Mercedes Benz S Class

Rs. 93,34,100 to Rs. 1,57,00,000 (ex showroom delhi)

Mercedes Benz S Class Review

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Connoisseur’s Edition Launched in India

April 6, 2017: German car maker Mercedes-Benz has launched the Connoisseur’s Edition of S-Class sedan in Indian car market with starting price of Rs. 1.21 Crore for S350d and Rs. 1.32 Crore for S 400 trim. Mechanically both the variants are empowered with existing engine configurations, and undergo some contemporary cosmetic updates. The most noticeable feature is integration of Night View Assist Plus system that offers safe driving during the night.

Mercedes Benz launches S63 AMG in Indian car market

August 11, 2015: German luxurious car market Mercedes Benz today launched S63 AMG sedan in Indian car market with starting price of Rs. 2.53 Crore (ex-showroom price, Bengaluru). Continuing the same interiors as offered in S63 AMG Coupe the exteriors of this sedan are enriched with muscular line-up. It is empowered with 5.5 litre twin-turbo V8 engine boosting the power of 577  bhp and torque of 900 Nm.

New Mercedes Benz S Class 350 CDI launched

June 5, 2014: Mercedes Benz has launched its new luxurious sedan in S Class, the Mercedes Benz S Class 350 CDI in Indian car market with price tag of Rs. 1.07 crore (ex-showroom price in Maharashtra). The sedan is empowered with V6  3.0 litre diesel engine generating the power of 254 bhp and torque of 620 Nm and is coated with 7G Tronic Plus automatic gearbox which transits the power to rear wheels and various remarkable and safety features.

Mercedes Benz to launch S350 Diesel on June 5, 2014

May 28, 2014: It is reported that after launching S500 in Indian car market few days back German luxurious car maker Mercedes Benz is all set to launch the new S350 in Indian car market on June 5, 2014. The new S350 will be empowered with 2987 cc, V6 engine developing the power of 258 PS and torque of 620Nm and will be mated with company’s 7G TRONIC Plus auto gearbox.

Mercedez Benz S Class 2014 launched in India

January 8, 2014: German car maker has launched facelift S Class saloon sedan in Indian car market with price tag of Rs. 1.53 crore (ex-showroom price in New Delhi)  based on W222 platform,  blessed with various remarkable and awesome features. The new S Class is bestowed with various remarkable and awesome features. It is bestowed with with 4.7 litre bi-turbo V8 engine developing the power of 460 bhp and torque of 700 Nm synchronized to 7G-Tronic plus box.


New Mercedes Benz S Class to be launched on January 8, 2014

December 17, 2013: German car maker Mercedes Benz has announced that it will launch the new 2014 Mercedes Benz S Class in Indian car market on January 8, 2014. It is reported that in beginning company will launch only S500 variant in Indian car market which will be brought through CBU route. It will be packed with 4.7 litre bi-turbo V8 engine producing the power of 460 bhp and torque of 700 Nm.  The power to wheels will be transmitted through 7G Tronic plus box. Reports reveal that in beginning only 125 units of car will be released for sale.

Mercedes Benz S Class Review by Expert

The Mercedes Benz has been famous worldwide and has been made available vehicles in all ranges from light commercial to heavy ones in different classes. Mercedes Benz S Class is one of the brilliant sedans innovated ever. From the hatchbacks to the roadsters, the Mercedes Benz has all variety to satisfy its users all around the world.  The S class has been first introduced in 1972 and now is successfully running in the market with the new technologies in drive, interiors and safety.

Mercedes Benz S Class PicturesAvailable in both petrol and diesel variants with the engine capacity ranging from 3 L to 5 L it is available in India in 3 variants. 2 petrol and 1diesel variants are powered highly to increase the potential of the performance and keep up with the prestige of the company. The 2 petrol variants have been distinguished with their engine capacities which are of 3 L and 5 L respectively and the diesel one yet available in 3 L. The power exhaled by these engines is of 200 KW, 271 KW and 173 KW with the torque of 345 Nm, 505 Nm and 490 Nm respectively. The strength of the engines can be easily estimated by anyone through this data.

