Mercedes Benz C Class

Rs. 32,71,880 to Rs. 92,72,410 (ex showroom delhi)

Mercedes Benz C Class Review

Mercedes-Benz Launches Facelift C-Class Sedan

September 20, 2018: German car maker has launched the updated version of its C-Class in the Indian car market with the starting price of Rs. 40 lakh (ex-showroom price) India. The facelift C-Class is launched in three trims christened as C 220 d Prime, C 220 d Progressive, and C 300 d AMG Line. In its new avatar the C-Class undergoes vast cosmetic updates on both the exterior and interior fronts. Mechanically it is powered with 2.0 litre, 4 cylinder diesel engine that is developed to generate two types of power tunes, one 194 bhp and the torque of 400Nm, for C220 d Prime and C220d Progressive and 245 bhp and 500Nm for C 300d AMG Line. The transmission duties are performed by nine speed torque convertor automatic transmission system.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe To Be Offered With Different Engines

June 21, 2018: German car maker Mercedes-Benz is going to launch entire range of upgraded C-Class Coupe in the Indian car market between the end of this year and the beginning of next year. According to the reports the 2018 C-Class Coupe will be offered with different engine options namely C300, AMG C 43 and AMG C63.

Mercedes Benz C63 S AMG launched with price tag of Rs. 1.30 crore in India

September 3, 2015: Mercedes Benz has launched the AMG version of its C Class sedan in Indian car market with price tag of Rs. 1.30 crore (ex-showroom price in Mumbai). Empowered with 4.0 litre twin turbo V8 engine that boosts the power of 510 bhp and is mated with seven speed AMG SPEEDSHIFT transmission system. The sedan is capable for crossing the mark of 100 kmph in four seconds whith dynamic speed of 250 kmph. It is AMG version of C class sedan with most of the features that are specifically designed for AMG vehicles.

2015 Mercedes Benz C Class to launch on November 25, 2014

November 4, 2014: It is reported that German car maker Mercedes Benz is going to launch the facelift version of its sedan C Class in Indian car market on November 25, 2014. The new C Class would be blessed with various contemporary features and is already on sale in European and US car market. In the beginning facelift C Class would be launched only in petrol variant which would be empowered with 2.0 litre four cylinder engine after which in coming months its diesel variant would be launched which will sport 2.2 litre diesel engine.

Price of next generation Mercedes Benz C Class to begin from $ 38,400 (INR 23.61)

August 7, 2014: The next generation Mercedes Benz C Class would be launched in August 25, 2015 but the German car maker has revealed the price of the new Mercedes Benz C Class. The new C Class would be launched in two variants C300 and C400. The price of C3 will start from $ 38,400 (INR 23.61) while the price of C400 would begin from $48,590 (INR 29.88 lakh). The new C Class would be offered with wide range of various remarkable features.

Mercedes Benz C Class PhotosMercedes Benz C Class Review by Expert

The simply stunning Mercedes Benz C Class dignifies style and fascination like no other with some marvelous set of features and awes that are truly respectable of the way of the Mercedes. The elegant sedan is symbol of serenity coupled together with the roots of its predecessors and the masculinity of the AMG technology that takes to a whole new level of definition in terms of not just the power but the build that is extremely contemporary yet unique in its design and nature.

The charisma of this excellently planned sedan comes redefined with the C 63 AMG Technology and benchmark compiled and incorporated into the 6.3 l V8 Engine with the much known and famous AMG SPEEDSHIFT phenomenon that delivers seven speed unmatched sports transmission that is smooth and fancy.

Every other thing used in the making of the Mercedes Benz C Class including the sports suspension that is a class apart and very differentiated from any other car makes this Merc sound and speed up like no other. Not to forget what goes around comes around, the super speed sensitive and sports steering control of the sedan is simply out of this world. Every single beauty in its interiors or the exteriors, the Merc not just earns appreciation but actually owns it. The dynamic headlamps, the matchless curves in in the body cover add to the making of this very own extravaganza, there is much for the superior imposing grille and the outstanding alloys with the discs in red look amazing. The exteriors of the Mercedes Benz C Class look brilliant and have sharper aerodynamics too with excellent piece of craftsmanship as can be expected Mercedes Benz C Class Photosfrom any Merc variant. The LEDs in the lights together with the outstanding side skirts add to the beauty of the car.

