Mini Cooper Countryman

Rs. 32,80,000 to Rs. 32,80,000 (ex showroom delhi)

Mini Cooper Countryman Review

Mini Cooper Countryman with few cosmetic changes launched in Indian car market

August 6, 2015: Mini Cooper has launched the upgraded version of its hatchback Countryman in Indian car market with starting price of Rs. 36.50 lakh. The refreshed version has been offered only in diesel variant which is empowered with 4 cylinder turbo diesel engine with common rail injection and six speed automatic transmission system. The cosmetic changes that have offered in refreshed Countryman are made on exteriors and interiors of this hatchback.

Mini Cooper diesel launched at Rs 25.6 lakh

6 May, 2013: BMW India, provider of Mini car brand, has launched the locally produced diesel version of the Mini Cooper D Countryman in the country at Rs 25.6 lakh. The new Mini Cooper D Countryman is available in two versions like Mini Cooper Country man and Mni Cooper D Countryman High which are powered by a 122 PS diesel engine and generates max torque of 270 Nm and offers a mileage of 19.5 kmpl with 0-100 kmph acceleration in just 9.9 second. The top-end D Countryman High variant is priced at Rs 28.9 lakh while the petrol model Mini One Countryman is beig offered at Rs 23.5 lakh.


Mini Cooper S Countryman Launched

German automobile leader BMW has launched Mini series of cars in India and has also launched Mini Cooper S Countryman crossover in India. The company has launched four Mini version cars in India including Mini Cooper, Mini Cooper S, Mini Cooper Convertible and Mini Cooper Countryman. The Mini Cooper S Countryman price in India is Rs 31.99 lakh ex-showroom Mumbai and is available as completely built unit. Booking for the Mini Cooper S Countryman are open.


Mini Cooper S Countryman Price Range

The Mini Cooper S Countryman price in India is Rs 31.99 lakh and is brought to India alike its other siblings in the completely built unit form.


Mini Cooper S Countryman in India

This is the first time that BMW has brought its marquee MINI in India and has chosen the right time-Auto Expo 2012 to launch this series of cars in India. Earlier in 2009 as well BMW wanted to bring the Mini series in India but following weak market conditions here had postponed the entry.


Mini Cooper S Countryman Review by Expert

Mini cars were originally the product of British Motor Corporation (BMC) and were first produced in 1959. It is the Mini cars that are said to have inspired a generation of cars with its front wheel drive mechanism and over 80 percent of the space available for passengers and luggage. It was originally a two door car until new versions came into production in 2001. Thereon the Mini series has taken various versions including estate version which is called as Mini Clubman, the convertible version aka Mini convertible and the crossover version which is the Mini Countryman.

Being the marquee of BMW which is a luxurious brand, the BMW Mini Cooper S Countryman is lavish in all its aspects. As it is a crossover, the Mini Cooper S Countryman has the ability to perform on any terrain and has the comfort and safety of a hatchback. Besides, it also delivers high performance and high fuel economy. Among other things, BMW Mini Cooper S Countryman shape and styling will be luring a herd of customers towards it however its high pricing could give the car a blow in the beginning.

The car is superb inside out. The interiors of Mini Cooper S Countryman are nothing less than stunning and pose like a true sports utility car. Front navigation system, instrument console all make the interiors remarkably sporty.  The MINI Countryman has the spirit of a racer and an engine skin to an accountant and cumulatively these two deliver dynamic performance. Be it any terrain but the Mini Cooper S Countryman is the perfect machine that combines thrilling responses with outstanding fuel economy on any terrain.


Mini Cooper S Countryman Mileage and Fuel Efficiency

Variant Mileage (City) Mileage (Highway)
Mini Cooper S Countryman 10.5 kmpl 17.5 kmpl

The Mini Cooper S Countryman is fuel economic apart from being powerful and compact in size. The SUV can handle the pressures of the urban city as well as countryside with ease and can deliver performance as well as fuel economy on road and off the road as well. The SUV can handle the off-roading terrain with the same ease thanks to the 1598cc powerful engine that is both powerful and delivers performance despite being frugal.


Mini Cooper S Countryman Models and features


Mini Cooper S Countryman Petrol

 This is the only version that is being launched in India and it will be brought on order in the Completely built unit form just like its other Mini Cooper siblings. This is powered by 1598cc turbocharged petrol engine and it produces 184 hp that is sufficiently enough for an SUV of its size.


Mini Cooper S Countryman Colors

Non Metallic: Light White, Pure Red, Bright Yellow, Light Coffee, Surf Blue

Metallic: Oxford Green Metallic, Crystal Silver Metallic, True Blue Metallic, Absolute Black Metallic, Royal Grey Metallic and Cosmic Blue Metallic.

