Rs. 70,90,000 to Rs. 70,90,000 (ex showroom delhi)

BMW X5 Review

BMW X5M launched with price tag of Rs. 1.55 Crore (ex-showroom price, New Delhi)

October 15, 2015: German car maker BMW has launched its luxurious SUV X5M in Indian car market with starting price of Rs. 1.55 Crore (ex-showroom price, New Delhi). Reported to be brought through CBU route the SUV will recognized as Sports Activity Vehicle. It is empowered with 4.4 litre twin turbo V8 petrol engine that boosts the power of 575 PS and torque of 750Nm.  With strong body line the SUV will serve like Sports Activity Vehicle for the persons who prefer to enjoy driving their SUV on sportier tracks.

The generation next BMW X5 launched in India 

May 29, 2014: Enriched with 3.0 litre six cylinder diesel engine zooming the power of 258  bhp and torque of 559Nm, German luxurious car maker has launched the all new BMW X5 SUV in Indian car market with starting price of Rs. 70.95 lakh (ex-showroom price in New Delhi). The engine of new X5 is coated with ZF eight speed transmission system which forwards the power to both front and rear wheels. The new X5 has been launched in two variants and it is for the first time that the SUV has been offered with seating option of seven seats.

New BMW X5 launching on May 29, 2014

May 28, 2014: German car maker BMW is going to launch the all new BMW X5 in Indian car market on May 29, 2014 for this company had already started the booking on the payment of token amount of Rs 5 lakh. It is speculated that company will launch only the upgraded version of its existing diesel version xDrive 30d as it has started booking of only diesel variant. The engine configuration of new BMW X5 would be same but will carry various remarkable features on the exteriors and interiors.

Next Generation BMW X5 ready for launch in Indian car market

April 26, 2014: German luxurious car maker BMW is all set to launch the generation next X5 SUV soon in Indian car market.  The upcoming version of X5 will be boosted with 3.0 litre diesel engine churning the power of 259 bhp and torque of 560 Nm. It will be offered in option of 5 seater and 7 seater is expected to be offered with price tag of Rs. 70,00,000 lakh and Rs. 75,00,000 lakh respectively (ex-showroom price of both the versions).

BMW X5 Review by Expert

The grandeur in every sense of fascination and luxury come a charm in the new BMW X5 with superb exteriors and eye catching glimpses of its magnificent contours. BMW X5 has got styles in its very serene yet amazingly sporty design that draws the sights of perfection. The SUV has an exciting long wheelbase and the very adorable short over hangings that make it delightful in all respects.The excellent finishing of the SUV states an all new definition when it comes to BMW delivering a product made out of dedication and smartness. Dazzling sporty headlamps and the very charming rear of the car make it quite a sight wherever it goes.

BMW X5 Picture

Not much is confined within the looks but the appreciation is magnified even more with two esteemed engines made with a technology that stands out to be one of the best in the segment. Whichever engine you may choose in your select of the X5, you are truly sure to experience a mastered and unmatchable performance together with the efficiency with controlled emission rates as well. BMW X5 has an excellent platform for the power, performance and style. Both engines have been well sported on BMW’s Efficient Dynamics phenomenon.  Talking more about the appearance of BMW X5, the car has an attitude with the very shape and built. The bulk truly speaks out volumes of toughness and the same can be experience while driving this extraordinary and the most premium BMW.The charismatic BMW X5 has every single reason to be an unmatched symbol of appreciation when it comes to the engineering that has been put to use in the making and has a niche for itself in the luxury that it has to offer.

BMW X5 finds its close competitors in Audi Q7 and Land Rover Range Rover Evoque. However with some superb and splendid range of qualities and features in its every bit, the X5 makes a distinct notch for itself when it comes to beating out the others.  The unparalleled class of the BMW is exceptional and highly enigmatic.


