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Mitsubishi Grandis Review

The most popular automobile maker Mitsubishi is all set to launch its new invention, the Mitsubishi Grandis. The Grandis is a unique creation formulated with all the effective features and style along with the inherited fame of the Mitsubishi group. As the name suggests, The Mitsubishi Grandis is a grand approach totally different from the rest of Mitsubishi’s products. Along with the tribute of its inherited dignity and uniqueness, the Mitsubishi Grandis will definitely mark the triumph of its success in the car’s market.

Mitsubishi Grandis Models and Features

The car Mitsubishi Grandis is an excellent high performance car with a combo of style and facilities bestowed within a much affordable range of Rs. 15, 00,000 approx. The car’s exact pricing and its variants as well as their quality features will be discussed on its release. However a few features include leather upholstery, audio system with six speakers, audio mounted stereo controls, Xenon/ Halogen headlamps, Automatic climate control, brake assist, parking sensors, ABS, EBD, ESP, traction control, tachometer, digitalized console, seat lumbar adjustment system etc.


Mitsubishi Grandis Mileage and Fuel Efficiency

Variants Fuel Economy (Kmpl )
City Highway Combined
Grandis Equippe DI-D Manual  8.4  5.6  6.6
Grandis Elegance DI-D Manual  8.4  5.6  6.6


The mileage of very first variant of the Mitsubishi Grandis, the Grandis Equippe DI-D Manual is estimated to be 8.4 kmpl or 33.6 mpg in city, 5.6 kmpl or 50.4 mpg on highways and 6.6 kmpl or 42.8 mpg in combinable. The mileage of the second variant, the Grandis Elegance DI-D Manual is approximately same as that of Grandis Equippe. Both the variants of the Mitsubishi Grandis are fuel economical.


Mitsubishi Grandis Engine, Power and Performance

The Mitsubishi Grandis will be launched with two variants Grandis Equippe DI-D Manual and Grandis Elegance DI-D Manual. The engine type of both the variants is same, that is, 2.0 Liter 4-cylinder 16-valve DOHC DI-D intercooled turbocharged diesel along with the electronically controlled unit-injector direct injection fuel system. Both the variants produce a displacement of about 1968 cc with a stroke / bore of approx 81.0 X 95.5 mm and a compression ratio is estimated to be 18.0. The maximum power output generated by Grandis Equippe DI-D Manual and Grandis Elegance DI-D Manual is computed to be 100 (134) kW (bhp) at 4000 rpm. Also the maximum torque is calculated to be 310 (228) Nm (lb-ft) at 1750 rpm.


Mitsubishi Grandis Pick Up and Acceleration

Engine Variant Maximum Torque Maximum Power Pickup (0- 100 kmph) Top speed (Km/ h)

Grandis Equippe DI-D Manual
 310 Nm at 1750 rpm  134 bhp at 4000 rpm  12.5 Seconds 195
Grandis Elegance DI-D Manual  310 Nm at 1750 rpm  134 bhp at 4000 rpm  12.5 Seconds 195

Both the variants of the car Mitsubishi Grandis, Grandis Equippe and Grandis Elegance produce an acceleration of about 10.8 mph with an estimated maximum speed of approx 121 mph or 195 kmph, also the power share by both of them is same at 134 bhp at 4000 rpm and a the torque is 310 Nm at 1750 rpm. Other details regarding the pickup and acceleration will be updated soon.


Mitsubishi Grandis Interiors and Features

The Mitsubishi Grandis is proffered with sensuous, comfortable and convenient interiors. Both the front and rear segment of the car bequeaths a beauteous view to this car’s interiors. The darting driving wheel imparted on the ingenious instrument panel grants a sophisticated and soothing look to the car. The steering wheel of the car is multi functional and is affixed with adjustable steering column. The creation of glove compartment in the frontal area displays a sign of serenity. The fabric upholstery endowed with the power steering wheel, gear level knob as well as the seating affords a classy appearance to the car. Besides offering richness to the car, the leather wrapping is helpful in preventive external damage. Hence, the use of leather covering is a well thought two in one technique which needs to be appreciated.

The front and rear enhances are catered with heated seats with full lumbar support. The front and the rear seats are affiliated with headrests as well as center armrests. The front seats are provided with the height adjusting seat belts contributing to the safety of the front row passengers. To ease the boredomness of the rear seat passengers, the rear seats of Mitsubishi Grandis are equipped with reading lamps. Also the power windows accommodated both in the front and rear passage awards a magnificent and lavishing glow. The dexterity doors devised within the car grants it a unique touch of freshness. The divine door designs and the inner door handles are beautifully crafted on the doors. The car is also facilitated with a huge amount of storage space and that too are so beautifully casted that it is difficult to judge whether it’s a storing place or just an icon of style. The tiny spacing adjusted within the front doors and at the backside of the front seats is useful for storing little valuables.

The presence of tranquilizing trunk with the remote opening eases the handling of loads and loads of luggage. Also, there is remote sensing for fuel lid opening erasing the efforts for moving out and opening the fuel tank. The cute charming cup holders are delightfully accustomed in the fore as well as the back section of the car. With the Mitsubishi Grandis, the journey is a much comfortable one.

The Mitsubishi Grandis are acquired with a wide range of additional features. The Automatic climate controls moulds the change in climate according to the adapting body temperature. The effect of automatic climate control is enhanced with the capability of air quality control. The Tachometer and the electronic multi Tripmeter with all the useful cruise controls visible are nicely arranged in the passenger’s compartment.