Apart from this, the buyer can also give a personal touch to the Mini by combining different color options for the roof, exterior mirror caps and wheels. There is a Red hot package available for the Mini Countryman.


Mini Cooper S Countryman Engine, Power and Performance

The Mini Cooper S Countryman compact SUV is driven by dynamic and 1598cc powerful petrol engine. The engine delivers a power of 184 hp at 5500 rpm and a peak torque of 240Nm at 1600-5000rpm. This much torque at such low rpm makes this SUV fit for crawling city traffic as well as for the off road adventure. High torque at low rpm means that the SUV is capable of delivering performance even at less rotations of the engine thus it is more powerful. Also, the high mileage of 10.5 kmpl in the city and 17.5 kmpl on the highways is very respectable for an SUV. Where most of the SUVs end up being fuel guzzlers, Mini Cooper S Countryman remains fuel efficient and delivers performance with the slight touch of the accelerator pedal. In addition to it, the Mini Countryman also takes care of the environment and emits only 166g per kilometer of carbon dioxide which is considered decent for an SUV of this caliber. It takes only 7.9 seconds for this car to reach to 100kmph speed.


Pickup and Acceleration

Engine Variant Max. Power Max. Torque Pickup (0- 100) Top Speed
Mini Cooper S Countryman1598cc 184hp 240Nm 7.9sec  210kmph

The  Mini Cooper S Countryman can take to 100 kmph speed in just 7.9 seconds which is far more impressive for an SUV of this nature.


Mini Cooper S Countryman Interiors and Features

Stepping inside the Countryman is an experience in itself. The small size of the exterior is deceptive as there are meters of space inside if not acres indeed. Apart from a range of sporty features, the inside of the Mini Cooper S Countryman has an array of comfort features including front centre armrest which is height-adjustable. There are three positions in which it can be adjusted and it also has a storage compartment enabling you to store all that you need on long journeys.

Besides this in the MINI Countryman everyone can get creative. There is a Centre Rail inside that enables you to decide where you have to keep the stuff inside so that everything that you want inside the Mini Countryman is within your reach. The MINI Countryman inside is much than a cockpit and is highly ergonomic. Though clad in classic sporty design the interiors will not let you feel that you are inside a 4 meter long car. You will feel as if there is more space to stretch than a full sized sedan.

The interiors get a characteristic look with an elliptical ring that extends to the rear door. Besides the seats are adjustable in multi-modes and extend outstanding comfort thus making the ride smooth even in long journeys or a long journey to the countryside. The three spoke chrome garnished steering wheel has mounted controls on it which control the audio as well the cruise speed. The central instrument panel can have optional MINI ‘Visual Boost’ that displays MINI Connected and the MINI Navigation system. The wide panoramic sun roof stretching to the rear gives the real feel of the weather exactly when you want it. The five-seater Mini Countryman boot has an option of flat load floor that provides the facility to load heavy items from the rear. The surface is lowered making easy loading and unloading of articles in the car.

The upholstery and seats are available in a variety of color combination options ranging from Gravity leather in Polor Beige color to Lounge Leather in Carbon Black color; parallel line cloth/leather sports seats are available in combination with Carbon Black or Pure Red. The interior and cockpit surface, on the other hand, has also myriad choices besides choices of finishing of the downtubes of the centre console and elliptical door rings. The elliptical door rings and the decorative insert in the MINI Centre Rail are available in Carbon Black, Polar Beige, Dark Tobacco, Pure Red or Surf Blue.


Mini Cooper S Countryman Exteriors and Features

If anyone is asked about the exteriors of the Mini Cooper S Countryman he will say that it is simply stunning. In addition to this the light alloy wheels blend seamlessly with the exteriors giving it a perfect shape. BMW Mini series is among some of the cars that are most liked for their exotic appearance and small size. Volkswagen Beetle is another example of car that is like for its shape and styling. Also, Indians have greatly admired this styling and shape in the form of showing their admiration for Maruti Swift which is much inspired by Mini Cooper series cars.

For the Mini Cooper S Countryman 4 is the magic number. There are four doors that ease the entry and exit and it is 4 metres in length that makes it easy to maneuver and easy to park besides a 4-Wheel Drive.

On the outside there are certain features that catch your attention as soon as you give a glance to the Mini cooper. It is certainly the front first. The Mini logo that has two wings and ‘Mini’ written at the centre is placed right at the centre of the bonnet. The two chrome surround headlamps are slightly bulged out to maintain the symmetry. Besides, the chrome work on the grille also grabs your attention. Apart from the lining in chrome there are three horizontal blades on the grille. The fog lamps and the air dam sit tight at the front on the bumper giving much space for the Mini to breathe.

