braking. The V8 high rev engine and exceptional mechanical gripping makes it difficult for the car to stop when in full speed. Therefore, M3 has been given upgraded brakes and wider wheels. These are actually high-performance tires which have a redesigned suspension that makes the BMW M3 a potential car on the track. Due to its inherent sporty nature (that differentiates it from the 3-Series) when put to daily use, it seems a little stiff. This is price that one has to pay for its exceptional handling, huge grip and driving credibility.

So despite its weight issues and sporty characteristics, M3 turns out to be one car that gives immense driving pleasure.  The network of electronic driver aids, for instance, “M Dynamic mode”, if put to use cleverly, can help the driver extract high-performance from BMW M3. Besides that, one can use “optional M Drive system” and configure, add and save different settings that would let the driver control steering, stability control and other functions of BMW M3 efficiently.


BMW M3 Accessories

BMW M3 Stereo PicturesOne should wisely choose the accessories of 2012 BMW M3 because this already is a high-tech premium sports car. One must be aware that because BMW M3 accessories are expensive, they can add heavily to its already hefty price tag.

For the first time in 2012 BMW M3 Coupe and Convertible, buyers can now choose from three unique metallic exterior colors, interior leather colors plus wide array of interior trim options. There is a slight shuffling in choices that one gets for extras also. One can go for upgraded wheels, heated front seats, and a sunroof as extra options for the M3 Coupe. The standard equipments like Bluetooth, BMW Assist, iPod/USB adapter, floor mats, and an anti-theft alarm system have been slightly upgraded but the AM/FM/CD/MP3 stereo music system remains the same.


BMW M3 Conclusion

The BMW M3 Coupe and Convertible are carrying forward the legacy of E series models alongside sporting the most contemporary styling design of modern day sports car. The M3 models also hold the title of being the most expensive, heavy and powerful cars that have managed to be different from predecessors but captures best performance traits of cars under BMW brand.

The sleek profile, flared fenders and exceptional styling makes models of BMW M3 clearly edging ahead the average 3-Series models. One need not say that the quality and finish of these cars also stand up to BMW standards. The price of the car seems justified when looked from that perspective. Moreover, there is scope for huge customizability and one can spend some more to upgrade from the range of exquisite available options inside and outside the car.

On the whole, the V-8-high rev engine, better aerodynamics and advanced electronic control systems for enhanced dynamics that are present in BMW M3 models makes them the best mainstream sports car of the present times.

The BMW M3 Coupe competes with the Audi A7 and RS5 models in India. On the contrary, BMW M3 Convertible has no major rivals due to lack of convertible car options in the country.

BMW M3 Variants

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BMW M3 Petrol
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3999 cc , Petrol

6.8 kmpl (City)
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*Removable/Convertible Top


Get On Road Price
3999 cc , Petrol

6.8 kmpl (City)
9.5 kmpl (Highway)

*Novillo Leather Upholstery *Dynamic Brake Control *Dual Front Airbags *Electronic Stability Control *Cruise Control

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