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Chevrolet Camaro Review

Chevrolet is all set to launch one of it’s most renowned cars of all time in India, The Camaro that is the next eye candy from the company is not just a car with luxurious and comfortable features but is also known to burn tracks on speedways. The Camaro is already used as a NASCAR in the world championship and has also rampaged the autobahn extreme. The Sports car was also seen in the movie Transformers and has become a stylish epic for the company. With crossed fingers, the Chevy Camaro is the new anticipation in competition with the Porsche and BMW already running in India.

Chevrolet Camaro PicturesAlthough there is little known facts about the Camaro, but we have managed to provide you with the details of the running variant in the countries abroad. The features and many details may however differ in the Indian variant.  

The two seater is ready and waiting to charm the spectators yet again.


Chevrolet Camaro Variants and Features

Variants Features
Chevrolet Camaro Coupe LS 1LS Automatic Headlamps, Daytime Running Lights , Traction Control System , Rear Spoiler , StabiliTrak  Electronic Stability Control System ,Thorax Side Impact ,Head Curtain Side Impact Air Bags ,Single Zone Climate Control ,Cruise Control, Rear Window Defogger ,Power Driver Seat ,lacks Power Tilt/Sliding Sunroof ,Auxiliary Power Outlet ,Vehicle Anti-Theft System , Front Reading Lamps ,Tire Pressure Monitoring System ,Auxiliary -Audio Input Jacks ,Passenger Air bags ,tire Pressure Monitor, Stripe Package ,On-Star technology.
Chevrolet Camaro Coupe LS 2LS All features similar with the above mentioned variant except it is equipped with Heated Mirrors ,Fog Lamps ,Xenon HID Headlamps ,Power Tilt/Sliding Sunroof ,Electro chromic, Automatic-dimming Rear view Mirror ,Universal Home Remote.
Chevrolet Camaro Coupe  LT 1LT All features similar with the LS 1LS except for V8 Engine that empowers this variant.
Chevrolet Camaro Coupe  LT 2LT All features similar with the LS 2LS except for the V8 Engine that empowers this variant.
Chevrolet Camaro Coupe  SS 1SS Additional Features differing from the LS and LT variants (not known so far).
Chevrolet Camaro Coupe  SS 2SS Additional Features differing from the LS and LT variants (not known so far).


Chevrolet Camaro Mileage and Fuel Efficiency

Variants Mileage(City) Mileage(Highway)
3.6L V6 Engine 10.5 Kmpl 16.8 Kmpl
6.2L V8 Engine 11.5 Kmpl 17.5 Kmpl

The Chevrolet Camaro will have a fair mileage performance with a massively powerful engine with sheer displacement; the 3.6L V6 Engine of the car will deliver a mileage around 10.5 Kmpl in the city and 16.8 Kmpl on the highways. However the 6.2L V8 Engine known far better for fuel efficiency promises around 11.5 Kmpl in the city and 17.5 Kmpl on the highways. Overall the statistics for the Camaro would be fair and quite decent comparing it with its competitors.


Chevrolet Camaro Engine

Chevrolet Camaro Engine PicturesThe excellent couture of the car is not just the only aspect that makes the car truly lovable but also the power packed rumbling engines of the car available in different options attract respect:


3.6L V6

The all new vivacious Chevrolet Camaro LS and LT is loaded with 3.6L V6 with Direct Injection and Variable Valve Timing to invoke the power packed performance.  The ultra- bashing engine turbocharged with power boosters and effective cooling atoms counts for a power of 312KW at 6500 rpm, rendering a torque of around 278 Nm at a rate of 5100 rpm.  The super bold engine has a displacement value of around 3.6L/217.


6.2L V8

The excellent in power and unmatchable in its performance, the 6.2L V8 engine of the Camaro delivers a 426KW at a rate of 5900 rpm and an equally complementing torque of about 278 Nm at a rate of 5100 rpm. This amazing engine has a displacement of 6.2L/376.The engine is fully synchronized with a 6- speed manual transmission which adds up to its powerful spirit.