BMW X5 Mileages and Fuel Efficiency


Variant Mileage (City) Mileage (Highway)
BMW X5 xDrive 30d 8.4 kmpl 12.6 kmpl


The BMW X5 has been delivered with two engines both belonging to each separate accomplice. Both the petrol and the diesel engines of X5 have significantly appropriate mileage and very desirable from a car of its class. The petrol engine of BMW X5 xDrive 50i delivers a decent mileage of about 6.3 Kmpl in the city and reaches up to a respectable figure of about 9.5 Kmpl on the highways. The other one being the diesel in BMW X5 xDrive 30d easily makes a good mark of 8.4 Kmpl in the city and a 12.6 Kmpl on the highways. The mileage performances although of lesser concern for a car of this class still make an impact in competition with others with figures that stand out quite impressive and unmatchable. Although the figures have been keenly tested but still a little measure of deviation can be expected since the mileage of the petrol engine somewhat fluctuates in the city.


BMW X5 Models and Features

Variants Features

BMW X5 xDrive 30d

Xenon headlamps for day- night visibility with LEDs. The interior décor consists of Nevada Leather Upholstery, accessibility and drive assistance features like Hill Descent control, BMW xDrive mechanism, safety features like 4 airbags for front and rear collectively, cruise control, rain sensing wipers ,etc.


BMW X5 Engine, Power and Performance

The enigmatic and bold BMW X5 comes well equipped with both Petrol and Diesel engines with respect to its two very distinct variants. Both the engines share the same platform being the Efficient Dynamics phenomenon, a whole new innovative technique from BMW of enhancing the engine power together with maintaining the fuel efficiency thereby balancing the power with the amount of fuel consumption. Both the engines come along an 8- speed automatic transmission.

Engine Type Max Power (Kw/ rpm) Max Torque (Nm/ rpm) Transmission

BMW Six- Cylinder in- line diesel engine with exhaust turbocharger

180/ 4000

540/ 1750- 3000

8- Speed Automatic


BMW Six- Cylinder in- line diesel engine with exhaust turbocharger

The very outstanding in efficiency and superb in power, BMW X5 xDrive 30d is powered by the unbeaten six- cylinder in- line diesel engine with exhaust turbocharger. The dynamic diesel engine of X5 delivers a mind boggling power of about 180 Kw at 4000 rpm and an amazing torque of around 540 Nm at 1750- 3000 rpm. The xDrive 30i engine is proven to be the best and the most fuel efficient engine in its class that takes BMW X5 to a yet newer level against the competitors.


BMW X5 Pickup and Acceleration

Engine Variant

Acceleration (0- 100)

Top Speed (Kmph)

BMW Six- Cylinder in- line diesel engine with exhaust turbocharger

7.6 seconds



The BMW Six- cylinder, in- line diesel engine that empowers the BMW X5 xDrive 30i makes the car deliver an unbeaten acceleration rate from 0- 100 Kmph within 7.6 seconds and counts for attaining a top speed of about 210 Kmph which is extremely fast keeping in mind the diesel engine.


BMW X5 Interiors and Features

BMW X5 Side AC Control PictureThe fascinating interiors of BMW X5 are perhaps one of the best ever seen. The superb dual tone upholstery of the X5 has exciting Nevada leather wrapped around bits and pieces that form the chambers of this exquisite lifestyle on wheels. BMW X5 has been blessed with a superb ambience that makes you wonder a world of your own while in the laps of its beauty. The luxury inside the car is brought about by the blend and amalgam of metal, wood and leather saturated to the core. The elegance is simply stunning with the centrally placed BMW iDrive control and its display with superb illumination that gives access to both comfort and entertainment accessibilities.

The superb Head- up display puts up the current statistics of the drive like the speed and other necessary information just at the visibility and focus of the driver. The illumination brightness of this display can also be controlled as per the wishes of the driver. The seats of BMW X5 very keenly designed to deliver not less than your very own lounge on wheels with ultimate pleasure and comfort relaxing every single nerve. The seats both at the front, rear and extreme rear are electronically adjustable. The lumbar support together with the backrest support makes it even more comfy. The ample room for legs and extremely exaggerated width of the seats make it very exquisite in luxury that speaks volumes of the class. Moreover the electronically adjustable steering column too adds to the fact and the memory function to keep the settings of the driver and the passengers saved makes the task of delivering comfort and luxury even more easily.


