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Mercedes Benz G Class Review

Mercedes  Benz G Class to under-go major changes

May 13, 2014: Finally after the 35 years of successful existence Mercedes Benz G Class is going to get a new look which will make its debut among International audiences sometimes in 2017. The new changes would be offered in both physical and technical features which will further enhance the looks and performance of the new Mercedes Benz G Class.


Mercedes Benz G Class Review by Expert

Mercedes Benz gave India its first taste of luxury, the German marquee’s offering Mercedes Benz G Class SUV is no less than the best luxurious product from its manufacturer. The SUV comes with the hardcore German artillery and niche designing that Mercedes Benz is known for in the world. The soul and designing of G Class is as old as 1979 when it was known as Geländewagen (meaning cross-country vehicle). Mercedes Benz G Class uses body on frame chassis that gives it rugged potency against competition and the body styling is marked with the boxy styling, a little off beat of a combination. Mercedes has made use of three differentials when it comes to the G63 AMG and the SUV falls into amongst the rare few vehicles category to be bejeweled with such a feature. 
The sturdiness of the Mercedes Benz G63 AMG is evident with the fact that this SUV was brought into being for military purposes and over the 33 years of life G63 has seen the changes being brought into the vehicle has been bare minimum. The passenger version of Mercedes Benz G63 was introduced later and the SUV made it to Indian market much later. With a cost of millions G63 AMG is definitely a Merc that has its own niche and buyers class. Mercedes Benz G Class was introduced in the year 2012 only with the name of ‘Mercedes Benz G55 AMG’ and the German Titian wasted no time and has brought in a more loaded and powerful version of the SUV dubbed as G63 AMG. The old school, nouveau, state of the art body styling has not been changed much and kind of tweaking and alterations will do injustice with the body style that is already perfect to the ‘T’. Making the new Mercedes Benz G Class looks more edgy and to date with just tad bit of altercation, Mercedes presented the SUV in the 2012 Beijing Auto Show. 
With the styling change it introduced all new twin-turbocharged 5.5-litre V8 powertrain for Mercedes Benz G Class that vrooms the car with the help of a seven-speed 7G-Tronic gearbox.  The best in the industry engine and 7G Tronic Gearbox is good to go with 549 PS power and 780 Nm of torque. The difference in the previous powertrain doing duty with the new V8 powertrain brought on board being a massive 30PS. With the increase in power generation of the 5.5L engine, the Mercedes Benz acceleration figures saw a rise too and now lay just 5.4 seconds to reach the speed of 100kmph speed from a standstill position and with a top speed figure of 210 kmph. Such efficient figures in terms of mileage are achieved all thanks to the start-stop technology incorporated in the SUV by Mercedes with the brake energy recuperation system. 
With the name change Mercedes has also brought in a host of new features in the G63 AMG that sets it apart from the previous generations like the two-slat grille that makes the SUV look more massive and brawny. Other changes in the front fascia include a deeper instilled front bumper to accommodate the larger air ducts. The redesigned LED lights along with the 20-inch alloys wheels turn the new G-Class persona to an even more aggressive and outrageous SUV. The exhaust pipes are now side mounted which ways out from the bottom of the rear doors on each side. 
The company has also offered a refreshed instrument cluster which works with the third-gen M-class; there is a color monitor and Mercedes latest Command system also in the offering. Mercedes has not stopped with the changes in the exteriors only in fact once you open the door the new renderings reveal themselves. The cabin area has luxurious seating for four people and the rear full seating is changes to bring in the two bucket seat with a console in the middle and to offer more leg room spacing Mercedes has moved the seats to offer more legroom spacing and comfort of the rear passengers. 

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5439 cc , Petrol

5.5 kmpl (City)
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*Leather Upholstery *6 Airbags (Front,Side,Curtain) *Electronic Stability Control *Cruise Control


Get On Road Price
5439 cc , Petrol

5.5 kmpl (City)
9.5 kmpl (Highway)

*5.5-litre V8 Engine *7-speed 7G-tronic gearbox

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