Tata Xenon XT

Rs. 9,75,758 to Rs. 10,77,038 (ex showroom delhi)

Tata Xenon XT Review

Tata Xenon XT is a creation of the tranquilizing Tata Motors Limited, a part of the vast Tata Group which is merely a multinational automotive corporation. Tata Motors is tagged to be India’s largest automobile Company with a net turnover of approx. Rs. 9,274 crore. Tata Company was founded in 1950 as a local manufacturing unit which grows to commercial vehicle sector in 1954 after a joint venture with Daimler-Benz AG of Germany. Tata Motors generally deals with the creation of compact cars and utility vehicles. Tata Motors are best known for their dashing designs and fabulous features which make their cars complete different from others.

Tata Xenon XT PicturesThe Tata Group recently launched its all new Tata Xenon XT equipped with lots and lots of Tata’s inherited as well as newly invented advanced features. The Tata Xenon XT with its quality interior qualifications, excellent exterior designs and superb safety features is much more than a car. The Xenon XT can be personalised in any suitable way and is meant to fulfil each and every ones desires and hence the variant is a perfect personalised kit.


Tata Xenon XT Mileage and Fuel Efficiency

The Tata Xenon XT concedes an admirable mileage both in cities and on highways which is also economical from the point of fuel consumption. The Xenon XT possesses an estimated mileage of approx. 11.5 kmpl in city and 15.5 kmpl on highways which is actually good. Overall, the car provides an estimated combined mileage of about 13.8 kmpl.


Tata Xenon XT Models and Features

Variants Special Features
Tata Xenon XT EX 4X2 Charcoal grey interiors, white backlight graphic instrument cluster, leather upholstery, complete floor charcoal grey carpet, head lamp and tail lamp with multi focal reflector, silver central console finish, stylized black front grille, HVAC with pollen filter, remote operated fuel flap, 12V power point on floor console, door intrusion beam, door open alarm, seat belt unfasten warning, child seat anchorage on rear wall, collapsible steering column, turn indicators on outer mirrors.
Tata Xenon XT EX 4x4 All features similar as the EX 4X2 variant except for the 4X4 accomplice that comes with this one.

Tata Xenon XT PicturesThe Tata Xenon XT is presented in two gorgeous variants – Xenon XT 4x2 and Xenon XT 4x4. The variant Xenon XT 4x2 comes with 2179 cc Dicor engine and its range is estimated to be about Rs. 7, 72,121. The another variant, Xenon XT 4x4 is cede with same 2179 cc Dicor engine along with some more facilities and is awarded within an approx. pricing of Rs. 8,65,266. Keeping the quality features in mind, the car is really reasonable and deserves to be bought.


Tata Xenon XT Engine, Power and Performance

Tata Xenon XT Engine PicturesThe Tata creators manufactured its new Tata Xenon XT with the most powerful diesel engine equipped both in EX 4x2 and EX 4x4. Both the variants EX 4x2 and EX 4x4 have 16 valves DOHC VTT Dicor engine which are offered with a capacity of about 2.2L.The diesel engine is affiliated with Variable Turbine Technology and is operated on 32 bit electronic control which makes the car suitable for just anything. Also, the engine is ceded with Direct Injection Common Rail exhibiting more power and less consumption. With the powerful engines appended within both EX 4x2 and EX 4x4, the limits are surely off.


Tata Xenon XT Pickup and Acceleration

The Tata Xenon XT is granted with a powerful 2.2L 16 valves DOHC VTT Dicor engine. This diesel engine is affixed with Variable Turbine Technology and works well with 32 bit electronic control which makes the car suitable for just anything. Also, the engine is bestowed with Direct Injection Common Rail assuring more power and less consumption. The Dicor engine provides an estimated power of 140 PS per 4000 rpm and a torque of about 320 Nm per 1750-2700 rpm. The engine variant possesses a manual type transmission. The car can reach up to 100 km in just 15.5 sec with a top speed of approx. 165 kmph which is admirable. The pickup and acceleration produced by the car is adorable and makes the car a must buy.


Tata Xenon XT Interiors and Features

Tata Xenon XT Seats PicturesThe Tata Xenon XT is bestowed with much of a stylish aspect. The car is assured of having best interiors among all the Tata’s variants launched so far. The choice of charcoal grey shade for Xenon XT’s interiors is admirable. The interiors are stunningly designed with the furnished framework beautifully fabricated between the dashing doors with darting door handles equipped with reliable door locks. The doors are nicely intended to endorse keyless entry and central locking facilities. Moreover, the doors are conferred with one touch power windows with Driver and Co-driver express down feature.

