Maybach 57 S

Rs. 4,85,00,000 to Rs. 4,85,00,000 (ex showroom delhi)

Maybach 57 S Review

The Maybach 57S and 62 S were the first models of the Maybach brand since the brand’s revival by DaimlerChrysler AG. The concept of the car was based on the Mercedes–Benz S–Class sedan. The car is a direct challenge to the companies like Bentley Arnage and BMW Rolls-Royce Phantom and has been voted ahead of them by Luxury Brand Status Index 2008.

Maybach 57 S PicturesBoth the models are the variants of the same ultra – luxurious automobile with the difference in their length (in decimeters), which is reflected by the number in their name (57 and 62). 57 is more likely to be owner – driven while the longer 62 is designed with a chauffeur in mind. The ‘S’ in the name stands for the word “Special” which itself describes the cars.

As the car is priced in Crores, only 300 units have been produced worldwide. And when you experience this model of class with style and power, you can feel and judge the worth of its beauty. Maybach is a perfect blend of breathe – taking looks, smooth drive and a home level comfort with the power of twelve horses. Maybach offers such values which makes one think that he really want to enjoy the exciting features and things which the Maybach brand represents like style, elegance, comfort, feel of a perfect drive, and the brains of engineers put into the making of it. The car features not only class but athletic feel which are combined with the royal design it has.

Maybach 57 S PicturesAll the special features of its interiors, exteriors, safety are many of the features which add shine and glorify the name of the company. A displacement of 5980 cc from a 6.0L, 12 cylinder bi – turbo Petrol engine which delivers an output of 620hp and the torque of  738 lb – ft @ 2000 – 4000 rpm. The car has been completely redesigned at the Mercedes – AMG engine manufacturing facilities, the Maybach V 12 power plant empowers the Maybach 57S to make it deliver the better results with the feel of smooth and an astonishing ride ever. Drive in Maybach gives an experience in which each yard covered and each bend taken is the moment of the purest enjoyment.


Maybach 57S Mileage and Fuel Efficiency

The Maybach 57 S gives a respectable mileage performance as per the engine specifications of the car. The high displacement specification might not give a high statistic in mileage but the power truly compensates for the fact. The Maybach 57 S delivers a mileage of about 4.0 Kmpl in the city and 8.4 Kmpl on the highways.


Maybach 57S Price, Variant and Features

Maybach 57 S PicturesA dream indeed, the Maybach 57s includes features like the Automatic climate control, heated seats, multi – function steering wheel, dual tone interior with leather door trim, outside temperature display, adjustable Xenon head lamps, rain sensing wiper, stereo system including CD player, Mp3 Player, AM / FM radio, Audio system remote control with front and rear speakers, driver, front passenger, front and rear side airbags, ABS with EBD and break assist, Electronic Stability Control, cruise control and also parking sensors. The Maybach 57s has been priced in India at a price rate of around 4, 85, 00,000 INR with a single known variant i.e. the Maybach 57s sedan.


Maybach 57S Engine, Power and Performance

Beneath its redefined and dynamic exteriors, the Maybach 57 S holds true the philosophy of discreet power with the most powerful Maybach engine ever. The 6.0L, bi – turbo gasoline engine, well supported by 12 cylinders to give a magnificent power of 620hp and also the peak torque of 738 lb – ft @ 2000 – 4000 rpm and contributing to a sheer displacement of 5980 cc which is quite efficient in its class. No doubt that the car has royal looks and features but the thing here to be talked about is the drive which makes you feel like a king and this is all because of the brilliance of mind been put by the engineers who have worked with great intelligence to give the car the  excellent technicalities.


Maybach 57S Pickup and Acceleration

Maybach 57 S Techometer PicturesThe incredible 6.0L, 12 cylinder bi – turbo gasoline engine of Maybach 57 S delivers a maximum power of 620 hp and a torque of 738 lb – ft @ 2000 – 4000 rpm. The car has 5 speed automatic transmissions giving a smooth drive even at variable speed. The engine has great configuration which takes the car from 0 to 100 km, just in 5 seconds which is very much amazing. The car is fastest than any sports car attaining a maximum speed of 277 (around 300) Kmph which is awesome.


Maybach 57S Interior and Features

Maybach 57 S Front Seats PicturesThe very fascinating and welcoming new whole world of the Maybach is truly the future before your eyes with unmatched luxury, comfort and sheer driving pleasure with a sense of being urban and more sophisticated. You do not just take a seat in Maybach – you immerse yourself into the atmosphere. Close the doors behind you and you are surrounded by the most precious and redefined materials and high – quality luxury appointments, elaborately hand – crafted by the masters in their field. The equipment specialists have understood perfectly how to convey a sense of Saloon’s dynamism in the interiors.

