Tata Indigo XL

Rs. 5,88,417 to Rs. 6,46,022 (ex showroom delhi)

Tata Indigo XL Review

The Tata Indigo XL is yet another gem to the crown of the Tata Motors that have been confident in a while launching numerous sedans into the Indian market. The Indigo XL is quite representative of a marvellous design very close and typical to the similar story of the Tata’s. The Indigo XL is more spacious than the former Indigo and has been improved and designed in new, unique way. The Indigo XL looks stunning and has been given an edge over other cars of the company being at a different platform.

Tata Indigo XL PicturesThe Indigo XL is also being seen as the new replacement to commercial as well as luxurious purposes, as it brings along new business into the segment. The quality has been foretold in the new Indigo XL and there has been no compromise with the overall shape and size of the sedan. The Tata Indigo XL is as elegant as it was ever before. The Tata Indigo XL has been given a class of its own.

The Company has previously come up with quality cars like, Tata Indica V2, Tata Sumo, Tata Sierra and most innovative is Tata indigo Xl. With an aim of achieving the grip back on to the Indian market, the company has now given thumbs up to the all-new Tata Indigo XL with some new and advanced features unlike before, many of which have already been presumed to be quite impressive and techy. The Indigo XL would also be straight forward challenge to the long lasting critics to the company designs. The company is also quite sure of the imminent fame of the sedan in the market. The Tata Indigo XL is a feature packed car (like none other in this class), value-for-money with an excellent petrol & Diesel engine. With Tata Indigo XL on domestic shores, the company seems to be confident enough to set benchmarks in terms of sales. Dominating the mid- size segment in India will not be easier for Tata Indigo XL as there is a long line up of strong competitors but no stopping as the car is loaded with extraordinary features.


Tata Indigo Mileage and Fuel Efficiency

Variants Mileage (in city)(in KMPL) Mileage (on highway)(in KMPL)
Tata Indigo XL Petrol Variants 8.8 12.85
Tata Indigo XL Diesel Variants 12.2 15.

Tata Indigo XL is damn excellent compared to its predecessors. With an admirable average of 8.8 Kmpl in cities and 12.85 Kmpl on highways the petrol variants stand competitive in the market and with remarkable mileage of 12.2 Kmpl in cities & 15.9 Kmpl on highways the DICOR diesel engine shows its caliber.


Tata Indigo XL Models and Features

Tata Indigo XL Variants Special Features
Tata Indigo XL Classic Petrol The car is loaded with special features like leather wrapped gear shift knob, one-touch powered window winding all 4 doors with express down, adjustable seats 4 Way, manual (Driver & Co-driver), utility tray behind seats, heating, ventilation & air conditioning system, rear air conditioning with vents / independent controls, dual chamber headlamps with multi focal reflector, sill valence covers (LH/RH), seat upholstery (Premium Fabric), new electronic Instrument cluster with engine RPM meter, engine immobiliser, audio warning signal for driver's seat belt, rear defogger.
Tata Indigo XL Classic Dicor The car is the basic diesel variant of this model with 1396 cc DICOR (Direct Injection Common Rail) engine and rest all features are same as Classic petrol variant.
Tata Indigo XL Grand Dicor The car is the basic diesel variant of this model with 1396 cc DICOR (Direct Injection Common Rail) engine and rest all features are same as Grand Petrol variant.
Tata Indigo XL Grand Petrol This car is loaded with unique special features such as lumber support, adjustable seats (X – axis, height & reclining) in 6 – way (powered), car phone kit with mobile handset, it has stylish alloy wheels (4+1), seat upholstery (Beige Leather, soft feel type), Door pads (Beige Rexene inserted), 4 speaker DVD player with headrest mounted TFT monitors and rest all features are same as Classic Petrol variant.


Tata Indigo XL Engine, Power and Performance

Tata Indigo XL with its luxurious look is complemented with performance through choice of two advanced technology engine which delivers outstanding performance with fuel efficiency. The car has come up with tow engines. First is very powerful 1396 cc 16 valve twin cam 1.4 litre with 32 – bit microprocessor petrol engine which churns out maximum power of 101 Ps @ 6100 rpm and maximum torque of 124 Nm @ 3500 rpm shows the enormous power of the engine. As far as 1396 cc DICOR (Direct Injection Common Rail) engine is concerned the engine has the outstanding capability of producing maximum power of 70 PS @ 4000 rpm and maximum torque of 140 Nm @ 1800 - 3000 rpm makes the car very powerful with remarkable performance & fuel efficiency.