The story further continues to the interiors as well, where the reign of superior leather and enchanting instruments catch the eyes and the minds altogether. The adrenaline rush can be felt right through the very touch of the excellent. The safety aspects, entertainment, driving and handling accessibilities and the beautiful interiors and exteriors make the Mercedes Benz C Class a complete package and out of the world phenomenon for those who love to ride the corporate style.


Mercedes Benz C Class Mileage and Fuel Efficiency

Variant Mileage (City) Mileage (Highway)
Mercedes Benz C Class C 200 CGI Elegance 5.0 Kmpl 9.0 Kmpl
Mercedes Benz C Class C 200 CGI Avantgarde 5.0 Kmpl 9.0 Kmpl
Mercedes Benz C Class 63 AMG 4.5 Kmpl 7.0 Kmpl
Mercedes Benz C Class C 220 CDI Executive 6.0 Kmpl 10.0 Kmpl
Mercedes Benz C Class C 250 CDI Elegance 6.0 Kmpl 10.0 Kmpl
Mercedes Benz C Class C 250 CDI Avantgarde 6.0 Kmpl 10.0 Kmpl

The Mercedes Benz C Class is truly something not made up to impress with the mileage and fuel efficiency figures at all. They might seem less and completely out of the place here but then, Merc is not known for mileage concerned aspects or people who have a diverse desire for reaching out to good efficiency figures in term of mileage at all. The petrol variants of the Merc deliver around 5.0 Kmpl in the city and knack about a 9.0 Kmpl on the highways. The diesel variants slightly differ in the aspect with a 7.0 Kmpl in the city and a 10.0 Kmpl on the highways. The AMG variant specifically differs however, with a 4.5 Kmpl in the city and 7.0 Kmpl on the highways due to the magnificent power of the AMG engine together with sports automatic transmission details of which have been discussed in the Engine section.


Mercedes Benz C Class Models and Features

Variants Features
Mercedes Benz C Class C 200 CGI Elegance With a petrol run initial variant of the Merc, it possesses exquisite features like multi- function steering wheel that enables outstanding accessibility, interiors have superior ARTICO leather upholstery, fabulous wooden trims, excellent entertainment system with media interface and 6 CD changer.
Mercedes Benz C Class C 200 CGI Avantgarde Yet again the petrol run variant with most of the features common with the Elegance except for certain styles like the aluminum trims in place of the wooden, panoramic sunroof and the beautiful LM twin spoke design in 17 inches, truly a class apart is the headlamp cleansing equipment.
Mercedes Benz C Class 63 AMG Common with all above features but with the knack of the massively powerful AMG sports suspension and the dynamically sensitive sports steering wheel.
Mercedes Benz C Class C 220 CDI Executive The diesel run variant matchless and magnificent with aluminum trims, accessibility features like the attention assist, electric sunroof, agility control. The safety is redefined with 6 airbags to provide optimized levels of safety in mishaps and the cruise control is exceptional too.
Mercedes Benz C Class C 250 CDI Elegance Shares exceptional features with the Elegance petrol variant with almost everything as common except for the diesel accomplice in the engine.
Mercedes Benz C Class C 250 CDI Avantgarde The variant too has everything common with the impeccable Avantgarde petrol variant and shares the same level of quality and features except for the diesel accomplice in the engine variant.

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Mercedes Benz C Class Engine, Power and Performance

The power packed package of the Mercedes Benz C Class comes in three types of engines with respect to its various variants in Petrol and Diesel.

Engine Type Max Power Max Torque (Nm/ rpm) Transmission
1.8 l, 4 cylinder In-line Engine (Petrol CGI) 186 Hp/ 5600 rpm 285/ 2400- 4000  7 Speed Automatic
6.2 l, naturally aspirated V8 Engine (Petrol 63 AMG) 457 Ps/ 6800 rpm 600/ 5000 7 Speed AMG SPEEDSHIFT Automatic
2.2 l, 4 cylinder In-line Engine (Diesel CDI) 170 Hp/ 3000- 4200 rpm 400/ 1400- 2800 5 Speed Automatic

Mercedes Benz C Class 1.8 l CGI Petrol Engine

The Mercedes Benz C Class 1.8 l petrol engine is well equipped of 4 cylinders In-line with a tremendous displacement of around 1796 cc and is capable of churning out a bashing power of around 186 Hp at 5600 rpm which is unbeatable and matchless in terms of strength and response. Moreover, it generates a torque that will take your breath away, a stunning 285 Nm at 2400- 4000 rpm which is massive. Coupled with the supreme 7 speed automatic transmission, it lets you take off the roads.


