Volvo S60

Rs. 25,00,000 to Rs. 35,00,000 (ex showroom delhi)

Volvo S60 Review

Volvo S60 Cross Country launched in Indian car market

March 11, 2016: With an objective to bridge the gap between SUV and sedan Swedish car maker Volvo has launched its luxurious sedan S60 Cross Country in Indian car market with starting price of Rs. Rs. 38.9 lakh (ex-showroom, in New Delhi and Mumbai) exclusive of Octroi. Empowered with 2.4 litre, five-cylinder D4 diesel engine boosting the power of 187 bhp and mated with six speed automatic transmission system the sedan carries almost same looks as offered in regular S60 sedan.

Volvo S60 T6 petrol launched in Indian with price tag of Rs. 47 lakh (on-road price New Delhi)

July 6, 2015: Volvo Auto India, the Indian alliance of Swedish car maker Volvo has launched T6 petrol sedan in its brigade of S60 in Indian car market with starting price of Rs. 47 lakh (on-road price, New Delhi). The new S60 T6 in energized with 2.0-litre, four cylinder and supercharge direction injection engine boosting the power of 304 bhp and torque of 400 Nm. The new trim is capable for crossing the mark of 100 kmph within the span of 5.9 seconds and with top speed of 230 kmph it delivers fuel efficiency of 15.6 kmph.

Volvo S60 PicturesExpert Review

The well-known epitome of style and sophistication, Volvo needs no further introduction. The Volvo S60 is simply a sedan that has been designed and meant to make a lasting impression. The Volvo S60 is not just an exquisite blend of design and magnificence but also a whole new vibrant world through the beautiful interiors it offers to its passengers. This hot and sensuous sedan from Volvo is brilliant in almost every aspect that can be related to perfection in elegance.  Truly grandeur in style and power, the Volvo S60 is a complete package.

The Volvo S60 has been manufactured with a high advanced technology and consists of almost all the common luxury features that should have adorned the presence in the car with this big a price range. The mileage of the car will reach up to an average of about 7- 13 kmpl which is quite acceptable. The diesel engine is enabled with excellent features that will make it more powerful. Volvo makers have assured that the all new sedan will provide luxury and comfort like a sedan yet with the genome of a spacious, muscular and powerful sedan. The Volvo creators present this creation in a new appealing style embedded within a traditional touch of the very Volvo’s. The car is assembled with all common as well as newly invented safety features which will ensure safe and sound journey. The Volvo S60 is well equipped with a powerful and responsive steering that will help ease the pressure on the driver and deliver responsive handling.

Well more than just an attire, the sedan is an excellent rather a perfect example of craftsmanship. Moreover the ease of comfort and driver offered by this unique car is sound and superb. The S60 catches breath from any and every aspect that it boasts about. Not only the style is glaring but also the unconditional love for the automobile, Volvo shows with its creations stands out outstandingly apart from the rest.


Volvo S60 Mileage and Fuel Efficiency

Engine Variant Mileage (City) Mileage (Highway)
3.0L T6 Petrol Engine 6.5 kmpl 9.8 kmpl
2.4L D5 Diesel Engine 9.5 kmpl 13.2 kmpl

The powerful and magnificent, this new Swedish epitome has been empowered by two very capable engines. As far as the mileage and efficiency of the sedan is concerned, the 3 l T6 Petrol engine of the S60 delivers a sharp 6.5 Kmpl in the city and 9.8 Kmpl on the highways. On the other hand, the 2.4 l D5 Diesel engine of the S60 carves out a superb 9.5 Kmpl in the city and a brilliant 13.2 Kmpl on the highways. Both the engines are supportive of the automatic transmission and yet the mileage of the sedan comes out to be quite impressive. The Volvo S60 might just be another tough call to the BMW and Mercedes in the aspect.