Tata Indigo XL Pick up & Acceleration

Pick up & Acceleration Variants Max. Power(Ps / rpm) Max. Torque(Nm / rpm) Transmission Pickup(0-100 in sec) Top Speed(Km / h)
Tata Indigo XL Petrol Variants 101 / 6100 124 / 3500 5 gear manual 14.7 164
Tata Indigo XL Diesel Variants 70 / 4000 140 / 1800 – 3000 5 gear manual 15.5 156

Tata Indigo is uncompetitive in the market when it comes to pick up & acceleration in this segment of the car. The sedan with its tow high technique powerful engines produces  maximum power of 101 Ps @ 6100 rpm and maximum torque of 124 Nm @ 3500 rpm which is unbelievable and manual 5 gear transmission shows excellent performance to its users and makes the car fuel efficient. The petrol variant attains 164 Kmph of top speed and achieves   0 – 100 in just 14.7 seconds.

Whereas the diesel variants with DICOR technology engine churns out 70 Ps @ 4000 rpm of maximum power and 140 Nm @ 1800 – 3000 rpm of maximum torque with a top speed of 156 Kmph and reaches 0 – 100 in just 15.5 seconds with a noise free ride.


Tata Indigo XL Interiors & features

Tata Indigo XL PicturesInside Tata Indigo XL, you will find a world of elegancy and well appointed luxury. With premium boot space and roomy interior this car personalizes comfort & luxury. Stepping in the car gives you seven star experiences with its spacious interior which includes many unique features that one cannot imagine in this sedan. The dual tone beige interior with unbelievable legroom shows the luxury content of the car and which is incomparable to any other car of this sedan. With 6 – ways adjustable leather seats, the car shows the quality of elements used to express the looks of the vehicle, which is supported by lumbar support which is the sign of extra comfort to the passengers. Plush rear seats with their greater inclination have been designed for the extra comfort level. The car is also uploaded with a utility tray which completes the designing of the car and increases the convenience for the passengers. Electronic instrument cluster with engine RPM meter keeps the driver & passengers aware about the driving and other engine related features which has light intensity adjustment system. The new soft feel steering gives the driving extra comfort which is supported by front & rear power windows with one touch with winding express down makes the comfort level to optimum extent.

Tata Indigo XL Seats PicturesHeating, ventilation & air conditioned system makes the temperature of the car according to user with extra feature of rear air conditioning with vents / independent control keeps the balance and distributes the cooling evenly in all the compartments of the car. Car is having a phone kit supported with mobile handset through which we can call and talk anywhere we like and connect the laptop through internet for business as well internet purposes. Antiglare inner rear view mirror and cabin lamp with spot reading lamp makes the reading section of the car glittering. You can charge your electrical equipment through a socket, provided in the rear console. For entertainment purposes the car is loaded with 6 speakers entertainment system, which includes a DVD player and headrest mounted twin LCD screens. Radio has been of improved quality with mounted power antenna for proper frequency. The car has a chiller in the glove box compartment through which cold drinks cam be served along with music to create on road party.  Low level fuel and high coolant temperature indicator are some extra features which upgrade the interiors of the car and maintain order. Stylish wooden cubic print pattern for console & AC fascia is available which is present in most of the luxury and expensive cars. Front & Rear Door Outer Scuff Plate (LH/RH) with chrome strip gives the occupant appealing feel.


Tata Indigo XL Exteriors and Features

Tata Indigo XL Head Light PicturesThe exclusive lounge car is made to become the centre of attraction when put among all the car of this sedan. The refined interiors of Tata Indigo XL are fascinating and can attract any customer. The exteriors are the priority which makes the customer thinks about the car with its astonishing looks it has the worth to be purchased at price at which it is published. To enhance the elegancy of the car the car is being given sporty faced front which is supported with chrome embellishments adorn the body – from the satin painted grille to the trunk and also includes rub rails & scuff plates. The car has all exclusive exterior features which beat any car of this segment. 9 spoke, 14 inch alloy wheels on tubeless tyres lend a stately street presence and provides a lavishing look which amaze the viewers and attract them to have it. Electrically operated outer rear view mirrors have integrated side repeater lamps which dedicates your arrival in style and luxury.