Chevrolet Camaro Interiors and Features

Chevrolet Camaro Seats PicturesThe Interiors of the unbeaten sport, The Camaro are just in class matching up to the standards of the real muscle. The Camaro has been a concept car throughout the zeal and so can be unmistakably observed in the interiors of the car. The Camaro has an exceptional steering wheel with the extraordinary cruise control framed over it along with the platinum Chevrolet insignia that symbolizes sheer elegance and sophistication of this highly acclaimed car. The Camaro does not go too much into the details of the platinum and wooden since it is meant to be a sports car and that too a concept one, it is however been delivered with a deliberate effort of imparting a rustic attitude. The Camaro has beautiful leather trims and upholstery on its seats. The two seats have been touched with utmost sophistication and style that impart a fabricated and pretty refreshing look that is hardly found in any other courtesy.

Chevrolet Camaro PicturesThe leather and bezels have been decorated with the similar rustic fabric. The dash of the car is much more like that of any NASCAR. However the curved central panel with the integrated GPS and the functional beauty of the audio system together with other infotainment detailing looks extraordinary masculine. The Chevrolet gives its own way when it comes to the toning of colors in the interiors, and just like any other car from the company, the Camaro doesn’t miss out on the exception. The interiors of the car respective of the variants come with different dual tone complexities of primary colors. The Camaro has got a premium range of trims to impart the doors with. The only two doors of the car have the scintillating view of extraordinary and mystical appearance of fabric that is phenomenal. The sport glove box provided in the car is brilliant amongst the features of the storage point of view.

The Camaro has the given the provision of many such storage vaults in the so called cockpit of the car that include the bottle and can holders together with a mobile phone holder and a magazine vault as well. The inside rear view mirror of the car has two sun visors just beside and perhaps the vanity mirrors too. Moreover, the Camaro doesn’t miss out on the excellent cooling system that is enhanced with the placement of the fine AC vents that not just look beautiful but also seem effective in the way of the automatic climate control system that regulates the cooling inside the cabin tremendously and very accurately.

Chevrolet Camaro PicturesThe Camaro has superior ergonomic controls that make it a distinguished drive, whether the illuminations or the dazzling tachometer brings out the best to intend and please you. The polish and finish of the car is finest of the seen. Also, there is plenty of space, being a two seater, the car has been imparted with splendid leg space and adjustable head rests for the seats that provided optimum comfort. The height adjustable feature of the seats in the car is yet again usual yet very remarkable and excellent. The huge sunglass keep in the glove box makes its own impression and finds its place in the esteemed spottiness of the class.The Camaro offers luxury and at the same time impresses you with its sportiness.


Chevrolet Camaro Exteriors and Features

Chevrolet Camaro Head Ligh PicturesThe Camaro is not just incredible from the inside but perhaps there is a lot more about the car especially in the outer. The Camaro is massively sporty and very well designed to take away your heart at the very first sight. The Camaro is a two seater for which it has got only two doors, typical of a racer car. The Camaro has a very dramatic front fascia. The outstandingly carved grille has the head lights embedded within the main stream and the air intake system within this very fancy grille looks exceptional in every way. The indicators are typical of the eyes of the ‘Hotshot’ in the movie ‘Transformers’. The Camaro’s dramatic front fascia has been used as the face structure for the robot in the movie. The excellent and very unique style of the Camaro that has been used in the frame and lining of the bonnet is a marvel and there is just no other word for it. The Camaro is perhaps the best structure and a class of a car that stands out distinct matched with anything else. The Urban decorations of the car mixed and coupled with the fascinating bonnet scoop looks muscular and derive a quality like no other. The side lines through the doors look pretty charming. The car has lesser height as compared to other cars of the segment, but then it is meant to be driven through the autobahn and not every road can afford the fancy of this car. The roof lining of the Camaro makes you fall for it even further and makes sure of the way it is meant to be that of a sports car. The bumpers of the car are equally applauded able. The classy Chevrolet insignia is a cascade phenomenal in itself and places itself just in the center of the grille very marvelously. Also one of the sides has the insignia of the movie Transformers engraved that makes it even classier an appearance.

