Mercedes Benz CLS Class

Rs. 79,90,000 to Rs. 79,90,000 (ex showroom delhi)

Mercedes Benz CLS Class Review

Next generation Mercedes Benz CLS 350 launched

July 2, 2014: German car maker Mercedes Benz has launched the all new generation ClS 350 in Indian car market with starting price of Rs. 89,90,000 (ex-showroom price in New Delhi). The luxurious sedan is empowered with 3498cc, powerful petrol V6 engine coated with 7G Tronic Plus transmission system developing the torque of 370Nm. It can attain the speed from standstill to 100 km/h in span of 6.1 seconds and top speed of 250 km/h.

Mercedes Benz CLS Class Pictures

Facelift Mercedes Benz CLS class to be unveiled during 2014 Goodwood Festival of Speed

May 16, 2014: It is reported that German car maker Mercedes Benz will showcase the facelift of coupe CLS during the upcoming Goodwood Festival of Speed 2014 to be held during the last week of June. It is reported that the coupe will not receive any major updates except new front grille, Active Multibeam ILS LED system on the exteriors followed new steering wheel and free standing screen on the central console in the interiors.

Expert Review

The German legacy continues to grow in the country as Mercedes Benz paves the way for some of its most exquisite in the Indian market. One of the most renowned and perhaps the most talked about out of all, the Mercedes CLS Class is an excellence redefined. The super executive class sedan magnifies luxury and glory in every possible manner. The CLS based on the blue efficiency technology derives style and extravagance in the face lifted version of the car that has gained a real supremacy in the market. The sedan is extraordinarily magnificent in looks and when it comes to style, the CLS aces every automobile in locomotion.

The Mercedes Benz CLS Class is available in three different variants with remarkable features and superb comfort. Two petrol and one diesel choice with this Merc makes it a total desire. The sensuous styling of the exteriors combined and compelled to put forth the only best, results in a hybrid amalgam of simply the outstanding and no less than the perfect. Everything that varies right from the style including the fascinating headlamps, the LED lights, sharp interiors and not to forget the super powerful and extraordinary engine redefined with the brilliance of the German technology gives what it takes to be a Merc.

Mercedes Benz CLS Class PicturesThe Mercedes CLS Class is priced at a modest equivalence price range of around 77, 15,000- 1, 26, 00,000 INR. The Coupe associated with the AMG hi- tech engine platform is titled as the Super car. Notable GPS, Intelligent drive, brake and park assist, Command APS, voice recognition and control, on- board programmable computer and microprocessors provide the best of technology in the Mercedes CLS Class. The Unique Keyless go feature, parktronic system, aluminum flywheel and a structure that has been made to love the air glides as smooth on the road and works completely your way, providing the best of comfort and luxury at all times.

The Pickup and acceleration keeps quite modest yet outstanding statistics up to your and perhaps beyond just expectations. The pre requisites of excellence come embedded and inherited in the genome of the Mercedes Benz CLS class. The serene elegance of the CLS is very tempting and comes with the dialog of being too much than just an epilogue of modernity.


Mercedes Benz CLS Class Mileage and Fuel Efficiency

Engine Variant Mileage (City) Mileage (Highway)
3.0 l Diesel CDi 6.6 Kmpl 10.2 Kmpl
3.5 l Petrol CGi 6.3 Kmpl 9.9 Kmpl
5.5 l Petrol AMG 5.3 Kmpl 9.0 Kmp

The Mercedes CLS Class has been built with all the fertility to its name when it comes to talking about the mileage and performance. The 3.0 l Diesel CDi Engine delivers the best of all with around 6.6 Kmpl of mileage in the city and round about 10.2 Kmpl on the highways. The secondary in line up are the two petrol engine variants. The 3.5 l Petrol CGi delivers a mileage of about 6.3 Kmpl in the city and about 9.9 Kmpl on the highways. On the other hand the super power 5.5 l Petrol AMG’s racing DNA gives around 5.3 Kmpl in the city and about 9.0 Kmpl on the highways. The magnetic Merc is not only best at looks and luxury but quite modest at the mileage and efficiency statistics, however not that much for the compensation; but it still lives up to the excellence that is recalled by the price.


