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Nissan Leaf Launch Date

05-January, 2012: The electrically powered five door hatchback car Nissan Leaf was unveiled at Auto Expo. The Nissan Leaf is one of the most fuel efficient cars in Japan. The car is larger than the usual hatchbacks with sharp V-shaped design with bigger, upward slanting LEDs headlights in the front along with vertical and high mounted tail lamps at the rear. The newer version of the vehicle is available worldwide in many countries, while the launch in India seems to go a long way.

Nissan Leaf Price

The Electric vehicle has an extremely light weight lithium-ion pack of batteries to power the hatchback, the advanced batteries takes minimum time to get charged and provide optimum mileage. Though it may not see a debut in near future, due to unavailability of infrastructure in the country, but if launched it may get a price tag of nearby Rs 20 Lakh.

The Nissan Motor Company has now come up with its eco-friendly car in the Indian market called the all new Nissan Leaf. The company seems quite confident with the running of this small and tiny little car that will purely be based on the hybrid platform involving electricity and not the usual and common combustible sources of automobiles. Since there is not much in the detailing being a two seater so far, the car has superb styling and a look of being a pure hybrid that it is.

Nissan Leaf PicturesThe Nissan Leaf would be a tough fight to some new segments coming into the Indian market being hybrid ones, for instance the Reva NXG etc. With a bold and very tag lined impression of being a Nissan product, the Leaf definitely boasts of some really exquisite features to fill you with delight and impart ultimate satisfaction to the customers. The interiors of the car seem quite delicate and the softer and soothing experience would be charming as expected. The car would not be much of a sophisticated vehicle from looks and materialism but would sure be complex as far as engine configuration is concerned since it has been designed through a network of such capacitors that can give you a long lasting battery and consequently a drive too.


Nissan Leaf Features

Nissan Leaf PicturesThe Nissan Leaf is expected to come up with a single variant so far and would be very fairly placed on a price tag of approximately Rs. 12, 00,000. There is not much information about the features of the car but a few that can be very well expected stand out like the Front fog lamps, Headlamp leveling device, green tinted glass window, rear fog lamp, 3- spoke urethane steering wheel, child lock, side impact beams, brake assist, Zero-emission power train and platform, Advanced intelligent transportation (IT) system , tachometer, day/ night rear view mirror, rear window wiper, rear defogger, audio controls on steering, integrated audio system with 4 speakers, driver seat height adjuster, dual front airbags, keyless entry, ABS, EBD, Full Auto A/C with pollen filter, Automatic headlights with "Follow me home”, Automatic wipers with rain sensor, Electric parking brake, Push start button, Palm-shift drive selector by wire.


Nissan Leaf Expected Mileage and Fuel EfficiencyNissan Leaf Fuel Tank Pictures

Variant Mileage (City) Mileage (Highway)
Nissan Leaf  100 miles/ full charge(estimated)  100 miles/ full charge(estimated)

The fairly deliberate engine of the Nissan Leaf quite easily reaches up to some good figures in the mileage and performance section with around 100 miles per fully charged capacitor and then same sort of statistics can also be expected on the highways as well. The Nissan Leaf comes out to be highly economical and very well suited for the ones who are liable to travel long distances on regular basis. The Nissan Leaf hence offers superb characteristics in mileage and performance figures.


Nissan Leaf Expected Engine, Power and Performance

Nissan Leaf Engine PicturesThe Nissan Leaf has been well equipped with a superb electric capacitor accomplice that has been well configured by some really talented and scientifically aced minds of the company. A web of many networks grouped together with a range of small and very efficient capacitors that have been integrated with one another to result into a hybrid engine involving a unique heat exhaust system frames the all new powerhouse of the Nissan Leaf. The Engine or the so called power house of the vehicle terms phenomenal with exceptional power and performance that outcasts the existing hybrid cars of the country.


Nissan Leaf Techometer PicturesPickup and Acceleration

Variant Max. Power (kw) Max. Torque (Nm) Pickup (0- 100) (sec.)  Top Speed
Nissan Leaf  90 kw -  0-60 in 8 sec  90 mph

The Power packed Nissan Leaf would possess a massively sheer power of about 90 KW. However there is no accurate estimate of the car’s torque; but it is sure to deliver more than the expected. The Engine has a superb pickup reaching 0-60 within a span of whopping 8 seconds and delivers a top speed of about 90 Km/h at an effortless ease.