The Digital clock and the Digital Odometer duplify the charm of the car’s interiors conveying a darting look of richness. The outside temperature display is another feature contributing to the beauty of car’s interiors. Despite the presence of all these features, no one among these can match up with the admirable availability of cigarette lighter conceiving a classy appeal to the car.

The new Mitsubishi Grandis is an astonishing package with the availability of all the extra features donating to its grand success. But a single scratch is enough to spoil the glory of the car as well as it features. Keeping this in mind, the Mitsubishi makers secured the car with the innovative approach of parking sensors. The parking sensors not only avoids the damage of scratching or breaking, but also counts to the intense success of this glorifying variant. Thus the car with the combo of beauty, safety, comfort ability etc is a well crafted framework which is bound to seek attention.


Mitsubishi Grandis Exteriors and Features

The half success of any automobile depends on its exterior qualifications. Keeping this fact intact, the Mitsubishi team leaves no space for complaint regarding its all new Mitsubishi Grandis. The shining adjustable headlights bestowed at the car’s front are enough to spark the car’s success with the immense glory of Mitsubishi’s dignity. With the affirming of fog lights along with the head lights, even the unpleasant weather is unable to diminish the shine of the light lamps. The car looks ultimate at night time with the glow of its powerful head cum fog light.

The elegance of the car’s beauty is adorned with the visibility of dignified grille marked in between the light lamps. The inherited logo of the ‘Mitsubishi’ showing the magnificent glory of the vast Mitsubishi Company is admirably adhered on the good looking grille pursuing a gaze of thrilling attractiveness to the car’s front. Despite of the front side, the car looks attractive from each of the rear and side glance.  The car looks ultimate with the endemic appearance of the big bonnet annexed at the front surface of the car conceding a magical touch to the car’s glory.

The dashing doors affixed at the side surface attached with the power windows and diving door handles reflects a gaze of tranquility and uniqueness. Both the front and rear windows are accompanied with the capability of automatic defogging avoiding inconvenience and ensuring safety during foggy weather. The doors are also attached with outside rear view mirrors with the classic technology of turn indicators ceding an eye catching appearance to the car’s side surface. The Power antenna fitted at the roof side of the Mitsubishi Grandis enriches the top section with the allure of ecstasy and felicity. The beauty of rear side of the car is amplified by the demeanor of tempting trunk design glamorously carved at the back surface of the car.  

Overall the car Mitsubishi Grandis conveys a very attractive appeal.  The presence of all the efficient features wrapped within an aura of style makes the car a preferred choice. For the passionate ones, the Mitsubishi Grandis is much more than just a car. Not only have the car lovers, the car also nicely suited the desires of individuals as well as families.  With the mind blowing looks and tempting features, the new Mitsubishi Grandis has the power to create sensation.


Safety and Features in Mitsubishi Grandis

The Mitsubishi team takes special care of the safety issues related to its all new Grandis. The Mitsubishi Grandis is provided with the best of Anti Lock Braking System which makes the car more safe and secure. The effective brake assist ensures the safety during sudden jerks. The car is equipped completely with the central locking ability along with powerful power door locks as well as child safety locks. The central locking helps the driver to manage child’s mischief along with his driving. The Anti theft alarm catered in the car is a new innovative technique which resists the threat of illegal door opening attempt or theft. Also the car is equipped with driver and passenger airbags as well as front and rear side airbags. The automatic adjusting day and night rear view mirror conceives the journey more screened.

The passenger side rear view mirror is an additional factor added by the Mitsubishi group. The xenon as well as halogen headlamps introduced in the car ensures safe night journey, also it ease the driver’s difficulty level. The use of seat belts is not only common but also compulsory, but the Mitsubishi Grandis is procured with the rear seat belts assuring the safety of rear seat passengers. Also the inventive features of seat belt warning and door ajar warning are neatly implemented in the car. Seat belt warning clinches that the seat belts are properly wore by both, the driver as well as passenger. Door ajar warning certifies that the door is properly locked and that the people inside the car are secured from the external effects.

The side and front impact beams are among the list of additional features added by the Company. The Mitsubishi Grandis is afforded with the facility of keyless entry. The car is also fixed with tire pressure monitor displaying the estimated pressure of the tire tubes. The features like vehicle stability control system, engine immobilizer; crash sensor facilitates the safety of this Mitsubishi’s variant. The centrally mounted fuel tank simplifies the complexity associated with car’s fuel tank. The engine check warning clarifies the problems blended with the engine. Overall, the car is assumed to be the most secured variant among all the Mitsubishi’s product ever launched.


Mitsubishi Grandis Driving and Handling

The two variants Mitsubishi Grandis Equippe as well as Grandis Elegance caters a manual 6 speed transmission, either of Front transverse engine type or front wheel drive type. Both are proffered with presence of hydraulic clutch. The two variants cede approximately same gear ratios which are actually good. The final gear ratio conceded by the two variants is also equal, that is, 4.058 and 3.450 for 1st-4th gears and 5th, 6th, reverse gear respectively.


Mitsubishi Grandis Accessories

The music system installed in the Mitsubishi Grandis instrumental panel creates an aroma of fun and enjoyment. The well implemented CD player and DVD player makes the journey more calm and enjoyable. The remote sensing ability of the stereo system eases the shuffling of favorite songs. The sound speakers introduced both in the front and rear enhance perceives the car to be a preferred choice for the music lovers.


Mitsubishi Grandis Conclusion

Thus the Mitsubishi Grandis is grand not only in its name but also in its capabilities. With the astonishing looks and exciting features it is supposed to amplify the dignified fame of the Mitsubishi’s.

*Please Note: All the information mentioned above and the information missing is variable to change with due course and respective to time. The Information will be updated on regular basis.


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