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Maruti Gypsy Review

Maruti Suzuki India Limited (Maruti), an ancillary company of Japanese automaker Suzuki Motor Corporation is one of the India’s largest passenger car company which accounts for about 45% of domestic car market. Maruti is a leading brand which is known for its lavishing looks, dashing designs, ultimate upholstery and lots more.

Maruti gypsy is an adorable variant dazzlingly designed with inventive interiors, exciting exteriors, stylish looks and much more creating an aura of fun and excitement. Gypsies are not so preferred on city roads but they are exclusively suited for adventures due to their strong and powerful framework and with the grand name of ‘Maruti’ associated, this product is exactly what the adventure lovers are eagerly waiting for.


Maruti Gypsy Mileage and Fuel Efficiency

Maruti gypsy is designed with G13BB MPFI type petrol engine which makes the variant fuel economical. The mileage offered by the Gypsy is estimated to be 8.2 kmpl in city and 11.8 kmpl on highways which is magnificently good. With the lower fuel consumption and nice mileage capability, the Maruti Gypsy is supposed to be a successful variant.


Maruti Gypsy Models and Features

Variants Features
Maruti Gypsy King MPI Hard Top Fiber reinforced plastic, fabric upholstery, foldable windscreen, removable canvas top, lockable glove compartment, front package tray, front footstep assembly, floor carpet.
Maruti Gypsy King MPI Soft Top All features similar to the Hard Top variant except for the open roof (soft top) or convertible option.


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Maruti Gypsy Engine, Power and Performance

Maruti Gypsy procured a G13BB MPFI type petrol engine with 16 valve gasoline and is equipped with four cylinders. Maruti Gypsy possess an average displacement of about 1298cc. Maximum power produced by the engine variant is estimated to be 80 bhp @ 6000 rpm which is actually good. Also the engine produces maximum torque of 103 Nm @ 4500 rpm precisely.


Maruti Gypsy Pickup and Acceleration

Maruti Gypsy comes with an efficient petrol engine which produces a displacement of about 1298cc. Maruti Gypsy is conceded with manual type transmission. The gypsy can speed up to 100 km in just 15.4 seconds with a top speed of 132 kemps which is excellent. With such an admirable acceleration and pick up, the Gypsy is a must buy for all the adventure lovers.


Maruti Gypsy Interiors and Features

Gypsy, an all-new invention by the Maruti makers is a very powerful and tough variant which is created especially for the adventure lovers. Beside its durability factor, the variant is also rich in its looks and features. The entire variant is wrapped in fabric upholstery providing a serenity factor to the Gypsy. Also, the whole Gypsy is covered with floor carpet. The seating of the Gypsy are very much cosy ensuring a comfortable drive. The sliding front seats can be conveniently reclined and is affixed with adjustable head restraints assuring complete comfort during the journey. The harmful sunrays can be avoided even in the open Gypsy by the use of sun visors. Moreover, the left sun visor is attached with a vanity mirror. The driver’s enhance is equipped with package tray and lockable glove compartment which can be used to keep small valuables.


Maruti Gypsy Exteriors and Features

Maruti Gypsy along with quality interiors possesses equally compatible exteriors as well. The Gypsies framework is powerful enough to bear the sudden jerks. Besides the strength, the gypsy’s exterior view is serenely sophisticated. The Driver’s side rear view mirror adds a spark of beauty to the variant. Front footstep assembly and foldable front windscreen are some of the newly invented features added by the Maruti makers. The entire framework is built in fibre reinforced plastic granting a soothing glance to the beauty of the Gypsy. Thus, this new improved Gypsy with sound interior and exterior features along with the fame of ‘Maruti’ is a must buy.


Safety Features in Maruti Gypsy

Gypsy is a completely different variant which is actually made for fun and adventure lovers who are intended to perform risky tasks. Since the Gypsy is an open vehicle which is not surrounded by doors and extra framework there is no scope for fabricating safety features. But this Gypsy’s front disc and rear drum brakes are implemented with boosters assuring instant and powerful braking which provides safety to both driver and passengers.


Maruti Gypsy Driving and Handling

The G13BB MPFI type engine induces five forward (all synchromesh), one reverse as well as constant mesh type transmission. It is ceded with two speed transfer gearbox and produce transfer gear ratio with 1.409 high and 2.268 low. The front and rear Leaf spring suspension with double action damper adds to the strength and cosiness offered by the car. The front disc and rear drum brakes of the car comes with booster which is another feature contributing to the safety attributes rendered in the car. The effective engine, sound suspension, boosting brakes etc. makes the gypsy drive more powerful and secured. After all, no variant other than a Gypsy can depict the real spirit of freedom and exhilaration.


Maruti Gypsy Accessories

Maruti Gypsy is not facilitated with any in-built audio feature but exoteric sound system may be added on user’s choice.


Maruti Gypsy Conclusion

Thus, with the presence of quality interiors, gorgeous exteriors, divine designs and extra tuff and enduring framework, the Maruti Gypsy is really a Maruti group’s beautiful creation which will definitely be a perfect choice especially for all those fond of adventures and thrill.

Maruti Gypsy Variants

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Maruti Gypsy Petrol
Price (ex showroom)
Engine Details
Special Features
1298 cc , Petrol

8.2 Kmpl (City)
11.8 Kmpl (Highway)

*Fabric Upholstery *Multifunction Levers *Flasher light and siren *Fibre Reinforced Plastic *Hazard warning light
1298 cc , Petrol

8.2 Kmpl (City)
11.8 Kmpl (Highway)

*Front Foldable Windscreen *Removable Canvas Top
1298 cc , Petrol

8.2 Kmpl (City)
11.8 Kmpl (Highway)

ALL ABOVE FEATURES AND *Fabric Upholstery *Steering Lock

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