The door trims are conceived with magazine pockets as well as bottle holders.

Tata Xenon XT Front Seats PicturesThe beauty of the beautiful Xenon XT is enhanced by the presence of dazzling dashboard offered with tiny openings to emplace lots of small commodities. The view of the snazzy steering wheel soothingly mounted on the instrument panel gives a more stylish touch to the car’s interiors. The cute and cosy cup holder is well placed on the centre console of the frontal enhance. The Xenon XT is presented with dual tone fabric seating granting an eye catching appearance to the car. The luxurious seats created by the Tata makers with fully adjustable lumbar support gifting the car a high degree of relaxation. With the facility to comfortably seat five people, the car is much of a family oriented one. Also, keeping the safety attribute intact, both the front row seats are equipped with seat belts with height adjustment facility. The front seats are carved with small pockets to emplace tiny valuables. The car’s interiors are very minutely exaggerated with finer touches.

Tata Xenon XT AC Controls PicturesThe steering wheel along with the seating are all leather wrapped rendering them a sign of durability and awarding a classy appeal to the car’s interiors. The car’s floor is completely covered with a charcoal grey carpet simply matching up with the charcoal grey interiors conceded by the car’s creators. The car is surrounded by ravishing rear view mirrors on both the extreme ends facilitated with electrically adjustable technique. Besides this, the fuel flap of the car can be operated through a remote, turning out to be a factor contributing to the great comfort ensured by the Tata’s. The front roof lamp of the Tata Xenon XT is proffered with an advanced spot reading lamp permitting the rear sitters to read even during the night journey. The cigarette lighter as well as the ash tray is neatly positioned in the fore section of the car conveying a very rich glance to the car’s front. To amplify the richness granted to the car, the floor console is fitted with 12V power point which also adds to passenger’s comfort ability.

Tata Xenon XT Gear Knob PicturesThe tachometer and trip meter along with the analogue clock are gorgeously crafted on the instrument panel. The illuminated ignition key slots and window winding switches are also splendidly affixed on the control board. The instrument board is also provided with adjustable light intensity. The car screen is sun protected by appending the screen with a sun shade band. The sun visors also helps in preventing the harmful sun rays from entering the car’s innards. Also the car is ceded with HVAC along with pollen filter. Afar from these, the Tata Xenon XT is definitely spacious. Unlike any other variant, the Tata Xenon XT conceives an approximately equal luggage compartment as the driving and passenger enhance. So now loads and loads of bulky goods can be transported easily and conveniently. The rear section, also, is very versatile and can be personalised in any suitable way. The open deck of the car makes a subtle style statement enwrapping the car within a sense of uniqueness. This freshness enclosed within the essence of the Tata’s everlasting fame makes the Xenon XT a must buy one.


Tata Xenon XT Exteriors and Features

Tata Xenon XT ORVM PicturesThe Tata Xenon XT exteriors are very well designed and are created in a beautiful way complementing the quality interiors offered by the car. The body colored bumper affixed at the front end of the gifts the car with an amazing sight of serenity. The glory of the bonnet glorifies a little more when the light of the lavishing lamps fall on it. These clear lens head lamps as well as the tail lamps along with the multi focal reflectors are considered to be the plus point of the car. The seductive front grille is very cutely placed in between the head lamps offering a sparkling look to the car.

The traditional logo of the dignified “Tata’s” is nicely carved on the front grille depicting the vastness and uniqueness of the Company. The screen of the car is water repellent and is covered fully with sun shades, so now whatever the weather is your car is all set for a journey. The pull type door handles as well as the side view mirrors are all decor in its body colour giving a Tata Xenon XT Tyre & Wheel Picturesdarting gaze to the car’s design. Moreover, the side view mirrors are pre equipped with turn indicators facility which makes the Tata Xenon XT, the first Tata variant with this advanced feature. The entire framework of this classic car is splendidly mounted on durable alloy wheels offering safety while driving on not so good roads. The top view of the car is eye catching and looks ultimate with the stylized roof rails appealingly applied over the roof. Also, the external radio antenna is finely hitched on the top of the car. The use of the black tape on the B pillar is magnificent and awards a magical touch to the exciting exteriors of the car. Afar from the front, top and side view, the Tata makers leaves no scope for any complaint regarding the rear section too. The rear section of the car is unique in its own way. With the open deck almost equal to the driver’s area, there is plenty of space for stowage.