Mercedes Benz C Class 6.2 l, AMG V8 Petrol Engine

The super powerful and the lord of them all, the 63 AMG petrol engine is well equipped of the naturally aspirated V8 technology with the outstanding displacement and mind boggling figure of 6208 cc equipped off 7 speed tronic SPEEDSHIFT automatic transmission. The engine generated a power like no other standing at the peak of about 457 Ps at 6800 rpm and a frenzy torque of around 600 Nm at 5000 rpm that will race the shunt out of you.


Mercedes Benz C Class 2.2 l, CDI Diesel Engine

The equally impeccable and marvelous is the diesel engine of the Mercedes Benz C Class with brilliant performance and speculations. The 4 cylinder In-line engine is capable of boasting a power of about 170 Hp at 3000- 4200 rpm and a torque that is something at a niche in the diesel technology with an amazing 400 Nm at 1400- 2800 rpm. There is a terrific 5 speed automatic transmission well inclined on towards the powerful engine. The displacement offered by the 2.2 l CDI is around 2143 cc which is very impressive and highly efficient.


Mercedes Benz C Class Pickup and Acceleration

Engine Variant Acceleration (0- 100 Kmph) Top Speed (Kmph)
1.8 l, 4 cylinder In-line Engine (Petrol CGI) 8.6 Seconds 220
6.2 l, naturally aspirated V8 Engine (Petrol 63 AMG) 7.5 Seconds 250
2.2 l, 4 cylinder In-line Engine (Diesel CDI) 9.3 Seconds 228

Mercedes Benz C Class Tachometer PhotosThe 1.8 l, 4 cylinder CGI Petrol engine of the Mercedes Benz C Class delivers superb acceleration rate reaching from 0- 100 Kmph within 8.6 seconds and attains a brilliant top speed of about 220 Kmph with the blink of an eye, terrific in performance, the CGI petrol is equally met by the 2.2 l, 4 cylinder CDI Diesel engine that spares no more than 9.3 seconds to grab a 100 on the meters and grips on to a massive speed of about 228 Kmph. The 6.2 l naturally aspirated engine of the 63 AMG with the V8 technology is lord of them all with an acceleration of about 7.5 seconds in reaching a 100 mark and the top speed attained is blazing fast being 250 Kmph. All the variants of the Mercedes Benz Class are truly exceptional in terms of specs and figures that make it truly unbeatable in the segment.


Mercedes Benz C Class Interiors and Features

Mercedes Benz C Class Front Seats PhotosThe never seen before interiors of the Mercedes Benz C Class are yet another example of how sophisticated the engineering and designing could be when it comes to creating a Merc. The superior quality of leather known as in ARTICO, the man made leather in the black forms the upholstery inside the beautiful chamber and décor. There is plenty and ample and perhaps adorable space inside providing comfort like no other. A legspace, headroom and shoulder room like nothing else will profound the interiors of this enchanting beauty.

The fascinating black stitched to leather dash seems worth and very worthy of all the appreciation it could get. The sporty and very trendy super responsive, speed sensitive steering of the Mercedes Benz C Class grabs attention at the very sight. The Merc insignia is placed beautifully a t the same. The instrument panel has a number of crucial entertainment features like the media interface, 6 CD changer and the unique illuminations altogether making it a world apart. The stainless steel, wooden and aluminum trims on the door sides and little minute corners add fantastic appearance and shining to the interiors.

Mercedes Benz C Class Dashboard PhotosThe instrument cluster with the RACETIMER has scintillating illumination and gives the startup time of the AMG engine which is very crucial aspect here. Race start function and the rotary switch of transmission modes right at the extent and stretch of the accessibility of the driver makes it very convenient and luxurious in driving and handling. The sports pedal and what not for other attractions together with the vast glove box and luxurious storage compartments. The smooth straight head rests and the back rests with curves add to the comfort and the luxury of the passengers at every instant of the ride through this wonderful saloon.


