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Renault Latitude Review

Renault Latitude Launch Date

The company has not yet disclosed the exact launch date of the car but if we believe on the industry sources, they will launch Renault Latitude in the Indian auto market by July 2012.


Renault Latitude Price Range

The exact pricing details of the car is not available but the new Renault Latitude price is expected to fall in the range of Rs 30 to 35 lakh.

Renault Latitude PicturesThe French automaker has entered into the spotlight with its very new and latest creation, the Renault Latitude for the international markets. The Latitude has been glance of an epic in the auto show at Mumbai recently and is expected to come and hit the market very soon, however necessary revelations are yet to be made. The Renault Latitude has been smartly placed at a price tag of about 30,00,000 INR and seals with all the features that can be well expected and estimated within such a high price range.


Renault Latitude Mileage and Fuel Efficiency

The Renault Latitude claims around 6.5 Kmpl in the city while figure rises to another 8 or 8.5 Kmpl on the highways with the exceptionally powerful and efficient engine of the Renault.


Renault Latitude Variants and Features

Renault Latitude PicturesThe French automaker does some hype yet again with their new premium luxury car, the Renault Latitude has been justified with upfront luxury and exotic piece of devices to fill you with your very own sense of quality and delight. As it is clear from the factual descriptions of the car, the luxury wouldn’t be very easy to afford and so is clearly justified from the price of the vehicle that ranges around astonishing 30 lacs. The Latitude is an explorer with a massively strong and powerful engine that does not roar but is definitely a lion in power and strength.

Elegant and very sleek exteriors with dazzling and sparkling looks along with the magnificent and very repulsive sense of craftsmanship embarks on a whole new journey of style and seduction in the premium and redefined fabrics of the car along with the luxurious upholstery and supreme quality of ergonomics and functionalities. The Latitude has senses of its own and so would you feel when it you step into the ambience of this car that is extraordinarily pleasing and mesmerizing. Both the interiors and the exteriors of the car have something to speak of their own and the dazzles just don’t stop in the all new Latitude from Renault. With love and groom, the Latitude is an exceptional class.


Renault Latitude Engine, Power and Performance

Engine, however, as for now it is confirmed that the car will be available with Petrol Engine only. Renault, very smartly keeping in mind the fuel prices in India have already declared that the car will deliver good mileage and fuel efficiencies irrespective of the other Engine specifications that the company is too secretive to reveal at the moment. Some estimates however put forth that the Engines would deliver a power round about 240 bhp and the torque is expected to be around 450 Nm. There is no news whether the transmission will be available in automatic option as well, however it is confirmed that the sedan will be well equipped of 5 speed manual gearbox. Also the Renault Latitude is powered by a Normal V6 engine that displaces 2500.00 cc. It produces 177.00 HP at 6000.00 RPM.


Renault Latitude Pickup and Acceleration

The extremely anticipated Latitude has a power like no other ranging around 240 bhp and a torque of about 450 Nm which is quite an exception to the segment. More figures such as that of top speed and pickup are unknown so far.


Renault Latitude Interiors and Features

Renault Latitude Front and Rear Seats PicturesThe Interiors and features of the Stunning Latitude definitely have a lot to talk about in style and grand luxury. The leather upholstery finds its way across through the cabin. The seats, dash stitches, door trims, steering wheel and the gear knob have been wrapped up in the magnificence lustered and shine of the leather that has a soothing sense to the eyes and very comfortable touch to the senses. The praises wouldn’t stop with the upholstery but continue further to the best and the most amazing dash ever seen that houses ergonomics like no other and the illuminations have an admirable essence to the word luxury. The steering panel together with the automatic climate control system, cruise control button and the audio system controls looks stunning and is terrific in handling.

Renault Latitude Dashboard PicturesThe instrument cluster and the tachometer is absolutely beautiful and very pleasing to the eyes. The Latitude has room for comfort and style at the same time and so is very clear with the statement made by the roomy seats with extra support for your back and thighs. The memory seat mapping and the height adjustment for the driver’s seat makes its own way in the series of luxury. The Latitude is very much highlighted in anticipation as far as the storage section is concerned with ample space in the glove box with the sunglass holder, the magnificent cup holders etc add to the fact. Moreover the astonishing GPS and the fine integrated infotainment panel in the front is brilliant.


Renault Latitude Exteriors and Features

Renault Latitude Headlight PicturesAfter having a clear glance at the car on its ‘first look’ in Mumbai, it can be well assured that the car definitely is something to stare at. Beauty with Aggression and a unique blend of muscle and sportiness would be the most essential factors regarding the looks of the sedan. The all new Renault Latitude has a huge front fascia with a gorgeous front grille along with chrome finishing residing on which the stylish signature of the company attributes grandeur and respect. The Bold, dramatic and huge halogen headlamps look stunning and the unique side body lines of the car not only look sporty but also add a sense of muscle and strength. The bumpers of the car make a statement of their own in looks and style. The tyre size of this sedan is 225/50 R17 with alloys present. The kerb weight of the sedan is 1615.00 kgs. The other counterpart being the rear compliments and matches the beauty of the front with LED sparkling angled tail lamps that look stunning and gorgeous with the overall body of this astounding car.


Safety and Features in Renault Latitude

Renault Latitude Tail Light PicturesThe Renault Latitude has been loaded with the usual price matching safety mechanisms like the ABS, EBD, ESP, 3 rear seats belts, Traction control, Parking sensors, Fog lamps, 6 Airbags, central locking, immobilizer, brake assist etc. However there is very less known information about other safety features of the sedan.



Renault Latitude Driving and Handling

Renault Latitude Steering Wheel PicturesThe Renault Latitude is superb in driving and handling with the amazingly responsive and sensitive power steering with the cruise control. The suspensions of the car are top notch and very comfortable. The Latitude has an amazing automatic climate control as well to ease the task of comfort and a relaxed ride.



Renault Latitude Accessories

Renault Latitude Stereo PicturesThere is not much information about the stereo and accessories with Renault Latitude but it is expected that it will be dash integrated of a CD/ Mp3/ Radio Audio system of Bose with at least 6 speakers in order to deliver sharper acoustics.



Renault Latitude Conclusion

The exceptional and truly matchless in luxury, the Renault Latitude is anticipated with high expectations in the market.
*Please Note: All the information mentioned above and the information missing is variable to change with due course and respective to time. The Information will be updated on regular basis.

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