Choice material plays the centre role, with wood elements finished in the piano lacquer / anthracite poplar or piano lacquer / carbon combination, finest quality leather trim in two special color variants and anthracite – colored Alcantara, lavishly applied to the roof liner and the side paneling,. The result can be summed up as honey luxury.

Maybach 57 S Rear Seats PicturesThe special interior design hints unambiguously at the remarkable characteristics of the Maybach 57S. it all begin with the four spoke steering wheel, its function buttons finished in piano lacquer, the black, part – perforated nappa leather trim, a joy to the touch. The center console, finished in a piano lacquer and carbon combination, serves as an echo from the world of motor racing. A no less attractive piano lacquer and anthracite poplar combination is available as n option. And if you would like to confirm the potential of the model, you can just press the integral press start button on the selector button to stir the heart of Maybach 57S.

The car creates an ambience for you that you wish for by its ambient lightning with dimmer function. Accompanying it is the BOSE Surround Everywhere sound system (Dolby Digital). The comfort level rises when you get to enjoy the electrically adjustable front and rear seats, steering column and exterior mirrors with memory function. The front passenger’s seat is even controllable from the rear. Giving the luxury look and enhancing the interiors are the floor mats with ribbed looks and leather edges. The front and rear windows are power driven with one – touch control and obstruction sensor that lets you enjoy the inside as well as outside of the car with just a single touch.

Maybach 57 S Dashboard PicturesThe seats are comfortable and stylish. The seats are upholstered in Grand Nappa leather and take proper care of your seating posture giving you complete relaxation with its lumbar dynamic support. The multicolor backrests make the seats more attractive and convenient. The seats even have the heating option if you have pain in your back or want to relax yourself. The car has a self assistance measure for the garage door opener integrated in the interior mirror housing.

The car has the 4 zone THERMOTRONIC automatic control in front and rear. The superior automatic climate control of the Maybach is a class in itself delivering effectiveness far beyond the scope of your very comfort. The provision for the automatic climate control has been given at the front and the rear portions of the cabin separately. There are separate nozzles and knobs for cooler, blower and heater and the best part here is the presence of the programmable interface for the same so that you have an easy access to the luxury and comfort. The Maybach does not disappoint you in any sense and takes it to an even more new level with the significance of your esteem at a higher status. Maybach occupants enjoy the convenience of audio, video, phone and navigation system as standard features.
Maybach 57 S Gear Knob Pictures
The Maybach is available with an electric tilting / sliding sunroof made from laminated glass and installed over the front cabin of the car. Even the instrument panel of the car has a lot to surprise you. The Cruise Control with the SPEEDTRONIC variable speed limiter, duplicate instruments displaying speed, time and outside temperature embedded in the rear roof lining, LINGUATRONIC voice – operated control system and Multi – functioning steering wheel trimmed in black leather and is raised automatically to make in and out getting easier.


Maybach 57S Exteriors and Features

Maybach 57 S Wheel & TyrePicturesTaut contours, soft curves an exciting play of light and shadow: the Maybach 57 S takes your gaze on a thrilling journey, and you will not want it to end. With skill and sensitivity the body designers have created a masterpiece – a car which, despites its dynamism, remains the epitome of stylish, refined automotive culture. One of the characteristic features which single out the vehicle from a distance is its unmistakable face. The centerpiece is the distinctly shaped radiator grille with its double louvers, crowned with the classic double M logo. This is flanked by the headlamps with their subtle yet effective vehicle – colored surround. Elegant, chrome – ringed fog lamps add a further stylish touch. Together details such as these help the Maybach 57 S to make a thrilling overall impression – in both technical and aesthetic terms.

Maybach 57 S Head Light PicturesWhen it came to developing the Maybach 57 S, the avowed aim was to offer the driver the greatest possible agility while retaining the legendary standard of comfort expected of a Maybach. The exclusive 11 - spoke, size 8.5 J x 20 – inch wheels are one of the obvious results of this approach. They are fitted with tires which are specially developed for Maybach 57 S, the low profile and special tread ensuring an excellent grip and a precise, direct steering sensation, making tight and fast corners a joy.

Adding to the class of the car are some more features like electrically folding exterior mirrors, exhaust system with visible tailpipes, tinted infrared – reflecting laminated glass all around, windscreen with filter band and tinted rear window and rear side windows.


Safety and Features in Maybach 57S

The drive becomes safer in the Maybach 57s with the headlamps in dual – Xenon.  It is a new and creative technique which uses lamps of xenon gas through which main and low beam are produced. Another excellent function which is installed in lights is that it brightens up the road by 90% as it uses dual xenon for its speed, steering’s angle and the rate of turn. To cooperate with any speedy moves the superb range of its headlamp adjusts to changes automatically.