Moving on to the sides is though much harder as the front itself is so mesmerizing that one just sticks to it. On the sides the black wheel arches give a glimpse of the muscles of the 1598cc SUV. The wheels too are available in a variety of sizes up to 18 inches. The rear of the Mini Cooper S countryman is well carved akin to the front and the sides. The rear lights have chrome edging which is a characteristic Mini look. The twin tailpipe adds an extra sportiness to the Countryman.

Apart from this the Mini Cooper S Countryman that are All wheel drive have a ‘ALL4’ badge on the front door giving a feel to the onlooker that there is power under the hood and that the car is ready to take on any terrain. The indicators are white in color and have a sporty styling which is also available on Mini Cooper SD Countryman.


Safety and Features in Mini Cooper S Countryman

Safety is at the prime for the Mini Cooper S Countryman and MINI claims that ‘it sees things you don’t’. Equipped with Dynamic Stability Control system it can assess potential dangers even before they actually near the Mini Countryman. The reaction time to the dangers is also within a fraction of a second. It brakes and stabilizes the suspension to avoid upturning and thus gives it comprehensive protection.

For Mini Cooper S Countryman turning at corner is like slicing butter. Thanks to the single-link spring-strut front axle and a multi-link rear axle that allows the Mini Countryman to have a stable grip on the road and hence the turning at corners is easy and effortless. There are two words that are in pronounced form in Mini Countryman- stable and agile. Not just this turning at corners even at high speed is easy for the Countryman. In addition to it the Mini Cooper S Countryman also has superb traction making it a safe vehicle.

The Mini Cooper S Countryman has also been awarded the maximum possible five stars in the Euro NCAP tests. Enter it and rest assured that the Countryman will be a bodyguard to you. The overall structure of the car has been reinforced to absorb impact from the front rear or sides and there is extreme torsion rigidity for an exceedingly robust passenger compartment. Not only this despite being rigid and strong, the frame has the lowest Noise harshness and vibration.

Apart from this the Mini Countryman is equipped with six airbags, parking sensors, fog lamps, electronic brake distribution system and anti-lock braking system besides electronic stability program making it almost invincible both on road and off the road as well.

In addition to it, the ALL4 all-wheel drive system ensures that power is delivered to the exact amount needed by each of the four wheels depending on the grip and the driving style. The ALL4 is intelligent enough and directs power to the wheels as per the amount needed. For example while driving on snow; the ALL4 directs all the power to the rear axle while the traction control enable the Countryman does not slip.

The six airbags fitted as standard on Countryman ensure that the passengers and the driver are safe even in case of a severe impact thus giving full protection to head, chest and pelvic areas.


Mini Cooper S Countryman Driving and Handling

Driving the Mini Cooper S Countryman is like a feather. The gear shift is far easier with the six speed automatic gearbox that ensures the exact time when the gears need a shift. Besides, a power 184 hp ensures that the Countryman can be thrown to any terrain and it will come out as a winner. On road or off road, the Countryman is ready to take it bluntly. Turning even at steep corners is easy with traction control thus turning even at high speeds an easy task for the Mini series SUV. A torquey engine with 240Nm starting at 1600 rpm is a great number giving it the right DNA for driving even in cramped city driving conditions. Even in off roading the ALL4 tackles it all coupled with the intelligent drive system that automatically shifts power to the front or the rear wheels as per the need and driving conditions. Apart from this ABS and EBD ensures that even after a max speed of 210 kmph and an acceleration of 7.9 seconds, the countryman brakes easily.     

Mini Cooper S Countryman Accessories

Accessories are sources of real pleasure making the Mini Cooper S Countryman truly personalized. The accessories start with the exterior, that has stylish, fashionable light-alloy wheels, a fully tailor made roof. There are a variety of headlights to choose from besides astonishing exterior mirror caps and rear-view mirror housings.

There are also exquisite accessories available for the interiors as well starting from navigation device Mini Connected to a wide array of interior finishes and designs of material for the dash, door panels and seats. There are also a wide variety of connection options for iPhones, iPod etc. Besides, the steering can also tailor made to have the perfect design and finish of your liking. Apart from this there are also options for the boot space.


Mini Cooper S Countryman Conclusion

Mini Copper S Countryman priced at Rs 31.99 lakh is a sure head turner with it’s immense on road and off road capabilities, raised comfort level apart from almost invincible safety and other features are exceptional and further add to its credibility. It is sure to create a segment of its own in India. No-availability of diesel powerplant will not restraint its takers from buying it as at this price it is immaterial if it is diesel or petrol driven. What matters is power, style, comfort besides safety and other features. The Mini Cooper S Countryman has a section of buyers of its own and these buyers will not take a minute before buying it.

Mini Cooper Countryman Variants

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Mini Cooper Countryman Petrol
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12.3 kmpl (City)
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*MINI Navigation system *Dynamic Stability Control system *All 4 wheel drive system *Six airbags

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