Mercedes Benz CLS Class Models and Features

Variants Special Features
Mercedes CLS 350 CDi Rear seat entertainment system with LCD display, leather, wooden and chrome finish, full leather upholstery and trim package, three spoke multifunctional sports steering with nappa leather, ambient lighting and illumination at the corners of the interiors, easy pack boot box, rear electrically operated roller blind, LED integrated headlamps, electrically operated sliding sun roof, Thermotronic automatic climate control, climatised seats, keyless go package, Command APS GPS with color display, Parktronic park assist system, voice recognition and control module, rain sensors, analogue clock, headlamp assist, direct select transmission lever with paddle just at the steering, blue efficiency platform, etc.
Mercedes CLS 350 CGi All special features similar as in the CLS 350 CDi variant except for varying engine specifications with the CGi being a petrol accomplice rather than the diesel facility in the former variant.
Mercedes CLS 63 AMG All features similar to the CLS 350 CGi and CDi variants except for differing engine specifications in the 63 AMG, being greater in displacement values and with more power and torque as discussed in the Pickup and acceleration section of the article. Apart from all these, the 63 AMG includes the conventional sports package as default.

Mercedes Benz CLS Class PicturesThe extraordinarily magnificent and sheer elegant in its very own, the Mercedes Benz CLS Class offers a wide and premium range of extravagant features that are a delight at the very first glance. The Merc looks perfect with the bi- xenon headlamps with integrated LED lights that not only prove a boon to the beauty but are equally effective for proper enhanced visibility assistance. The sheer epilogue of the leather and only the finest upholstery and trims governs the inner world of this timeless beauty. The pretty talked about features include the rear seat infotainment system, corner interior illumination, Command APS GPS system, sun roof, telecom modules and what not. Name it and it has to be there adorning the pride of this coupe. The beautiful epitome of luxury and comfort, the CLS offers premium upgrade packages that include the both sport and executive style. All these and a few other features have been discussed in detail in the sections below.


Mercedes Benz CLS Class Engine, Power and Performance

The Mercedes CLS Class comes up with three different engine configurations, two out of these being the petrol versions and the remaining one being a diesel accomplice. The details of the engines are as follows,

3.0L Diesel Engine

Mercedes Benz CLS Class Engine PicturesThe powerful and super responsive 3.0 l diesel powerhouse of the Mercedes Benz CLS is astonishing with the magnificence it reaches in the scale of performance yet with a noiseless effort that it puts in. The quiet and clam yet tremendously powerful engine gives a performance unbeatable. The Diesel accomplice plays a stud with the blue efficiency technology platform well integrated with the V6 mechanism of the Merc. A full load of concentration and emphasis has been put on to the efficiency of the esteemed engine. Enabled with an optimized turbocharger to deliver the best of power, the engine is associated with 6 cylinders in line and a displacement value of around 2987 cc with an automatic transmission. The power produced varies around 150 Kw and the torque is apt with a 540 Nm. Extreme, extremely brilliant, the engine rules and roars.


3.5L Petrol Engine

The V6 Blue DIRECT mechanism that works on the principle similar to the one used in the diesel accomplices. With lower emissions and higher performance statistics, the engine deals with outstanding capability of generating a power of about 200 Kw and a torque not less than a 350 Nm. The V6 mechanism associated with 6 cylinders in- line and a displacement value of 3498 cc. The Engine has piezo injectors that work and operate through spray guided combustion and associated high pressure injection together with the alternato management. The air intake and exhaust system has been refined to deliver the optimized performance.


5.5L Petrol AMG Engine

The last but not the least and perhaps the best of all in power and performance, the 5.5L AMG racing DNA engine with the V8 Turbo mechanism delivers some top notch sophistication and configuration that is truly matchless and extraordinarily brilliant. Boosted turbochargers offer supremacy and redefined power reaching about 410 Kw quite easily and the torque comes stable at a 800 Nm. The dynamism of the engine is what takes it to an all new level with improved and unbeatable play. Being an engine with larger aspiration and an integrated refinement for greater acceleration makes it an unbeatable racer. The AMG Racing genome comes with negligible noise but with adorable performance integration.

All engines of the Mercedes Benz CLS Class come along with the automatic transmission compatibility. All the engines are a winner with the performance oriented integration and looks back to the elegance and fame of the Mercedes with so many unbeatable titles.


Mercedes Benz CLS Class Pickup and Acceleration

Engine Variant Max Power (Kw/ rpm) Max Torque (Nm/ rpm) Pickup (0- 100 kmph) Top Speed
3.0 l Diesel CDi V6 165/ 3500 540/ 1600- 2400 6 seconds 250 Km/ h
3.5 l Petrol CGi V6 200/ 6000 350/ 2400- 5500 7 seconds  250 Km/ h
5.5 l Petrol AMG V8 378/ 6800 630/ 5200 4.5 seconds 250 Km/