The another peculiar feature of this automobile is the PARKTRONIC system in which ultrasonic waves are used to know the hurdles occurring at parking speed by alarming the driver of his position and moves through lightening and audio system indicators at dashboard as well as ceiling. Maybach functions in two stages. One is situation, which includes system of initiating toggle producing airbags for driver and other people in the car. Its seat belts with pretension stabilizers and three point safety belts are initiated. For additional safety measures are also built at the seatback with airbags and upper belt sash guide.

This amazing automobile starts breathing at the touch to handles of the door by having electronic keys and eliminating the process of inserting it into the engine to get set go.

The fully functional and very sophisticated mechanism of the DISCTRONIC braking system is a delight in itself since it helps the driver facilitate braking at the very accurate and safe measure. There is a lot more than just the safety but is the rear view assistance to help feel and observe that there is very less gap in the rear moving vehicle and so it helps maintain the necessary distance for braking to take place. It prompts and alerts the driver in case there is very minor gap left between the two vehicles hence preventing the collision and damage.

The fancy and very metallic doors of the car too know how to bag impression. The massive and very heavy doors of the car do not require a massive push while closing or latching and surprisingly are easy on opening too.

Tyre pressure monitoring helps enhance ride safety by warning the driver if the pressure in any of the tyre falls. The system measures the tyre pressure at all the four wheels at short intervals and indicates in the display if the pressure no longer corresponds to a preset value.

The Maybach 57 S features a crash optimized passenger cell, which can absorb a tremendous amount of kinetic energy, increasing the protection potential for the occupants. The body set standards in terms of strength, joining technology and the quality of the material used. Furthermore, cutting – edge sensors enable the Maybach to identify the type and severity of the impact. These include a rollover sensor and a front passenger weight (Occupant Classification) sensor integrated in the seat cushion. Two satellite sensors at the front of the vehicle allow the severity of the accident to be detected at an earlier stage. The outer windows are made from laminated safety glass with a reflective coating, which noticeably reduces the build – up of heat inside the vehicle.

The anti theft alarm system including infrared interior monitoring system enhances the safety of the car. Electronic immobilizer including ELCODE locking system with infrared radio remote control and visual locking verification signal, recognized by AZT (Allianz Technology Center) and TUV (German technical inspection authorities), rain sensor for windscreen wiper and TIREFIT with electronic compressor are some of its Exterior Safety Features. 


Maybach 57S Driving and Handling

Maybach 57 S Steering Wheel PicturesInstead of traditional mechanical brake system, Maybach 57S comes equipped with an electrohydraulic system known as SENSOTRONIC Brake Control (SBC) which features two central control units. The greatest advantage of the system is that it controls the brake pressure for each of the wheel and let them work more effectively as compared to the older one. From this it can be judged that the car is provided with such a braking system that automatically controls the drive and you just don’t need to worry about it anymore. Sensotronic brake control is very much supportive and gives an excellent and safe drive with the adjoining of certain features like the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) and ABS / BAS, which recognize the unbalancing conditions prevailing and automatically works to stabilize the vehicle. And SBC also helps to make brakes work more effectively without any interruption.


Maybach 57S Accessories

Blessed people on earth who own their Maybach have privilege to access its various standardized functions like navigation system, video, phone and audio. All the services are controlled by COMAND unit at the centre of the car and other services as well. Other passengers can also enhance the quality of their entertainment by operating its audio video system through remote. It has one more attractive feature which takes care of safety also, as driver can operate all this system at his or her voice command without leaving the steering wheel. All of its multimedia equipments and other products are networked with super tech system which has high speed and is a piece of art. All maybachs come with subscription of SIRIUSA Satellite Radio for the lifetime. Its various functions like CD changer, DVD player, auxiliary input devices and remote control are made with highly intelligent mind so that the entertainment can be long lasting without any disturbances and inconvenience.

Fully integrated into the COMAND system of the vehicle, the rear Bluetooth system incorporates your mobile telephone seamlessly. Form and function unite in the placement and design of the self – contained Bluetooth Display (in place of rear armrest ashtray). The interface controller allows SMS text message display, pairing memory for up to 10 devices and audio facilitating using microphone array and stereo loudspeakers. 2 Champagne flutes are included as standard on all Maybach models.


Maybach 57S Conclusion

Maybach 57 S is designed to deliver a dynamic driving experience which is unrivalled in the premium car – category. It is the consummate driving experience. In a car which is both dynamic and perfectly at ease with the big occasion. Just like its owner.

Maybach 57 S Variants

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*AIRMATIC Dual Control *Panorama Glass roof *Solar module *Bi-xenon Active Light *BOSE® Sound system

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