Rolls-Royce Ghost

Rs. 2,50,00,000 to Rs. 3,05,00,000 (ex showroom delhi)

Rolls-Royce Ghost Review

An epic in it’s much own, The Rolls Royce Ghost is indeed a rock and roll car. The charming beauty of this luxurious sedan offers everything right from the immensely stunning style and pride with glorious design and couture that remarks grandeur and something huge at every glance. The lavishing scenic beauty of this epic sedan, the Ghost has all the luxuries of life captured together within its cabin and interiors. The shining leather of the sedan and the mesmerizing panels with sophisticated dash, decals and trims, the Ghost is truly remarkable of a typical Rolls Royce.

Rolls Royce Ghost PictureThe Rolls Royce Ghost has a powerful engine too that delivers sheer power and torque that seems almost heavenly. The exteriors of the car are just another complement to the interiors. The sedan has exquisite piece of serenity that counts for the beautiful aroma and ambience inside the car. The advanced ergonomics of the sedan and the Elvis Presley style luxury couture together with the superior quality audio system rocks and rolls every bit of it. The time comes still in the luxury of this sedan.

The sedan has been loaded and equipped with all advanced safety features and infotainment accessibility, the voice recognition lock and password, voice integrated engine start/ stop, smart LED illumination, full audio/ visual LCD panel, multifunction steering wheel, integrated audio system with CD/ DVD auto-changer and what not. Any feature missed, name it and it’s there in the all new Ghost.

Priced huge due to name so huge and an epic this glorious, the Ghost is nothing but the highest peak of Luxury known to man.


Rolls Royce Ghost 6.6 Mileage and Fuel Efficiency

Variant    Mileage (city) Mileage (highways)
Rolls Royce Ghost 6.6 (petrol) 4.87 kmpl 10.4 kmpl


The fully loaded with superior quality features and advanced technology Rolls Royce ghost from petrol variant gives a decent mileage of about 4.87 Kmpl in the city whereas delivers around 10.4 Kmpl on the highways. With such a decent mileage, Ghost gives a fair competition to the other cars of the segment. The high displacement figures might not give good statistic in mileage but the power truly recompenses the fact. Rolls Royce Ghost is assembled with 8 speed automatic overdrive transmission.


Rolls Royce Ghost Models and Features

Variant Features
Rolls Royce Ghost 6.6 Front and rear heated seats, multi  functional steering wheel, Active roll stabilization, Rear reading lamp, Dual tone interiors, lamb’s wool floor mats, moulded door trims, power windows, leather door trim, uncluttered dashboard, leather seats, wide and flat footrests, leather gear knob, silver satin finished bonnet, xenon headlamps, Teflon coated umbrellas, reverse hinged coach style doors, natural wood veneers, Blenheim wool carpets, body coloured door handles, body coloured tailgate handle, cashmere blend roof lining, sun protecting curtains, rear window defogger, additional cameras on front and rear side, alloy wheels, tinted glass, rear spoiler, optional panorama double sun roof, integrated antenna, power antenna, CD changer, AM / FM radio, 600 watt audio system with remote control, LCD screens, front and rear 16 speakers, 2 floor mounted subwoofers, hard drive, USB and Bluetooth connection, Dual front airbag, side airbag, post collision safety system, electronic stability control, front and rear active head restraints, anti theft alarm, antiglare rear view mirror, daytime running, dual front with head protection chambers, crump zones, emergency interior trunk release, side impact beams, front impact beams, traction control, cruise control, parking sensors, front and rear 4 wheel antilock ventilated disc brake system.


Rolls Royce Ghost 6.6 Engine, Power and Performance

Rolls Royce Ghost 6.6 is designed by highly engineering skills which makes it quite effective. The Rolls Royce Ghost runs on petrol as the prime and the only compatible fuel.


Rolls Royce Ghost 6.6 V12 petrol engine

Rolls Royce Ghost Engine PictureThe 6.6 L twin turbocharged petrol engine is designed with V12 technology which makes it quite effortless and worthwhile. The engine is advanced with amazing displacement of 6592cc, well supportive with 12 cylinders, direct injection fuel management, allotted with DOHC with 48 valve configuration and possesses the astonishing fuel tank capacity of 83 ltr which helps it to perform without any noise from the very first of its start. The engine is so perfectly assembled that it brings the best driving comfort or dynamic drive known as magic carpet ride in the terms of Rolls Royce Ghost for drivers and passengers. The engine is made to run over minimum octane grade of 91 as the precaution.


