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Nissan Teana Review

Nissan Teana Review By Expert

Nissan Company of automobiles has arrived India from Japan flooding the Indian automobile market with a wide range of cars offering hatchbacks, SUVs, MUVs and sports cars and luxurious sedans. It is not very late that the car has entered India and in this short time period it has made a good place in the Indian market of automobiles with a great success and profits flowing in. one of these excellent innovations by Nissan is Nissan Teana which is the grand luxurious sedan brought up by Nissan a few years ago in India.



Nissan Teana PictureTeana has been running good in other countries even since 2003 but its launch in India has been few years back and it has arrived India as the D segment luxurious sedan giving rivalry to some of the great cars like Toyota Camry and Honda Accord. This states the raised level to which the sedan actually belongs and what it is. Available in two petrol variants named Nissan Teana 250 XL and Nissan Teana 250 XV which are not very expensive, the sedan yet offers much. Satisfying its users with these variants is done by blending great engine power and performance with the comfort and stylish looks accompanied with the safest technologies of the era.

Both the Nissan Teana Petrol variants are genuinely powered with the 2496 cc V6 DOCH petrol engine exhibiting the power and torque of 182 Ps @ 6000 rpm and 228 Nm @ 4400 rpm. The car is absolutely eco friendly thereby belonging to the BS IV emission norms. The interiors are not only appealing, comforting even with the adjustable seats with various functions and spacious character that raise the comfort level. Combined with convenient features like sunroof, music system and some other accessories, owner has everything in his easy reach to make him enjoy the drive. Exteriors have been lavishly designed with great skills not only to look spectacular but also enhance the performance and provide safety. The safety is yet confirmed with array of features that lists airbags, parking sensors, traction control, ABD and EBD and what not.


Nissan Teana Mileage and Fuel Efficiency

Nissan Teana PictureThe makers have put the Nissan Teana engine with the technology that matches the level of Nissan. The platform has resulted out excellent Nissan Teana Mileage and fuel economy. Knowing the fact that petrol cars output less mileage, the engine has been designed to work with maximum efficiency to give best possible mileage. Since both the variants of the sedan are powered with the same petrol engine of 2.5 L, V6 DOCH technology and thus give same figures of mileage.

Nissan Teana petrol engines mileage figures 8.5 kmpl inside cities on the busy traffic roads and reaches to 11.8 kmpl on the highways where the car faces less obstruction and drives with less usage of brakes. This output is even one of the reasons for the raised level in which the sedan is counted. 182 Ps @ 6000 rpm and 228 Nm @ 4400 rpm are the peak power and torque which the engine results and defines the efficiency of the engine. XTRONIC CVT transmission assists the engine nicely to output such results and praise the performance of the car even more.


Nissan Teana Models and Features

Nissan Teana Petrol Variants Features
Nissan Teana 250 XL The variant is favored with the features like dual exhaust, intelligent key with push button ignition, glass type antennas, audio with D6 technology, airbags and various controls for safety purpose. The interiors are having electric seat adjustment, power steering with audio mounted steering controls and many luxurious features.
Nissan Teana 250 XV Side airbags in front and rear part, cruise control and electric sunroof are the additional features other that the ones in the base variant which makes it more in demand.


Nissan Teana Engine, Power and Performance

Nissan Teana PictureToday’s world is about speed and power. These are the two things that have made people passionate about cars. And the makers satisfy this expectation of the users by putting the best possible engine in their cars. So have the makers of Nissan Teana done to please their consumers. The Nissan Teana engine has been configured with the V6 DOCH technology. It is a common technology and so is guaranteed with efficiency which it provides its cars with. This engine has upshot the Nissan Teana power to 182 Ps @ 6000 rpm and the torque of 228 Nm @ 4400 rpm. Adding to this is the XTRONIC CVT transmission which enhances the performance and makes the drive much smoother even on rough terrains. The high speed does not let the car lose its stability on road and gives a wonderful drive to the users.