Mercedes Benz CLS Class Techometer PicturesThe 3.0L Diesel CDi V6 engine churns out a sheer power of about 165 Kw at 3500 rpm and attains a torque of around 540 Nm at 2400 rpm, covering 0- 100 within 6 seconds and reaches a top speed of about 250 Km/ h quite easily. The engine has displacement of about 2987 cc. On the other hand, the 3.5 l Petrol CGi V6 engine delivers a max. power of about 200 Kw at 6000 rpm and attains a torque of about 350 Nm at 2400-5500 rpm, covering a span of 0- 100 Km/ h within speedy 7 seconds reaching a top speed of about 250 Km/h like a lightening flash. The displacement value of this engine is 3498 cc. The last and perhaps the winner is the 5.5 l Petrol AMG V8 with a max. power of about 378 Kw at 6800 rpm and a torque ranging around 630 Nm at 5200 rpm, covering 0- 100 within 4.5 seconds which is blazing as a flash of thunder. The top speed of the AMG is 250 Km/ h and the displacement is 6208 cc. Clearly the AMG is the ruler with its super natural statistics and configuration.


Mercedes Benz CLS Class Interiors and Features

Mercedes Benz CLS Class Interior PicturesA vibrant world of sweet atrocities made to you in the name of sheer luxury gives ultimate delight and pleasure once you step down to the familiar amazon of remarkable couture. The grand supremacy makes an unreal offering to the mere puppets of sport and style. The Mercedes Benz CLS Class is life king size with an all new definition. The eminent glory of this high end sedan takes toll with the real ambience that it offers with the supreme and elegant leather upholstery of the cabin. The shining and sleek finish of the leather, chrome and wood integrated in the console and front panel looks esteemed and sensuous as anything.

The three spoke sport steering wheel with the 7 gear TRONIC PLUS gear paddle shift control integrated together offer the outstanding comfort and looks massively trendy along with the magnificent finish and shine. The blue illumination at the corners of the devices looks as if something sewed along with it. The blue illumination is depictive of ultra-magnitude a load of almost the beauty of the galaxy. The instrument cluster and the dials are not just perhaps worth the visibility but in case you are felt by a strong obsession of being loved, you are likely to fall for it even more. The instrument panel does not just host beauty and the sensuousness but calculates masculinity at a different level with strength and sheer boldness that it has with the weight and built.

Mercedes Benz CLS Class Rear Seats PicturesThe vogue of more such examples continues with the unique multimedia systems of the car fell placed just at the front console panel along the instrument panel. The COMMAND APS is the GPS used by the Mercedes CLS Class with a touchscreen display of near about 17 cm with HVGA configuration offering you a high resolution display. The GPS has been well integrated with the on-board computer hard disc and summons the commands at your will in terms of storing your own hot spots. The story does not end here but takes to a different level with the stylish LINGUATRONIC voice integration module that takes control over anything that ranges from the ignition to the cruise control. The Infotainment does switching to the speed sensitive volume controllable MUSIC REGISTER integrated with a 6 GB hard disc for storage. The DVD player that is linked to the rear seat LCD screens with AUX in, Bluetooth, MMC support and what not.  The six DVD changer stereo system is well equipped with Harmon Kardon Logic 7 surround sound system that delivers outstanding plugging of the acoustics throughout the coupe.

Mercedes Benz CLS Class Driver Side Door Control  PicturesThe high large and extra broad seats with plush leather comfort upholstery provide the largest space for you to relax and feel at home. The spacious and ample cabin together with the usual adjustments at the head rests, shoulder rests and the back straightener plush makes it easier no matter how long the haul is. The legroom is phenomenal and the comfort is super natural in the new Merc CLS Class. The multicolor and dual tone shades of the interior graphics are not just comfortable but also very much pleasing to the eyes. The gear knob, hand brake, accessory outlets, ash tray, bottle and can holders all position the accurate place with wooden and chrome finish that looks remarkably excellent and is super persistent to the eyes. The rear passenger seats with the central comfort panel that includes bottle and can holder together with an ash tray and another accessory power source again becomes a luxurious deal in the Mercedes CLS Class. The transmission unit is phenomenal in the AMG specially offering a sport scene of gears well in illumination and automation being super responsive and outstandingly beautiful with the polish very shining and soothing sleek corners. Moreover the AC vents along with the analogue clock that sits at the front panel is a charm every sight.

The Interiors are a real marvel to craftsmanship and the eminent glory of the Merc is seen through the edges of the CLS that takes it to an all new level every knack to knack.


Mercedes Benz CLS Class Exteriors and Features

Mercedes Benz CLS Class Head Lights PicturesThe Mercedes CLS Class is not just very pleasing from the inside but even more outlined in character from the outside. The bi Xenon smart headlamps integrated with the LED lights are magnificent and the beauty cannot be resisted, the more you glance with the cornering eyes, the Merc tends to attract you like a magnet. The Merc has a front fascia like no other or else like the one that can never be in existence ever. The smiling front grille rather a deep detailed outline of platinum that carves out the best of style to the front fascia with the company logo remarks prestige every sight. The breath taking shimmers of sensuous fog lamp integrated bumpers and the boldness of the bonnet scoop leave behind the width and broad perspectives of elegance and outreach invincibility.