Rolls Royce Ghost 6.6 Pickup and Acceleration

Engine variant Max. power (ps/rpm) Max. torque (Nm/rpm) Acceleration and Pickup Transmission Top speed
Rolls Royce Ghost 6.6 (petrol) 570/5250 780/1500 100 kmph in just 4.9 seconds Automatic transmission 250 kmph


Rolls Royce Ghost Tachometer PictureThe petrol engine variant of Rolls Royce Ghost is featured with amazing technology which lets it to give unbeatable performance in the market. The engine possesses extreme power of 570 ps at 5250 rpm and tremendous torque of 780 Nm at 1500 rpm which effectively delivers all sort of powerful driving comfort and left users with no complains. The astonishing acceleration and pick up of the Ghost is really eye catching as it is capable of covering a distance of 100 kmph in just 4.9 at the fantastic top speed of 250 kmph. The engine is assembled with 8 speed automatic overdrive transmission which adds stars to its performance. The engine is equipped with all that features which are expected to be in car at such price.


Rolls Royce Ghost Interiors and Features

Rolls Royce Ghost Dashboard PictureThe new Rolls Royce Ghost encased in the essence of Ghost is known for its simplicity and purity. Every individual inch of the car cast an image of severity and dignity both fashioning in a combo way procuring the car to be a much admirable one.

With its simple looks and easy to handle facilities, the car fulfills each and every desire of both individuals and families. The Rolls Royce Ghost is designed with serene features to ease the task of the car’s owner. The ultimate interiors with the sight of steering wheel beautifully fitted on the handsome dashboard gives an amazing appeal to the car’s front zone. The Ghost is the most technologically advanced product by the Rolls Royce assimilated with a clear and uncluttered dashboard with visible everyday needed driving controls and discreetly hidden secondary buttons. The charm of the stunning steering wheel is exalted with the touch of smooth anthracite leather. The nicely designed cup holders are well adjusted in the car’s frontal area giving a neat sophisticated look to the car’s interiors. Also the car is assembled with a cool box (for champagne) in the driver’s section and a rear veneer picnic table in the passenger’s zone.

Rolls Royce Ghost Glass Holder PictureThe car’s reverse hinged coach style doors with the ability of electric closing on a click of a button and power windows offer a very simple and soothing glance to the car’s innards and need to be appreciated to match with the unique style of interiors presented by the car. The simple yet dashing inner door handles gives a dazzling view to the car’s door.
From the comfort’s point, the car Rolls Royce Ghost is much of a luxurious sedan.  The comfortable cozy seating of the car is covered in leather packing offering not only avoidance to damage threat but also cedes a serious serene touch to the car. Not only the driver’s seat but also the lounge type rear seats are highly spacious and offer a high degree of relaxation and support. Both the front and rear seats are ventilated and are provided with reclining massage facility. Moreover, the car is accommodated with proper arm and backbone support and an additional resource of wide and flat footrests.  The car is completely sun guarded by facilitating it with panorama double sunroof. Besides this, the rear windows and compartment is proffered with sun protecting curtains. Not only avoiding the sun rays, the car also escape its users from the rain drops by the use of Teflon coated umbrellas tucked in the front doors.

Rolls Royce Ghost Driver Side Door Control PictureThe leather coated gear lever knobs placed in between the leather wrapped relaxing front seats gives a sober view to the fore enhance. Also the car is provided with large number of storage spaces for both tiny and bulky commodities. The beautiful big trunk with huge storage spacing manages bulks and bulks of luggage during the course of a journey.  The trunk is also fully decked with deep pile carpet conveying a ritzy look to the stowage section. Not only the trunk, but the whole car is adorned with deep tufted Blenheim carpet and lamb’s wool floor mats endowing a classy appeal to the car. The Cashmere blend roof lining ensures the sense of openness and space.
To conceive an aura of enjoyment and recreation, the Rolls Royce Ghost is blended with 600 watt audio system. The audio player includes 16 speakers with 2 floor mounted subwoofers duplify the joy of the music lovers. The spare presence of hard drive and USB and Bluetooth connectivity amplifies the fun to a new higher level. Also, for the entertainment of the rear sitters, the car is equipped with a LCD screen.

The car Rolls Royce Ghost with its simple and easy to use features is a sign of modesty and depicts clarity in complexity.  With its astonishing looks, great capabilities and additional climate controlling features, the car creates a huge sensation in the automobile world.


Rolls Royce Ghost Exteriors and Features

Rolls Royce Ghost Headlight PictureThe Rolls Royce titled as the company producing “the best car in the world” comes out with its new creation the Rolls Royce Ghost. The Rolls Royce Ghost is a compact, powerful, nimble and much of an affordable ultra luxury Sedan. The natural looking Ghost is forged with steel monologue structure assuring reliability which is the key attribute of the Rolls Royce. The car’s fore exterior view is replenished with the well designed front grille implanted on the frontal surface of the variant. The logo of the Rolls Royce is neatly carved on the front grill exhibiting the immense dynamism of the company. The grille is proffered with an infrared night vision camera which detects the body heat and displays the image of pedestrians up to 300 meters away. With the additional cameras mounted on front, side and rear faces of the car, parking is no longer an issue to worry about. Also the car is procured with high beam assistance with the capability of automatically diming bright xenon light for oncoming traffic.