Volvo S60 Variants and Features

Petrol Variants Features
Volvo S60 Summum T6 Automatic climate control , leather upholstery, adjustable xenon headlamps, rain sensing wipers, rear defogger, sun roof, super stereo system with 6 speakers, total airbag package, parking sensors, automatically dimmed inner mirror + compass, sun curtain, shimmer graphite decor inlays, charcoal standard décor inlays, upper + lower headlight washer, bright decor side windows, Turn with steering lights, collision warning with full auto brake, driver alert system and pedestrian detection, blind spot information system, park assist camera etc.
Diesel Variants  
Volvo S60 kinetic D5 All the features are same with the Summum T6 variant except for the rear side airbag package, shimmer graphite décor inlays and pedestrian detection.
Volvo S60 Summum D5 All features are similar with the Summum T6 variant except for the shimmer graphite décor inlays.

Compare Volvo S60 Models

Volvo S60 PicturesThe Volvo S60 has some extraordinary features when it comes talking about the exteriors and interiors of the car. Some of the top notch features include power roof, huge infotainment panel, rear view parking camera, bi- functional headlamps, active reflectors, chrome finish, charcoal and graphite décor inlays, Bluetooth support module, Aux- In support, illuminated instruments, under seat storage etc.

With all aspects covered in the ultimate design and a platform so dignified, the S60 is simply awesome and rules grace with pride. Being a complete package, the sedan has almost all comforts one could think of.


Volvo S60 Colors

Volvo S60 in Black Color Volvo S60 in Silver Color Volvo S60 in Seashell Color Volvo S60 in Blue Color Volvo S60 in Red Color Volvo S60 in Gold Color
Black Sapphire Electric Silver Seashell Caspian Blue Flamenco Red Electrum Gold


Volvo S60 Engine, Power and Performance

Volvo S60 is available in the Indian market with 2 different types of engines out of which one would be the terrific D5 Diesel engine and the other one would be the T6 Petrol. Both types of engines are supportive of the automatic transmission only with 6/ 5 gear boxes respectively.


3.0L T6 Petrol Engine

The 3.0 L turbocharged petrol engine has been assembled with 6 cylinders in- line with an excellent displacement of 2953 cc, 6 speed gear type automatic transmission and has a fuel capacity of 60 l. The power packed engine offers tremendous power like no other and the efficiency remains unmatched. All such features constituently enhance the performance, torque and deliver a smoother drive. The engine is expected to give a tremendous power of about 308 ps and an excellent torque of 440 Nm.

2.4L D5 Diesel Engine

The Volvo S60 2.4 L D5 Diesel engine is equipped with loads of amazing features which makes it capable in delivering extreme power and gives a superior performance. The Engine has been assembled with 5 cylinders, a displacement of 2400 cc, a 5 speed gear type automatic transmission and has a fuel capacity of 60 l. Just Like the petrol engine, the diesel engine of the Volvo S60 too comes with the promise of unmatched power and performance. Quite unbeatable with such a lot, the S60 would be a power drive. The Volvo S60 diesel engine is able to give an immense power of about 208 ps and a torque of around 420 Nm which is massively impressive.


Volvo S60 Pickup and Acceleration

Engine variant Max. power (ps/rpm) Max. torque (Nm/rpm) Acceleration and Pickup Top Speed Transmission
3.0L T6 Petrol 308/5600 440/2100 100 kmph in 6.1 seconds 250 kmph 6 speed automatic
2.4L D5 Diesel 208/4000 420/1500 100 kmph in 7.1 seconds 250 kmph 5 speed automatic

Volvo S60 Techometer Pictures

The Volvo S60 petrol variant would give a tremendous power of about 308 ps at 5600 rpm and the excellent torque of 440 Nm at 2100 rpm supported with a 6 speed gear type automatic transmission. While on the other side the Volvo S60 diesel models are able to give immense power of 208 ps at 4000 rpm and torque of 420 Nm at 1500 rpm. Both the engines with such figures give impressive mileage, smooth riding and excellent pickup. The petrol models can reach up to 100 km/ h in just 6.1 seconds with a maximum speed of 250 kmph and with the same top speed the diesel models are capable to cover the pickup of 100 km/ h in just 7.1 seconds. The astonishing pickup would certainly help the Volvo S60 to attain a bright spot in the market.