Well the brilliance not only lies in engine. It lies in every part of the Mercedes Benz S Class and its features. The interiors have been designed with great mind skills to showcase luxury, provide comfort and convenience, entertain occupants and keep them entirely safe from everything inside the car. Wood walnut door trim with leather upholstery is the perfect combination of elegance with which the car’s interiors are personified. Sump shield, command control display, additional AC for rear, electric sunblinds, heated seats with memory package are some of the key features in interiors.

 Mercedes Benz S Class PicturesExteriors of Mercedes Benz S Class have been adorned with electric sun roof, 7 spoke light alloy wheels, perfect paint work with glossy finishing that can attract anyone who passes by it. The tendency of not to be resisted is due to the effects it leaves on the one who watches it is commendable. The outstanding behavior provided to the Benz S – Class by its safety features let the leaders and the VIP’s of the world opt it as their choice and if they can trust it to this extent then surely the makers have really given their best to make it a complete safe zone for anyone. Airbags and fire extinguishers are from the list of the safety features installed in the car.


Mercedes Benz S Class Mileage and Fuel Efficiency

Mercedes Benz S Class PicturesThe first 2 variants of petrol of the Mercedes Benz S Class are 3498 cc 6 cylinder petrol engine and 5461 cc 8 cylinder petrol engine. Both of these engines are powerful enough to give out the maximum power of 200 KW @ 6300 rpm and 271 KW @ 6300 rpm respectively. The available torque is of 345 Nm @ 4500 rpm and 500 Nm @ 2800 – 4400 rpm. Both the petrol engines are assisted with the 7 speed automatic transmission which gives user a little freedom to drive with flexibility and variable speed and have a new experience of driving every time.  The city roads mileage of petrol engine is same for both cars being of 6.8 kmpl but a slight variation can be experienced in the mileage Mercedes Benz S class on highways which is 9.4 kmpl for 3 L engine and 9.7 kmpl for 5 L engine.

When it is about the diesel engine of Mercedes Benz S Class of 2987 cc 6 cylinder CDI diesel engine then it is sure that it can liberate the maximum power of 173 KW @ 4000 rpm and the peak torque of 490 Nm @ 1600-1800 rpm. Its combination with 7 speed automatic transmission is a great wonder which can bring a wonderful drive which has a feel of ease in it. Mileage resulted by this engine is of 9 kmpl on city streets and 13.5 kmpl when taken on highways.


Mercedes Benz S Class Models and Features

Mercedes Benz S Class Petrol Variants


Mercedes Benz S Class S 350 L

The sedan is well designed with the Blue Efficiency package and interiors are adorned with features like leather upholstery, heated seats, automatic climate control, electric sunroof, command controls, airbags, fire extinguisher and high capacity battery.

Mercedes Benz S Class S 500 L

The features are almost same as the base variant with the only difference of engine capacity which is of 500 litres.

Mercedes Benz S Class Diesel Variant


Mercedes Benz S Class S 350 CDI L

The car has got the absolute features of base petrol variant which are assuring their superiority by making this diesel variant of equal to the petrol ones or even better in terms of performance.


Mercedes Benz S Class Engine, Power and Performance

Mercedes Benz S Class Engine PictureThe very first thing in the mind of engineers while making the best suited technology to run the Mercedes Benz was that it should be environmental friendly. So they designed engines which are completely environmentally optimized. But this has not affected the output of engine in terms of power and torque. The CO2 emission by the engines of both petrol and diesel has let the car belong to the BS IV norms. The 3498 cc 6-cylinder Mercedes Benz S Class petrol engine can output the peak power and torque of 200 KW @ 6300 rpm and Nm @ 4500 rpm. To increase the performance factor it has been mated with 7 speed automatic transmission. The average is even fantastic with the figures of 6.8 kmpl on city streets and 9.4 kmpl on highways.

Even the 5461 cc 8-cylinder petrol engine is a power booster and can liberate out the peak power of 200 KW @ 6300 rpm and the peak torque of 500 Nm @ 2800 – 4400 rpm. The engineers have also mated this engine with the 7 speed automatic transmission and the result can be felt when one takes a test drive. There is not much difference I the mileage of both the petrol engines. The city mileage is same and the highways one is just raised a little up to 9.7 kmpl.