Tata Indigo XL Wheel PicturesThe car is being designed with prominent clear lens tail lamps & twin reflector clear headlamps with a characteristic amber top which is also supported by front and rear bumpers having round front fog lamps gives the complete exterior comprehension of the sedan. Body colored bumpers with black stripped rear bumpers shows the sportiness of the car. The car has dual chamber headlights with multi focal reflector makes the driver’s drive enthusiastic with full vision. Body colored door rub rails with chrome strip makes anyone to gaze upon. The sill valance cover on both left & right side of the car and rear number plate with chrome surrounding and trunk trim garnish makes the vehicle a rally car.


Safety Features in Tata Indigo XL

Tata has always stressed upon safety feature to make the drive safer & secure. The car is blessed with safety features like auto locking of doors after 5 seconds to prevent door opening while the drive. Engine immobilizer makes the engine safer and drive easier which is supported by extra feature of automatic disabling of starter motor when engine is running for the engine proper mechanism. Key In/Out, door open audio warning signal and audio warning signal for driver’s seat belt has make the car safe and keep the driver alert about the safety measures. Anti submarine front seats provide safety and stability to the occupant and lessen the jerks sidewise. Child safety locks maintains safety for the children sitting on the rear side as after door is closed can be opened from outside and the lock is typically engaged via a small switch on the edge of the door that is only accessible when the door is open. Body control module is there which maintains the stability and prevents imbalance in the drive and control the body at jerks. Rear defogger helps to maintain the illumination when there is scarcity of light and makes the driving safer even driving in bad weather conditions.


Tata Indigo XL Driving & Handling

Tata Indigo XL Steering Wheel PicturesDriving & handling part is high lightened in new Tata Indigo XL as the car with its sporty gesture shows its elegancy through a smooth and stable drive. With its world famous McPherson suspension in the front side of the car and with coil spring and antiroll bar and on the rear side it has Independent 3-link McPherson Strut with Anti-roll Bar which make the drive jerk less, smooth and easy going. With front solid disc brakes & rear self adjusting drum brakes organize the drive in controlled way. With front solid disc brakes & rear self adjusting drum brakes organize the drive in controlled way. The braking system includes vacuum assisted dual circuit, diagonal split hydraulic brakes through tandem master cylinder acting on all four wheels maintain the stability and makes the drive buttery. Excellent performance, high quality lavish interior with automatic/manual transmissions, makes this car perfect for all class families. Tata Indigo XL looks great and driving a car like this is a really dream comes true. Once you drive Tata Indigo XL car, you will find it the best cars in the world that you have ever driven.


Tata Indigo XL Accessories

The car is full party place for the occupants and is loaded with high quality stereo system which makes the driving entertaining. Stereo system includes 4 speakers which increases the output level and sound quality of the music being played, and is supported by quality DVD player and for video playing the car is having headrest mounted twin LCD screens. Radio system is being improved with car’s trunk mounted antenna which clears the frequency and leads us to ultimate fun. Enjoy your favorite film or music with a cold drink from the glove box chiller can carry other stuff for long journey. Conducting business is a breeze, courtesy the Bluetooth car phone with internet connectivity. Talk to your colleagues over the car speakers or surf the net on your laptop and you can charge your electrical equipment through a socket, provided in the rear console.


Tata Indigo XL Conclusion

The all new compact limousine, Tata Indigo XL is build with an enlarged wheel base and stands as a perfect combination of elegancy, performance and luxury. The car is loaded with all the necessary features of this segment and can stand against any car of this segment. The price of the car is worth and having a choice of petrol & diesel variants makes it the best.

Tata Indigo XL Variants

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Tata Indigo XL Diesel
Price (ex showroom)
Engine Details
Special Features
1405 cc , Diesel

16.6 kmpl (City)
19.6 kmpl (Highway)

*Air Conditioner *Rear AC Vents *Power Steering *Power Windows - Rear *Anti-submarine Front Seats *Child Safety Locks
1396 cc , Diesel

20.0 Kmpl (City)
23.5 Kmpl (Highway)

*1.4L, CR4 turbo intercooled Diesel Engine
Tata Indigo XL CNG
Price (ex showroom)
Engine Details
Special Features
1396 cc , CNG

17.2 kmkg (City)
20.4 kmkg (Highway)

*CNG Fuel Level Indicator *Start in CNG Mode *Safe Body side CNG filling

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