BMW X5 Exteriors and Features

BMW X5 Headlight PictureThe BMW X5 has been imparted with some extraordinary features when it comes to style and looks of this extravaganza. The classy insignia of the car is very prominent in the center and middle of the front fascia of the car. The very fact is quite resembled with the front of the car that has a beautiful apron like structure with superbly carved air vents and very magnificent mixtures of chrome and silver finishing in the moldings. Moreover the charming Xenon day- night LED headlamps are simply a sight especially at the night. The overall built of the X5 is massively gigantic and muscular in feel as well as looks. The bulkiness of the vehicle seems very dynamic in nature. The sculpture of the bonnet looks lavishing and very sensuous just above and integrated to which are the head lights. The beautiful and very smartly designed scuff guards are yet another amalgam of silver and aluminum at the front as well as the rear end of the car. The splendid air exhaust pipes of BMW X5 are very sophisticated yet athletic and deliver the exteriors of this charismatic car with a powerful appearance.

The intensive looking design of the machine is not just sporty but very stunning from all angles. The perfect setting meets a classic end with the simply adorable light alloy wheels of BMW X5 with the very sophisticated emblem of the company right at the center of each alloy wheel. The sides of this muscle are very athletic in looks and feel too. From all the ways one can measure the beauty of this car, it has something more than expected to offer each time.


Safety Features in BMW X5

The head up display featuring the relevant information about the current drive like the top speed and other necessary details make the driver aware and alert at all times. The height and visibility adjustable display seems very convenient in terms of safety. The vision of the driver is hence faster and the details can be read easily so that the driver need not take his eyes off the road for even a moment. The bi- Xenon headlamps together with LED functions make the visibility a charm in BMW X5 providing proper visibility, proper focus and superb safety in vision. The DSC or the Dynamic Stability Control imparts outstanding stability to X5 through the roads. The dynamic support of the traction mode adds to the comfort and balance of the car on all terrains. Drifting is perfectly controlled in this car with amazing DTC. The outstanding body of the car is rigid and solidly masculine too. Moreover BMW X5 has four airbags for safety of the driver and passengers in the front and the rear.


BMW X5 Driving and Handling

BMW X5 has been totally filled in with the presence of the iDrive phenomenon of BMW. The intelligent driving assistance and phenomenal on board computer support in driving console helps in delivering an experience that is thrilling and very comfortable at the same time. The amazing response from the Active Steering is bettered by the adaptation of steering acceleration with the speed of the car automatically that makes a perfect setting for precise and accurate control over the drive. This accuracy and precision brings tremendous agility and luxury to the driver. The optimized steering control combined with the Active Drive mechanism brings out the best driving comfort. The Active Drive brings together Dynamic Drive and Dynamic Damping Control that assist the steering in both sports and normal modes. This makes up for a smooth and relaxed drive. The HDC or the Hill Descent Control helps while running off steep and slopes with automatic and precise braking. The excellent traction control and superb dynamic stability and control are brought out by the sensors of the xDrive technology. Perfect distribution of engine power and flexibility is the greatest aspect of BMW X5.


BMW X5 Accessories

BMW X5 has been given the choice of numerous upgrades including which, the first and foremost feature is the entertainment system with multimedia interface with the support of audio and visual display. The integrated audio system with inbuilt woofers and sub- woofers make the musical experience inside the X5 a true delight. The entertainment console has a touch display for the accessibility and control of the music and other accessories. There is also support for GPS for locating addresses and navigational requirements. Moreover it features other details like the weather of the current location, time etc. Other accessories also include twin power extensions for mobiles and laptops.


BMW X5 Conclusion

BMW X5 is a marvel of excellence and sophistication in looks, style, elegance and power. The X5 stands out better amongst the toughest competitors being the Audi Q7 and the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque. Whether it is the efficiency of its engines or the ultimate safety offered in its dynamics, the four wheel is a delight and a clear winner amongst the rest. If one has to go for a car that has brains apart from style and power, it is surely the right choice. The fact cannot be lifted since BMW X5 has been very reasonably placed off a price that it is surely worthy of. Some exquisite features when matched with unparalleled legacy result in the forming of the hot wheel and so the verdict for the car stands more than the positive.

BMW X5 Variants

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BMW X5 Diesel
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2993 cc , Diesel

8.4 kmpl (City)
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*Nevada Leather Upholstery *Hill Descent Control *BMW xDrive *4 Airbags (Front & Rear)

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