The 2987 cc 6-cylinder CDI Mercedes Benz S Class diesel engine has been made available on the mileage factor to give a better option to its users, though the power and torque of it are even brilliant with the numeric data of 173 KW @ 4000 rpm and 490 Nm @ 1600-1800 rpm. Its combination with 7 speed automatic transmission have been kept for resulting the equivalent performance and drive for the users as that of petrol variants. 9.0 kmpl on city streets and 13.5 kmpl on highways is the estimate of the work of diesel engine.


Mercedes Benz S Class Pickup and Acceleration

Mercedes Benz S Class Pickup and Acceleration
Engine Variants Power (KW/ RPM) Torque (NM/ RPM) Acceleration (0-100kph) Top Speed (Km/ h) Transmission
Mercedes Benz S Class S 350 L 200/6300 345/4500 7.3 Seconds 250 Kmph 7 Speed Automatic
Mercedes Benz S Class S 500 L 271/6300 505/2800-4400 5.4 Seconds 250 Kmph 7 Speed Automatic
Mercedes Benz S Class S 350 CDI L 173/4000 490/100-1800 7.8 Seconds 250 Kmph 7 Speed Automatic


All the three engines of the Mercedes Benz S Class have been mated with the 7G – TRONIC transmission, which are controlled by DIRECT SELECT levers. This reduces fuel consumption and the short gear shifts even enhance the car’s performance. The 3 L petrol engine with the power and torque of 200 KW @ 6300 rpm and Nm @ 4500 rpm takes the pickup from 0 to 100 kmph in 7.3 seconds. Whereas the 5 L petrol engine with the maximum power of 200 KW @ 6300 rpm and torque of 500 Nm @ 2800 – 4400 rpm attains the same in 5.4 seconds. Diesel engine of 2987 cc with the power and torque resulting 173 KW @ 4000 rpm and 490 Nm @ 1600-1800 rpm takes a few more seconds and consumes 7.8 seconds to pickup the speed up to 100 kmph. But the fantastic observation is made in the top speed which is of 250 kmph for all the three variants.


Mercedes Benz S Class Exteriors and Features

The sedan is the definition of epitome which has emerged out as the most stylish, dignified, royal and sophisticated model and thus is one of its kinds in the huge market of automobiles all around the world. The presentation of anything is the most important point that can raise the curiosity in anyone to explore it. The makers have thus given the most elegant looks to the Mercedes Benz S Class. It’s been designed with the fabulous and the most qualified features. Mercedes Benz S Class has kept no difference in the making of its all three variants in terms of features. So the list is common for all the three as best can be just one.

The designing of the S Class is such that every terrain and way seems inviting it for the best drive ever. Surrounded by loads of sensors and assisted with much of electronic systems make the drive completely safe for users and give a feel of perfect driving. The Blue EFFICIENCY technology that the car has been put with is the best for making it absolutely safe and on command of user. These include the specially designed tyres with optimized rolling resistance, aerodynamic exteriors – on mirror casing, power steering pump with energy saving control, starting the car in C mode transmission, sealed joints on headlamps for improved aerodynamics and lastly the standstill decoupling which ensures less strain on engine. The front bumpers are integrated with jewel like LED Daytime Lightning which makes the effects and views more clearly at night. The Intelligent Light System has it all that can tear out the darkness anywhere and gives a clear view that is not possible by the other cars of the segment. Night View Assist system helps in this task even better.

Mercedes Benz S Class has been characterized a lot with features that never lets user bother much even in the worst of situations. One of it is the Keyless Go in which if user forgets the keys unintentionally in the car then the Keyless Go helps him not be locked out of the car. Highlighting feature is the Electric Sunroof which can be shut and open to enjoy weather according to the mood of user. The structure of the car has been safe with the S-Guard technology that is the most secure and most protective shield the car has been provided with. There are options in the spokes of tyres which look truly amazing when looked from side.


Mercedes Benz S Class Interiors and Features

The Mercedes Benz S Class interiors have been designed not just to give a comfortable, secure and compatible ambience to its users, it is also innovated in such a way that it showcase as the ideal car for the others in the automobile market. The driving assistance, entertainment, sensors, electronic systems and occupant protection make it all possible and the features indulged in the car ensure it completely.