Nissan Teana performance is something that everyone should experience once as it is like stepping into another world which relaxes brings a different kind of excitement and lets one feel like the master of its own world. The credit goes to the skillful minds behind its making and to the company as well. The mileage is also commendable being 8.5 kmpl on city streets and 11.8 kmpl when it runs on highways. The petrol variants of the sedan cars hardly give this much mileage which is made possible only by this terrific sedan from Nissan.


Nissan Teana Pickup and Acceleration

Nissan Teana PictureEngine of any car is the most important part and thus is worked upon exclusively to make the car stand as a good competitor in the segment against others. Nissan has even brought out the best in Nissan Teana with the massive engine of 2496 cc. This petrol engine is of V6 DOCH technology and has fully powered the car with the maximum power of 182 Ps @ 6000 rpm and the peak torque of 228 Nm @ 4400 rpm. Mated with XTRONIC CVT gear box it can add ease to the drive and make it calm on roads with variable in the transmissions which further magnifies the drive. 

In 10.8 seconds the engine takes the pickup of Nissan Teana upto 100 kmph which is a decent figure. There is no difference between the engine of both the variants of Nissan Teana and so all the engine related data is same for both the petrol variants. The maximum speed that the engine can allow the car to take is 218 kmph and that too without losing the grip on road due to so many controls taking care of stability of sedan on road.

Nissan Teana Pickup and Acceleration
Engine Variants Power (PS/ RPM) Torque (NM/ RPM) Acceleration (0-100kph) Top Speed (Km/ h) Transmission
Nissan Teana Petrol 182/6000 228/440 10.8 Seconds 218 Kmph XTRONIC CVT


Nissan Teana Exteriors and Features

Nissan Teana PictureThe Nissan Teana Exteriors have completely been replenished to make it give an iconic appearance. The freshness in the design is unbeatable and looks far better than others in the segment. The stance of Nissan Teana due to the contours and sleek lines that carve the structure and embrace the body of Teana in a different way have been worked upon with great perfection. Contours on the ORVMs reduce the wind noise. The stylish chrome grille with the clear headlamps which are uniquely designed and the line from fenders to it give a sharp effect to the front fascia of the sedan. Unlike other sedans the foglamps are very much lower that the headlamps and a chrome line near the foglamps give an imposing finishing to their beauty.

Nissan Teana PictureThe stop lamps at the rear are indulged with the LED lamps to increase the intensity and for styling purpose as well. The turn indicator on signal on the ORVMs is a great safety feature warning the pedestrians and others. The electric sunroof In the XV variant is one of the highlighting features demonstrating the rich character of the sedan. There is a sweeping arch adorning the body line of the structure which appeals more elegant. The 9 – spoke 17 inch alloy wheels are embellishing the side face of the Nissan Teana XV variants and the 10 – spoke 16 inch alloy wheel adds class to the exteriors of XL variant.

Dual exhaust in both the variants helps to reduce the noise created while releasing the excess pollutants. Rain sensing wipers and rear window defogger accompany the foglamps to reduce the effect of fog and provide a clear view to the driver for improved driving. The bad weather days are no problem with Nissan Teana and now nothing obstruct the users from going anywhere in any kind of season.


Nissan Teana Interiors and Features

Nissan Teana PictureInteriors of Nissan Teana variants offer comfort to the users equal to that of their living room. The interiors have been kept very spacious so that occupants can relax, comfort, adjust and side in the seats with great convenience. The luxuries in the car are of high scale and those who had experience it, adore it. Makers have taken care of each and every finest detailing to comfort the users. The ottoman – style – three – layer ventilated seats with lumbar support are designed to provide the maximum relaxation to the users and never let them crib for long journeys.

Nissan Teana PictureThe plush leather upholstery with the combination of wooden work on dash board and center console is a treat to watch and sooth the occupants and makes them feel the audacity they now belong to. LED indirect illumination gives a nice finishing to the center console and door grips in front and rear. Rear center armrest increases the comfort for rear seaters and they can sit and relax with great pleasure. Sunroof lets the occupants enjoy the sunshine protecting from the harmful UV rays at the same time. Leather covering on the gear knob and steering wheel makes them more elegant in looking as well as holding.