Volvo S60 Interiors and Features

Volvo S60 Seats PicturesObsessed with a sense of simplicity yet sophistication, the Interiors of the Volvo S60 speak of their own elegance when coupled along style. The beautiful leather upholstery of the car is a state of the art in the best form ever seen. Moreover when it comes to talking about space, the S60 has it all along with magnificent features that count on luxury and comfort. The superior leather seats are extravagantly spacious and comfy along with adjustable head rests both at the back and the front of the cabin. The arm rests that comfort you whether at the front or the back of the cabin are a true delight for comfortable drive. The fabulous and very stylish dashboard of the car is pretty wide and extraordinarily handsome. The multifunctional steering embraces the console with scintillating dazzles of illumination on the instrument cluster. The audio and stereo panel that stretches across the dashboard is a sight too. Bold and perfectly carved ergonomically panel is highly sophisticated and an excellent piece of engineering. The gear shift knob and the vivacious ashtray along with the cup holders look brilliant. The ergonomic dash has the support of a GPS and a DVD with touch screen mechanism as well. Also the highly audible and strong bass music system has the inputs for AUX and USB with a 12 V socket for mobile and phone connectivity. The Bluetooth works just as fine.

Volvo S60 PicturesThe Volvo S60 has room not only for the electronic functions but for plenty of storage as well with the very roomy and good volume space in the numerous storage compartments given throughout the luxurious cabin. The much expanded and highly sufficient glove box is outstanding and no to forget the extremely large boot space of the car that attracts much of compliments. The headroom, shoulder room and legroom are enormous inside the car. There is not much room for discomfort though; this is where Volvo makes a mark creating a wonderful car that is extremely luxurious and satisfying to the customer. The Interiors of the car are delighting and well lit with beautiful illuminations that not only confines to the front functional panels but also to the door trims and handles. The superior quality of leather that swirls around the steering and the whole of interiors are super comfortable with an essence of freshness at every level. The seats are very spacious and relaxing even on longer hauls. The magnificent silver lining on the dashboard trims is yet another very remarkable feature about the interiors of the vehicle. The Volvo S60 has not been deprived of even a single feature that separates it from what is known as perfection.

The GPS with the touchscreen LCD panel at the front console looks marvelous and esteemed. The tachometer looks a charm and the rest of the pleasure job is done by the excellent rogue of the fabricated trims along the moldings. The Interiors of the S60 are truly mesmerizing and extraordinarily outstanding.


Volvo S60 Exteriors and features

Volvo S60 Head Light PicturesThe Volvo S60 is a killer in looks and too tempting about its exteriors. Well, the S60 has been designed to grab only appreciation and so is clearly visible in its body shell. The sensuous headlamps are crystal eyed and speak it all. The dazzling platinum grille mixed with carbon is makes you go speechless. The Sophisticated and very stylish Volvo logo very charmingly sits on over the grille. The fog lamps have a class of their own and the body colored bumpers are something quite usual yet unique in their own way. The bonnet scoop of the car is amazingly beautiful.

The S60 has looks like no other in the segment making it worth the admiration. The S60 is loaded with all the fascination of the world. The rear of the car has looks equally dashing as the front with beautiful tail lights, magnificently designed. The roof lining of the car is yet again a glimpse to share the fantasy. The craftsmanship comes to life with the sides molded with utmost perfection and clarity. The S60 is not just beautiful but bold and imposing too. The picture comes more vivid with the beautiful wheel arches housing the shelter to bold and strong alloy wheels that look simply awesome.