The broad gigantic alloys of the Merc with shiny platinum rims are actually a sight too hard to resist. The more that is said seems lesser in the all new Mercedes CLS and specially the AMG that is grilled at the sides to in-take air rather take your heart beats away for a while. The Merc is no less than a clone of perfection.

Mercedes Benz CLS Class Tyre and Wheel PicturesThe rear of the coupe is extravagant and total dynamism with the integrated and well placed sporty spoiler that gives the Merc an even more sophisticated sport package detailing. The rear tail lamps are just the same as the front complementing each other and taking the beauty hand in hand. The premium legacy of the Mercedes CLS Class comes to life with the electric sliding sun roof and the roof lines that are well embedded into the pudding of the Metallica of the body. The Merc CLS has only one word to describe its exteriors and that is ‘awesome’. 


Safety Features in Mercedes Benz CLS Class

Mercedes Benz CLS Class Courtsey Lamps PictureThe Mercedes Benz CLS Class takes well the care of its passengers with world class and the most top notch features of our times. The Merc has got in it everything that makes you feel secure all the way. The safety features of the Merc CLS include the all sides driver, passenger and curtain airbags, the driver seat height adjusting mechanism, the tilt and telescopic steering column, headlamp leveling and assistance device, speed limiter, parktronic park assist, brake assist, RACETIMER, under seat pretensioners, pressure measuring, remote keyless entry, central locking with burglar alarm and the best of all, the automatic cruise control and voice controllable cruise control mechanism with auto pilot functionality. Apart from these, some other auxiliary features of the coupe that can be counted under safety include the LED lights integrated along with the bi- xenon headlamps that help in visibility and assistance, also the full dual layered metal capsule body of the coupe is impressive in terms of strength and boldness. The classy defogger and the strong bumpers of the CLS further improvise on the safety and security of its passengers. The usual safety features include the ABS with EBD as well.


Mercedes Benz CLS Class Driving and Handling

spacer0Mercedes Benz CLS Class Steering Wheel PicturesThe Mercedes CLS Class has a uniformly strong and responsive electric power steering that is quick and light as a feather. The 7 gear TRONIC PLUS has a shift paddle gear changer well integrated along the steering wheel that makes it easier to shift through transmissions right at the steer. The THERMOTRONIC automatic climate control and outside weather updater provides excellent and ambient atmosphere inside the cabin. The parktronic park assist helps you park the car in the right manner. The LED lights integrated in the headlamps offer headlamp assistance. The brake assist, transmission assist and speed limiter together with the LINGUATRONIC voice recognition controller and module provide the best of driving comfort. The excellent seats with plush back support and ample space deliver optimal luxury and comfort. The auxiliary bucket in the boot is even more comfortable for storage on longer hauls. The RACETIMER cruise control with DISCTRONIC PLUS platform and the super smooth and firm suspensions with the sport and speed sensitive front and rear thematic provide the best of grip onto the road and the flywheel of the Merc make it glide easily and leisurely on the surface. The Ceramic composite brake system is yet again outstanding in terms of driving and handling. The simple night view rear and front camera LCD display makes way for the drive at the times of negligible visibility.

The Mercedes CLS is dynamism redefined in driving and handling and speaks of remarkable grandeur every sight.


Mercedes CLS Class Accessories

spacer0Mercedes Benz CLS Class Stereo PicturesThe integrated audio and stereo system with the touch integrated panel along with the associated 6 GB hard disc for storage and the 6 DVD changer along with the rear seat LCD screens provide the best of infotainment with higher resolution and the color display. The Infotainment does switching to the speed sensitive volume controllable MUSIC REGISTER integrated with a 6 GB hard disc for storage. The DVD player that is linked to the rear seat LCD screens with AUX in, Bluetooth, MMC support and what not.  The six DVD changer stereo system is well equipped with Harmon Kardon Logic 7 surround sound system that delivers outstanding plugging of the acoustics throughout the coupe. The COMMAND APS GPS system with HVGA display screen and panel is further an accessory worth the complement. The AMG sport, premium and executive package is further configurable from the company stock.


Mercedes Benz CLS Class Conclusion

For the years to come and the times to change, the Merc will be Merc, and a perfect example is the Mercedes CLS Class.

Mercedes Benz CLS Class Variants

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Mercedes Benz CLS Class Petrol
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3498 cc , Petrol

6.3 kmpl (City)
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*Acceleration Skid Control *Cruise control with Speedtronic *6 Airbags (Front, Side & Curtain) *Electronic Stability Control

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