Nissan Teana makers have even taken care of the entertainment of the occupants and so loaded in the best music system. The advanced technology has been used for this purpose. The high tech music system is integrated with features like 6 – speaker audio system with CD changer, CD and MP3 player, AM / FM radio and the AUX port for connecting your phone to it and listen to songs from your selected playlist. The automatic climate control with the powerful AC can be adjusted to create the ambience the user’s desire and enjoy the peace of mind while sitting in and driving the car.


Nissan Teana Driving and Handling

Nissan Teana PictureAny car is best known for the driving experience it can give. Rest all the things are secondary. Nissan Teana is kept on the track of this thought by focusing on its drive related parts. Tyres, suspensions, brakes, steering, gearbox and some controls assisting drive are the key features that take care of driving and handling of Nissan Teana or any other car. A harmonious driving can be experienced with the Nissan Teana. The tubeless radial tyres are perfectly designed to have a good grip on road and result a balance drive.

The suspensions are the ordinary one as that in other cars of the segment. Independent Strut Suspensions in front and Multi – link independent suspensions for rear make drive much smoother and fluent on all types of terrains and especially on the rough and bumpy roads. Disc brakes add on their excellent work to embrace the driving of Nissan Teana. Vehicle speed – sensitive power steering with assisted rack and pinion steering column is mated with XTRONIC CVT which is very slick in their work and gives a pleasurable feel while driving the car. Work of ABS, EBD and brake assist see to it that the brakes are enforced and the drive is safe in the worst of situations. Cruise control takes command over the speed which handles the drive well.


Nissan Teana Safety Features

Nissan Teana PictureLoads of safety features are installed in Nissan Teana to make it completely safe. Though there is a difference in the safety features of Nissan Teana’s variants. List is no different even to the rivalry cars as the safety is the most important concern for any company in this field where risk of life is at stake if any sudden incident takes place. Safety features reduces the possibility of these things to a great extent. The XL and XV variant has been provided with safety features like ABS, EBD, Brake assist, Electronic stability control, parking sensors and various warning alerts and locks. Airbags are even present but in XL variant Side airbags in front and rear is absent which are provided in the XV variant. Even Cruise control is only present in the XV variant. Nissan Teana Safety features are of best quality to assure that the occupants in it are completely safe and secure and the car can be secured from theft activities and much more.


Nissan Teana Accessories

Nissan Teana PictureNissan Teana is provided with the convenient features that are nowhere related to drive but are needy for the users. Nissan Teana Accessories have proved their best in terms of impressing users. The power sunshade at the rear protects the occupants at rear from sunlight. It is sometimes not possible to let heat escape even when AC is on. Then this feature is proved very useful in blocking the sunrays. Armrests make the seating more comfortable and comparable to one on sofa. Rear reading lamp is to enjoy reading without disturbing others in the car on night journeys. If want to carry a coat or suit along with you on an urgent basis that can’t be packed in the luggage then hang it on the coat hook on the grab folding handles. Glove compartment, sunglass holder, door pockets for keeping magazines or newspapers and request switch door opening are few things that are present and show the caring attitude of the makers that want to comfort the users in every possible way.



Nissan Teana is overall a decent car with loads of features that take good care of the occupants and their desires from it. It has been designed in a way that it can never give a chance to its users to get disappointed by anything of the sedan. The best has been assembled in the car which makes it a perfect blend of style, comfort, safety and performance. What else a user can wish or expect from the car?

Nissan Teana Variants

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2496cc , Petrol

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2496cc , Petrol

8.5 Kmpl (City)
11.8 kmpl (Highway)

*Multi-function Steering Wheel *Leather-Wood Steering Wheel *Plasma Cluster Air-Conditioner *6 Airbags *Cruise Control

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