Tata Xenon XT Side Stepper PicturesThe deck is also bestowed with boot lid covering providing total protection to the luggage and commodities placed in the deck. Besides the storage facility, the rear side of the car is gorgeously carved with impressive designs. The option of the bed liner makes the car’s floor scratch free and now the deck can easily be used for transporting heavy and bulky goods. The Tata Xenon XT with all its inherited plus invented features is a combo of style and space and with the certainty in the Tata Corporation, there must be no second thought in buying this Tata product. With all the fabulous featured fabricated in the car and the grand name of the Tranquilizing Tata Company, the success of this new Tata’s invention is definitely assured.


Safety Features in Tata Xenon XT

The Tata team is considered to be the best one as far as the safety attribute is concerned. The Tata group never gave a chance to complaint regarding its safety features. Team members keep on designing more and more safety features which are installed in the variant only after the successful completion of the testing phase. Being a Tata variant, the all new Tata Xenon XT is engineered with lots and lots of safety features.

The dashing doors of the car are accommodated with door intrusion beam which makes the doors somewhat more durable. Not only the intrusion beam, but the doors are also connected with an alarm which automatically rings on door opening. The variant is also fitted with immobilizer which further enhances the safety of the car and its passengers. LSD limited slip differential is among the extra safety features introduced in the car. Along with the door locks, the rear doors of the car are fitted with special child locks to prevent sudden opening of car’s door due to child’s mischief. The powerful front brakes of the car are appended with bigger brake disc and callipers with twin port ensures safety in case of sudden brakes and jerks. The use of seat belts is not only common but compulsory, keeping the law intact; the car comes with adjustable 3 point seat and lap belts. The seat belts created by the Tata team are height adjustable not only ensuring safety but also comfort. The proper use of seat belts is guaranteed with the presence of seat belt unfastens warning. The car is provided with anti-submarine seating to prevent injury arising due to instant braking or any other unavoidable reason.

The motorized adjusting head lamps are affiliated with clear lens fog lamps to avoid risk during unpleasant and inconvenient weather. The door open ajar warning system amplifies safety by noticing the proper locking of the door while driving. The fuel gauge comes with low fuel indicator warning system to keep track of the fuel consumption. The rear view mirror of the car is fully antiglare and the rear section of the car is built in a way supporting provision for child seat anchorage. Also, the Tata Xenon XT is created with collapsible steering column. Thus, the Tata makers wrap its new variant with all the possible safety features assuring full security to the car as well as its users.


Tata Xenon XT Driving and Handling

Tata Xenon XT Steering PicturesThe Tata Xenon XT conveys a very soothing driving and handling aspect. Both the variants of the Xenon XT carry an independent double wishbone front suspension and a parabolic left spring rear suspension. The car is presented with a power steering and vacuum assisted independent hydraulic braking system. The front row braking system contains ventilated disc brakes along with twin pot calliper while the rear side braking system is equipped with auto adjusting type drum brakes. The two variant EX 4x2 and EX 4x4 possess same braking system. The two variants of Xenon XT – the Xenon XT EX 4x2 and Xenon XT EX 4x4 provides a wheel base of around 3150 mm and ground clearance of approx. 200 mm which is actually good. From the exact figures bestowed by the Tata’s, the car sounds to be really good at least with its driving and handling.


Tata Xenon XT Accessories

All the Tata cars are fully equipped with entertainment sources, so is the all new Xenon XT. But the sound system of the car is not that tempting. The audio system contains 4 speakers and a CD player at least creating a little aura of fun and entertainment during the journey course.


Tata Xenon XT Conclusion

The car Tata Xenon XT possessed with inventive interiors and exciting exteriors and along with the everlasting fame of the Tata group is not just a moving framework like others. In fact, the Xenon XT is a personalised kit which can be personalised in any way you want. With the brand name of Tata’s and its unique freshness, satisfaction is definitely guaranteed.

Tata Xenon XT Variants

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Tata Xenon XT Diesel
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Special Features
2179 cc , Diesel

11.5 kmpl (City)
15.5 kmpl (Highway)

*Xenon Headlamps *Deck at the Back *Power & Tilt Steering *Anti-Submarine Seats


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2179 cc , Diesel

11.5 kmpl (City)
15.5 kmpl (Highway)

*Four Wheel Drive

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