Mercedes Benz S Class has been equipped with the Thermotronic 4 zone automatic climate control. A better ambience raises the relaxation and positive energies and this is enhanced with this feature. Sensors help to automatically adjust temperature of the car according to the outside temperature. Seats are designed ergonomically to be completely comfortable for the occupants. Head restrains, massage function and memory package adds a new limits to comfort and makes long route journeys even more comfortable. The ambient lightning package even makes the ambience suits the mood and is created accordingly. The great combination of leather and fabric upholstery of excellent quality with the trims on the dashboard, control panel and doors not only make it luxurious but even sooths the eyes.

The exclusive and advanced multimedia package of Mercedes Benz S Class with the outstanding sound system with all the additional interfaces for connecting other devices and a Split View technology with the display and also the rear seat entertainment package is configured to make the journeys completely entertaining and exciting for the occupants. Command DVD is even present for additional functions. The wooden and leather work on steering wheel makes it more elite and assisting it are some really helpful features in the control panel. These lists Attention Assist, Night View Assist Plus, Reversing Camera, Memory function, Foldable Tables in Rear, rear screen with remote control, refrigerated compartment in rear seat armrest, Keyless Go Package, Center Console with Command Controller and color display with navigation. These are the highlighting features in the interiors of Mercedes Benz S Class.


Mercedes Benz S Class Driving and Handling

The sedan offers many options and modes in which one can enjoy the driving according to the mood, comfort and ease. This is possible due to the extra effort put by the engineers on the brakes, steering, chassis, suspensions and drive control features. The Airmatic suspensions in Mercedes Benz S Class are coordinated well with the chassis to make the drive according to the current situation and reduce friction at its best. The settings can be changed to have a dynamic drive or a comfort oriented drive. These all features and parts under S-Guard technology have been modified to bring out the best. The smooth work of Ventilated Disc brakes with the smooth 7Gtronic transmission is a great combination of friction and force. The PAX run-flat tyres limit the balance of the car on road even in dangerous situations.


Mercedes Benz S Class Safety Features

Every feature of Mercedes Benz S Class whether for comfort or for enhancing the performance, is even serving as the safety feature in the car. Mercedes Benz S Class Safety Features are designed in the most prominent way to look after the safety of its occupants and the sedan itself. The structure of the car itself is protected under S-Guard technology which has been proved as the most significant technologies for protection purpose in cars. It has a reinforced body, additional camera with rear end monitoring, Passenger Alarm System, Emergency Fresh Air System, Fully automatic fire extinguisher system, emergency opening and closing of the side windows and what not.

Also the airbags with various controls and warning systems, PRE-SAFE System, neck-pro head restrains, Attention Assist and Adaptative Highbeam Assist are also few of these with some standard features that protect the car 24x7.


Mercedes Benz S Class Accessories

Except the multimedia package, the other accessories provided in the Mercedes Benz S Class for the convenience of users are the extra storage spaces in glove compartment, refrigerated compartment under rear center armrest, lightning package, foldable tables at the back of front seats, electric sunblind and some others to comfort users even more.



The Mercedes Benz S Class can be the dream car of anyone and a house of all new and advanced technologies integrated in it. It is the icon of perfection for other cars in the segment and can never afford to let its users feel disappointed about anything.

Mercedes Benz S Class Variants

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Mercedes Benz S Class Petrol
Price (ex showroom)
Engine Details
Special Features


Get On Road Price
3498 cc , Petrol

6.8 kmpl (City)
9.4 kmpl (Highway)

*Automatic Climate Control *Air Quality Control *Xenon Headlamps *Leather Upholstery *Automatic Climate Control *Heated Seats(Front+Rear) *7 Airbags(Driver knee Airbag)


Get On Road Price
5461 cc , Petrol

6.8 kmpl (City)
9.7 kmpl (Highway)

*5.5L, 8 Cylinder Petrol Engine


Get On Road Price
5461 cc , Petrol

6.8 kmpl (City)
9.7 kmpl (Highway)

*7G-Tronic plus gearbox *6-way massaging seats *1560 watts 24-speaker
Mercedes Benz S Class Diesel
Price (ex showroom)
Engine Details
Special Features


Get On Road Price
2987 cc , Diesel

9.0 kmpl (City)
13.5 kmpl (Highway)

*Leather Upholstery *Bi-Xenon Headlamps *Heated Seats(Front+Rear) *7 Airbags(Driver knee Airbag)

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