Nissan Leaf Interiors and Features

Nissan Leaf Dashboard PicturesThe Nissan Leaf has been delivered with utmost passion and exquisite piece of stylized interiors that make you fall in love with it from the very first sight. The beautiful and soothing interiors of the premium hatchback speak of its eternal beauty and bold appearance. The soft and delicate door trims have a fabricated and lustrous white appearance that count for the peace and calm inside the car that has been designed to be close to the Mother Nature. The Leaf has a steering panel like no other which has got vibrant graphics and beautifully decorated interior upholstery with the soothing white and off white dual contrast of colors.

The scintillating sight of the illuminated central console and panel with blue illuminations looks even more sensuous with the shining of the upholstery. The Nissan Leaf has amazingly carved dash that does not take up much of the space but does not miss out on any factor that may count in the negative aspects of the car. The glove box is surprisingly large and there is plenty of room for storage sections too including the bottle Nissan Leaf Multifunction Button Picturesand can holder together with superbly trimmed magazine holder just beneath the superior quality fabricated door trims. The instrument cluster is a typical in the interiors since it lacks any analogue pin at all and is quite minimal inside. The digital gauges and the well illuminated ergonomics of the central console look exceptionally well and superbly designed and crafted delivering the awesome and cool looking craftsmanship. The adjustable head rests in the front portion of the cabin are well suited for utmost comfort and luxury. The similar fashioned head rests have been well placed at the rear place of cabin too. The car has provision for arm rests too and there is dynamics for the excellent fabrics at the rear as well. There might not be many luxury items inside the car but it does not have many shortcomings too. The terrific and very mind blowing interiors with a dashing style of their own fascinate with you delight like no other.    

The hatch has been delivered with supreme quality fabrics that enhance the sight of the interiors at every glance.


Nissan Leaf Exteriors and Features

Nissan Leaf Head Light PicturesThe exteriors of the absolutely stunning hatch from Nissan look mesmerizing in a way that you fall in love with it for sure. The Nissan Leaf has adorable characteristics and lovable outlines. The bean shaped angular front head lights together with superb and scintillating dazzles look magnificent and very stylish. The absolute charisma of the hatchback seems impeccable with the stylized front fascia with the minimal grille or the smiling face as called. The insignia of the hatch seems terrific in styling and the beautiful logo of the company indeed looks quite glamorous and redefined in the all new Leaf. The hatch has been paneled with the exception of a very wide bonnet being a delicate looking vehicle however the bonnet slope is supreme in nature. Equally eye grasping and admirable rear of the hatch is premium in style and catches the eye in the very short while. The Nissan Leaf is adorable and superb in scintillating outline of the tail lights respective of the fact that it is magnificent and very decent in appearance. The highly flourished and ambiguous trace of the platinum runs throughout the end of the rear portion of the car and seems to suit the overall structure of the hatch very well.   


Safety Features in Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf Tail Lamp PicturesThe Nissan Leaf has been blessed with most of the contemporary safety mechanisms however, not much has been focused on the strong built of the car. The only negative aspect of the car is that it has framed itself into a very delicate shell that seems like a soft touch and does not handle much of the boldness factor well. Too much use of plastic has also rendered the car’s exteriors to be not much strong enough to withstand any collision. The usual factors have though been given keen privileged like the ABS and the EBD together with easy battery support and maintenance module to keep a check on the functionality of the engine which is a prerequisite for the vehicle being a hybrid one. The airbags are absent and the only thing favorable is perhaps the pretension control system and the well on- board speed limiter mechanism together with brake assist and the smart drive function.


Driving and Handling

Nissan Leaf Steering PicturesThe Nissan Leaf is extraordinary drive and suits the style in a very charming way. The electric steering is wonderful and the auto gear functionality is brilliant too. The suspensions are hydraulic and quite relaxing, since the car is a hybrid one there is no noise and the absence of tail pipe also makes the ambience quite fresh and refreshing.


Nissan Leaf Accessories

There is no knowledge about the stereo and accessories coming along with the Leaf but will be updated very shortly.

Nissan Leaf Variants

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