Chevrolet Camaro Wheel & Tyre PicturesNext in the sequence is the exterior of the car which is very out spoken and is equally beautiful and pleasant as the front. The refreshing and aggressive tail lights complement the spottiness and the delight of the LED is foretold. The rear of the car embraces scintillations at the very best and the craftsmanship has been excellent throughout in the making of this legendary racer. The bumpers continue to make way for more and more off road experiences and tend to look trendier and bolder than ever. Also the wheels or the alloys are superb and the rims are a class apart. The style is unmatched in the Chevrolet Camaro and that is the reason for it being a celebrity in the automobiles.


Chevrolet Camaro Pickup and Acceleration

Engine Variant Max. Power(kw/ rpm) Max. Torque(Nm/ rpm) Displacement (cc) Transmission
3.6L V6 312KW /6500 rpm 278 Nm/5100 rpm 3.6L/217 6-speed
6.2L V8 426KW/5900 rpm 278 Nm/5100 rpm 6.2L/376 6-speed

Chevrolet Camaro Techometer Pictures
The Chevrolet Camaro is a complete package with all its variants delivering excellent statistics in pickup and acceleration. The bold and powerful 3.6L V6 Engine of the Chevrolet Camaro Coupe churns out a massive power of 312kw at 6500 rpm and a whopping torque of about 278 Nm at 5100 rpm. The engine with manual 6 speed transmission produces unbeatable power which makes Camaro Coupe more dazzling. The Displacement stands on superlative 3.6L/217. The 6.2L V8 engine delivers a power of 426kw/ 5900rpm with a torque of 278 Nm/5100 rpm and enforces a displacement of 6.2L/376. The power is unmatchable with the all new Chevrolet Camaro Coupe.


Safety Features in Chevrolet Camaro

Chevrolet Camaro Tail Light PicturesThe Camaro has been very well placed in the safest cars on earth with certain usual yet very phenomenal safety measures and provisions. The Camaro has been well equipped with the comfort of dual SRS airbags for the driver and the co- driver seats respectively. A provision for curtain side airbags has also been given in select variants. However, the ABS, EBD, cruise control and certain other features are very common amongst the segment. The rear view camera comes easy with the park assist feature and the brake control as well as the speed limiter completely steals the show. The Camaro has been superbly engraved into a steel body like no other, the sheer strength of the car is a result and the rest is just another fable. The alloys of the car have been well imparted with discs (all four) that contribute to the safe braking mechanism. The seat belts and the pretension control is again an outstanding safety aspect. The door ajar warning and other warning signals right at the edge of your digital display makes way for some impressive styling.


Chevrolet Camaro Driving and Handling

Chevrolet Camaro Steering Wheel PicturesThe Chevrolet Camaro has the capability to make you forget that you are actually driving a car but it actually gives you a feeling of talking with the winds with the awesome power unleashed from its bashing engine and the superior steering and braking control. The disc brakes are like no other and the cruise control is also an exceptional factor. The Camaro tends to bring in fascinating grips through the outstanding suspensions. The transmission and chassis of the vehicle are sharper and smoother respectively. The aerodynamics of the car is terrific.  


Chevrolet Camaro Accessories

Chevrolet Camaro Stereo PicturesThe Chevrolet Camaro comes well equipped with sensuous display of ergonomically audio and stereo system with built and speakers and amplifiers together with tweeters that bring out the loudest and crystal clear sound. A GPS has also been placed in the console of the car. Certain other accessories are configured like the mobile telecommunication module etc.


Chevrolet Camaro Conclusion

Chevrolet Camaro looks simply magnetic in every aspect. It is a car for next generation. It’s truly a legacy, an epic blend of comfort, power and performance that definitely has a knack above others in the segment. The car is made to drive lavishly on the roads and is a charmer.

*The Information mentioned above is respective to changes after the launch of the vehicle.
*Information detailed is subjected only to the Camaro running abroad and not the Indian version that is yet to be launched.
*Information for the Indian variant will be updated soon.

Chevrolet Camaro Variants

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