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BMW M5 Review

New avatar of BMW M5 launched in Indian car market

November 25, 2014: With subtle cosmetic changes on the exteriors and interiors German luxurious car maker BMW today launched its luxurious sedan M5 in Indian car market with refreshed look. The changes have been offered on the exteriors and interiors. Car maker has continued the existing engine configuration of 4.4 litre twin turbo V8 petrol engine boosting the power of 560 bhp and torque of 680 Nm.

The recently concluded 11th edition of the Auto Expo in New Delhi was the event which BMW India chose as a venue for launching its exquisite sporty saloon, the all new BMW M5. This premium sedan priced at Rs 95.9 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). M5 according to companies claim is powered by 4.4-litre V8 engine with twin-turbo chargers. This powerhouse delivers 552bhp of maximum power and 69.4kgm of max torque. As it is positioned as a sports saloon so BMW claims that it is equipped with this engine it takes only 4.4 seconds to reach the speed of 100kph and 13sec to reach 200kph.

The new 4.4-litre V8 engine replaces the current V10 engine which has resulted in improvement by 10 percent and 30 percent in power and torque figures, respectively. The engine is mated to a transmission of seven-speed, dual-clutch unit with steering-wheel-mounted paddle-shifters. Also this model sports a new Active M differential that is controlled electronically with the help of multi-plate and differential with limited slip. It has three gaping ducts to flow cool air into the radiator, oil cooler and turbochargers. Also the model has the standard 19-inch alloy wheels. Inside of the cabin we have a Servotronic steering that is M-tuned. Unlike the outgoing version that only had a single setting option but in this latest version the buttons on the steering wheel can now support two distinct set-ups.

The latest addition in the M series sedan BMW M5 has been quoted as the most stunning saloon while absolutely justifying the tag of luxury vehicle that it bears. Though a luxury model it has all it takes make it a day to day use car. The leather upholstery on the seats, steering wheel and even gear knob give it a really lush and plush look and feel inside the front cabin. We have to give kudos, to the interior designers of this model, as they have very carefully developed the interiors of this car in a way that the space is utilised optimally. On the whole with comfortable seating and ample of storage space it also seems to be good option long trips.


BMW M5 Mileage and Fuel Efficiency

A model that has been bought as a luxury saloon is usually not adjudged on fuel efficiency parameters. However this beautiful and impressive model delivers a decent mileage of 12 km per litre on highways and 7 km per litre on busy city roads. As for the CO2 emission BMW M5 is again decent at 232 gram per kilometer. Though these were the official claims but as a trade experts have pointed out that it can be safely said this new 4.4-liter V-8 is slightly more fuel efficient  than its predecessor 5litreV-10 engine. But the exact figure will vary from customer to customer based on how hard they drive it.    


BMW M5 Engine, Power and Performance

If we want to find out what drives this mighty saloon a look under the hood tells that BMW M5 has a twin-turbo, 4.4-litre V8. The engine is code named as S63TU B44 and as already mentioned it is an evolution of the original 4.4-liter V-8 engine that debuted in the BMW’s models X5M and X6M. But obviously this engine has been fine tuned to suit requirements of the sporty saloon. The first and foremost change is the inclusion of Valvetronic. This system is a variable intake valve lift system that eliminates the need for a conventional throttle commonly seen on high performing BMW models. Experts are saying that having Valvetronic on each of the sixteen intake valves is almost like having sixteen different throttles.

So now V-8 wears two turbos just like before, but changes are in the intake that allows higher flow which when combined inexplicably with higher boost pressure (1.8 bar instead of 1.5) result in no significant power boost. So, the carmaker claims that the M5's Maximum power output in kW (hp) at 1/min is 412 (560) / 6,000-7,000      and maximum torque in Nm at 1/min        is680 / 1,500-5,750. The power output has been greatly enhanced with the help of Valvetronic motor.


BMW M5 Pick Up and Acceleration

It really moves like a bullet and a person inside this car may feel that it is moving even faster than the factory's quoted 4.4-seconds to accelerate from 0-to-100 kmph though experts say that this figure is dependent on the quality of the roads. If we compare it with the outgoing model the new M5 it is now producing 10 per cent more power and torque figures have improved by 30 percent in comparison with the fourth-generation, E60 M5 powered by V10 engine.


BMW M5 Interiors and Features

If we move on to take a closer look at the interiors of this car it seems to carry on that sporty design which is well pronounced on the exteriors on this model. As it is a sport saloon so it is bound to have the M sports seats decorated with classy leather upholstery in Merino. Also the interiors bear the M stamp with door sills carrying the “M5” lettering. The interiors bear some of the stamped BMW features like the M driver’s footrest along with interior trim strips decorated in exquisite Aluminum Trace with the BMW Individual roof liner made of carbon rich Anthracite. Again this model had the standard equipment including an iDrive control system with Control Display measuring up to 10.2-inch. The most interesting feature of this model is the buttons mounted on the steering wheel; these allow the driver to operate the cruise control system besides handling the audio and telephone functions. On the same steering there are also two M Drive buttons on the left hand side. These wonder buttons are used to configure the car so one can opt for a sporty configuration using the "M1" button or a more comfort-biased set-up by choosing the "M2" button.