Mercedes Benz C Class Exteriors and Features

Mercedes Benz C Class Wheel and Tyre PhotosThe scintillating and stunning Mercedes Benz C Class has been designed to give an all new definition to marvels. The sedan has been excelled and perfected into an epitome of style and sophistication with a body like royalty and a shape that is elegant and sporty at the same time. A rough and tough combo of strength and sensuality can be seen in the all new Mercedes Benz C Class. This wonderful and amazingly beautiful saloon has been well wrapped into a strong mass with engraved LED headlamps in the front that are sure to make your heart skip a beat into the very reflection from the front. The front fascia has been well carved out to form out distinct body lines together with an apron like sill and slope through the bonnet. The massive radiator grille embossed into the chrome and silver linings together with the bulky and sensuous Merc logo speaks for itself all the time. The day time light saving lights are superb and the same can be found at the rear side of the car with LED all the way and the flare wings across the sides of the saloon.

Mercedes Benz C Class Headlight PhotosThe fascinating black 5 twin spoke alloys with red embossing on the discs makes me speechless this particular instant. It has sheer got looks to die for. The finishing seen on the side skirts is rigid and fascinating at the same time providing strength and mass but equally sportiness to the overall design. The front power dromes are yet another sight worth the praise and the aerodynamics of the sedan are exceptional.  Every other single thing including the power exhaust system or the twin tailpipes add to the charisma of this one heck of a sedan. The unique AMG single chromed Louvre is the main emphasis that makes the Mercedes Benz C Class not the usual on the roads.


Safety Features inside Mercedes Benz C Class

Plenty and numerous safety features inside the Mercedes Benz C Class make it completely filled and suffice in terms of the passenger safety. The 6 airbags inside the cabin, the attention assist and speed limiter for the driver, the intelligent drive assist aspects and last but not the least, the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) which forms the major of the safety talk. It gives dynamic handling and assistance to the driver with a SPORT ON or OFF feature too that together with the high level of ventilated and perforated discs on all four wheels allow the Merc to be in full control over the roads and curvy turns. It gives good fade resistance and very high level of sharp braking and short distance halts.


Mercedes Benz C Class Driving and Handling

The Mercedes Benz C Class has a number of features that make the ride in this superb legacy a memorable experience all the times. The classic super responsive and the very speed sensitive sporty nappa leather wrapped steering wheel is one of them. The rotate and switch transmission module is one highly attractive feature as well. There is no doubt that the Mercedes Benz C Class displays every bit of the comfort in cruising through the streets with the amazing speed cruise control intelligent system. There is an electric sunroof at the top to add some aesthetics to the drive as well. There is excellent braking through the sporty paddle and the computer oriented driving assist together with attention assist add to the further story. Moreover there is a suspension in this marvel like no other in the segment which makes the terrains goes soft on you while you relax and suffer no fatigue.


Mercedes Benz C Class Accessories

The Mercedes Benz C Class has got a wide range of accessories to choose from inlc8uding the toned leather upholsteries and stitching. Even the nappa leather on the steering g wheel can be changed. Surround sound system to match up to brilliant acoustics through the media interface inside the cabin with extra loud and bass in woofers etc. The GPS and the LCD touch display as well are included in the accessories.


Mercedes Benz C Class Conclusion

The Mercedes Benz C Class deserves an excellent verdict from an expert’s point of view in style, luxury, comfort, driving and performance. The car is made only for distinct corporate strata in the society. It should strictly not be judged in terms of mileage since the same. It is impeccably matchless with any other in the segment. Like I said earlier, The Merc ‘owns’ style.

Mercedes Benz C Class Variants

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Mercedes Benz C Class Petrol
Price (ex showroom)
Engine Details
Special Features


Get On Road Price
1796 cc , Petrol

5.0 kmpl (City)
9.0 kmpl (Highway)

*Multi-function Steering Wheel *ARTICO Leather Upholstery *Burr walnut wood trim *Media Interface *Music system with 6 CD changer


Get On Road Price
6208 cc , Petrol

4.5 kmpl (City)
7 kmpl (Highway)

*Dark Brushed Aluminium trim *Twin spoke Light Alloy Wheels *AMG Sports Suspension *Speed Sensitive Sports Steering *Nappa Leather Steering wheel *Race Start Function
Mercedes Benz C Class Diesel
Price (ex showroom)
Engine Details
Special Features


Get On Road Price
2143 cc , Diesel

6.0 kmpl (City)
10.0 kmpl (Highway)

*Attention Assist *Electric sunroof *Agility Control *6 Airbags (Front, Side & Curtain) *Cruise Control


Get On Road Price
2143 cc , Diesel

6.0 kmpl (City)
10.0 kmpl (Highway)

*Multi-function Steering Wheel *ARTICO Leather Upholstery *Burr walnut wood trim *Media Interface *Music system with 6 CD changer

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