Rolls Royce Ghost Wheel and Tyre PictureThe car’s front looks lavishing with the appealing appearance of the silver satin finished bonnet. The flimsy unique trademark of the Rolls Royce is nicely affixed on the bonnet ceding the car the extreme prestige of representing the one and only Rolls Royce family. The luminous head and rear lamps of the car clearly lightens the intense glory of the Rolls Royce group. Being one of the Rolls Royce, the Ghost is painted in an incredible deep flawless shine and once the lacquer layer is applied, the perfect reflection is visible on the body surface. The outer rear view mirror affix at both the front ends of the car grants a spark to the radiance of this sedan. The car’s body is gracefully framed on large 20 inch alloy or chromed alloy wheels with matching chromed center caps or body colored center caps.

The best quality features enwrapped in a best quality package is what a Rolls Royce Ghost is. The Ghost encased in the essence of simplicity and naturalness is a modernized perfect variant with the ability of fulfilling not only desires but also dreams. With the perspective of making driving easier and enjoyable, the Ghost is designed with the principle of delivering clarity out of complexity. Even the slightest imperfection has no place in a Rolls Royce, after all a Rolls Royce is a Rolls Royce.


Safety and Features in Rolls Royce Ghost

Rolls Royce Ghost Tail Light PictureThe Rolls Royce Ghost is enabled with advanced features of superior quality which is enough capable to ensure the outstanding safety for the customers in every aspects. The Rolls Royce Ghost Stability management helps stabilize the drive to reduce risk of chassis failure. The few examples features which gives extraordinary performance are front and side airbag, anti lock brake system (ABS), electronic brake-force distribution (EBD), brake assist, post collision safety system, electronic stability control, front and rear active head restraints, central locking, power door locks, child safety locks, anti theft alarm, antiglare rear view mirror, daytime running, dual front with head protection chambers, crump zones, emergency interior trunk release and much more. The full size airbags for both driver and co- driver seats is yet again a very important safety measure, the Ghost side impact protection system further enhances safety.


Rolls Royce Ghost Driving and Handling

Rolls Royce Ghost Steering Wheel PictureThe Rolls Royce Ghost is assembled in such a manner that it brings the best driving comfort or dynamic drive known as magic carpet ride in the terms of Rolls Royce Ghost for drivers and passengers. The Ghost is not just a car but your very own world on wheels that has everything you would imagine for a comfortable, rather a luxurious drive, ultimately a king’s drive. The rack and pinion, speed sensitive variable rate power assistance steering type adds more stars to the driving. The car is enabled with front and rear 4 wheel antilock ventilated disc brake system. The transmission is smooth as it should be for comfort and the braking is well equipped with ABS. Moreover the speed alert alarms you to slow down on high speeds. The cruise control helps you maintain a constant speed with the push of a button and without acceleration. The dynamic stability control is quite supportive in applying brakes with confidence and having turns on the winding roads.


Rolls Royce Ghost Stereo and Accessories

Rolls Royce Ghost Interior Accessories PictureThe Rolls Royce Ghost has one of the finest music and stereo systems in the world. The highly dignified Sound package has an 600 watt audio system with CD player, MP3 player, CD changer, AM / FM radio, along with universal audio interface (Bluetooth, USB, AUX- in support) that comes well supported by front and rear 16 speakers, 2 floor mounted subwoofers. The rear passenger is made to enjoy with LCD screens which brings stars to the journey. The car also fulfills the all needed accessories which are quite responsive and effective like multi functional steering wheel, remote, remote trunk / boot opener, remote fuel lid opener, active roll stabilization, luggage compartment lamp, rear reading lamp, height adjustable front seat belts, dual tone interiors, lamb’s wool floor mats and much more.


Rolls Royce Ghost Conclusion

The Rolls Royce Ghost being a brand of luxury, royalty and passion is just unbeatable over its performance and specification but lack of hardtop convertible is not the point to much worry. The market possesses few good competitors to successfully compete with Ghost.

Rolls-Royce Ghost Variants

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Rolls-Royce Ghost Petrol
Price (ex showroom)
Engine Details
Special Features


Get On Road Price
6592 cc , Petrol

4.87 kmpl (City)
10.4 kmpl (Highway)

*Cruise Control with Stop & Go *20" Alloy Wheels *Dynamic Stability Control *8 Airbags (Front-Rear-Side-Curtain)


Get On Road Price
6592 cc , Petrol

4.87 kmpl (City)
10.4 kmpl (Highway)

*Four Corner Air Suspension *Extended Wheelbase

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