BMW M5 Exteriors and Features

The looks of the BMW M5 are such that it seems that the carmaker has done a lot of research to figure out the likes and dislikes of consumers and tried to correct the flaws that were observed in the 5-Series. The appearance of this model can qualify for adjectives like authoritative, stylish and well proportioned. All this has further improved by the features exemplified by the M-specific design.

As for the dimensions this model is 4910 m long, 2119 m wide and 1467m high. If we are going to discuss the exteriors of this model let us start with the front. The frontal look of the BMW is bearing the look of brazen power which is what it holds in the engine section of its body.  The contour lines on the bonnet resemble the shape of the English Alphabet V. At the end of these lines we have the grille that looks like two kidneys. As already discussed earlier there are three ducts for air intakes. These channels located in the lower portion of the front hood cater to the extensive cooling air needs of the powerhouse on the backside of the frame.

If we look at this model sideways here again we have two ducts for in taking the air, beautifully carved in the design these ducts are positioned where  once upon a time the model had its fog lamps. The strong and robust look of this sporty model comes out most significantly in wheels that are made of M light alloy and measure 19-inch and have interesting design with double-spoke. The chrome frame of this model makes it underlined with style mounted on it is the indicator bar that appears to be not fixed to anything almost hanging in there. It also has the trademark logo in M shape. The body colored mirror casings paired with mirror base and lower edge painted in High-gloss Black make it one of the prominent features to look at.

Coming to the backside of the model, here the light diffuser are beautifully incorporated in the lower portion of the hood along with exhaust system involving two pipes. As for the positioning of the tail pipes they are placed on both sides diffuser enhancing the aerodynamic feature of this model.  Latest news is that that the carmaker has issued a statement that the new BMW M5 will have an elite Frozen Black finish. To avail this customer will have to put their request through the BMW Individual personalization program. Previously this color was available only for the special edition product.


BMW M5 Driving and Handling

The latest feature on this sporty saloon its new Active M differential which is a state of art technology run on electronically-controlled, multi-plate, limited-slip differential. As per the official statement this differential can be locked at any percent value between 0 and 100. Again this differential is quiet, even when performing. It seemed to be quite seamless with the ability to shift power from the wheel with slip to the one with grip this steadies the car in difficult terrains.

So on the whole what we gather it that this equipment has brought down the parasitic loss. But not just this equipment there are many innovative components that have combined together to helps this new BMW M5 engine to deliver outstanding performance while at the same time improving its efficiency.

For all who may be interested to know how this Active M Differential helps it basically gives the rear wheel drive chassis more control and stability. As for how it functions unlike the viscous differential which requires a slip, this new system with the use of electronics has become very proactive. First of all it calculates the data from the Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) and based on which it provides the appropriate locking force to each wheel all this is done before the wheel moves away. Besides using DSC the Active M Differential can even take the cue from the factors like pedal position, rotational speed of the wheels and the yaw rate. Even if it sounds elaborate all this happens very quickly and accurately.


Safety Features in BMW M5

This new car which has this high level standard is bound to have best of class safety features. So, it is just obvious that this safety saloon has some standard features like Automatic Stability Control (ASC), Anti Braking System along with adaptive headlights. Also to keep it safe on high speeds it has Dynamic Brake Control (DBC), Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) along with the Dynamic Motor Electronics (DME). Interesting safety features like interchangeable crumple zone, safety battery terminal clamp and also the integrated side impact protection make it a very safe vehicle to ride. Some user friendly features like warning triangle with first-aid kit, safety airbags for driver as well as passengers, Head airbags for front and rear, and so show it is loaded with safety gadgets.


BMW M5 Accessories

The ride on this sporty sedan is real fun because special care is taken by the car maker to enhance passenger’s comfort and convenience inside this saloon. Some outstanding features like car phone preparation the Alarm system, CD changer with six disc option. The cruise control with Electronic Damper Control with three programme modes including Comfort, Normal and Sport modes can make the ride a pleasure; additionally car comes equipped with the Hi-Fi system Professional LOGIC 7. Some other features of the saloon are seat that can be heated and electrically adjusted, features like M drive button, M drive manager and TV function just tell the class we are travelling in.


BMW M5 Conclusion

Finally this model that is an amalgamation of perfection and beauty has that the aesthetics to a new level. So, it is not reflected in beautiful surface, colour, paintwork or material but also in its aerodynamic design and various technical qualities. All the designers and engineers involved in the making of BMW M5 seems to have created a solutions that combines the two aspects of beauty and performance into a single, spectacular work of art. Some of the characteristic features of this model are its aerodynamics where even the wing mirrors have a role in cruising this car along. The wide ducts for air intake in the distinct M front apron help the engine to breathe and cool. Even the interiors carry on the same theme of beauty and performance with cockpit ergonomics and material workmanship display how well it performs on performance-orientated criteria. As for the competition BMW has always been up against companies like Audi, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and Toyota and this new sedan will add fire to already fierce competition.

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