Volvo S60 Tail Light PicturesWhether it is style, sleekness, boldness, strength or elegance, the S60 has it all. The luxury of the vehicle compiled together with the sophistication of the rear demister and wiper is superb. The S60 can here be resembled and foreseen as the real example of sheer beauty.



Safety and Features in Volvo S60

Volvo S60 PicturesThe very admirable Volvo S60 stands apart at the top most peak of safety featured than in any other car of the segment. The Safety features of the S60 include the parking assist camera, 2 step airbags, and four-c chassis city safety, height / length adjustable steering wheel, collision warning with full auto brake, SIPS airbags, and inflatable curtains. The Volvo S60 has a special mechanism in the seating as well with the concept of WIL (Whiplash Injury Lessening), in case of a collision, WIL concept on the driver seat helps prevent injury to the neck and back. Along with all this the few common features like child safety locks, anti theft alarm, antiglare rear view mirror, front and rear seat belts, seat belt warning, door ajar warning, ensures complete safety to the driver and passengers.


Volvo S60 Driving and Handling

Volvo S60 Steering Wheel PicturesThe mystic yet very known for indulgence, Volvo S60 is sheer comfort even on bumpier terrains due to the advanced pair of suspensions that make it firm and easy on such conditions. The smoother drive comes as easy as a feather. The S60 does not miss upon a single chance to impress you with its leisure and easiness. It is equipped with power assisted steering type which allows standard minimum turning radius (meter). The car is associated with effective front and rear disc brakes which are affiliated with alloy wheels and tubeless tyres. The transmission running to all four wheels is supported with six speed automatic transmission and no manual option.

The all-wheel drive system helps quite a lot in stable driving and ripping over the turns. In the cruise control and features like automatically dimmed inner mirror + compass, sun curtain, upper + lower headlight washer, bright décor side windows, Turn with steering lights, collision warning with full auto brake, driver alert system and pedestrian detection, blind spot information system, park assist camera etc., you find extreme level of comfort and immense luxury enrolled with style and peace.


Volvo S60 Accessories

Volvo S60 Stereo PicturesThe all new Volvo S60 is affiliated with loads of such stereo features and accessories that enable the passengers to experience the best comfort and enjoyment in the car. The few of the features which makes it so capable and efficient are the CD player, MP3 player, CD changer, AM / FM radio, audio system remote control, front and rear speakers, multi function steering wheel, and much more advanced features can be well configured for the company stock and putting in a little investment.

Volvo S60 Conclusion

The All new Volvo S60 is a perfect blend of power, beauty, performance, mileage and luxury which is quite different from all others, but still as quite obvious, the competitors like Toyota Camry, Nissan Teana and a few others might compete well.

Volvo S60 Variants

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Volvo S60 Petrol
Price (ex showroom)
Engine Details
Special Features


Get On Road Price
2953 cc , Petrol

6.5 kmpl (City)
9.8 kmpl (Highway)

*Sun Roof *Whiplash Protection System *Park Assist + Rear Camera *6 Airbags (Front-Side-Curtain) *Traction Control
Volvo S60 Diesel
Price (ex showroom)
Engine Details
Special Features


Get On Road Price
1984 cc , Diesel

9.5 kmpl (City)
13.2 kmpl (Highway)

*Air Quality Control *Whiplash Protection System *Dynamic Stability Control *6 Airbags (Front-Side-Curtain) *Traction Control


Get On Road Price
1984 cc , Diesel

9.5 kmpl (City)
13.2 kmpl (Highway)

*Sun Roof *Urbane Woood Decor Inlays *Park Assist + Rear Camera *Power Seat Passenger


Get On Road Price
2400 cc , Diesel

9.5 kmpl (City)
13.2 kmpl (Highway)

*Front+Left+Right Spoiler *DVD Player with 7" Screen


Get On Road Price
2400 cc , Diesel

9.5 kmpl (City)
13.2 kmpl (Highway)

*Park Assist + Rear Camera *Aluminium Decor Inlays

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