Volvo XC60

Rs. 35,25,000 to Rs. 42,65,000 (ex showroom delhi)

Volvo XC60 Review

Volvo XC60 now with D3 diesel engine

15-February, 2012: Highly powerful rugged all-wheel drive compact SUV Volvo XC60 will get the current 2.5-litre D5 engine swapped by Volvo’s new 5-cylinder turbo D3 diesel motor. This new engine has got advanced injection system that delivers a superb mileage of 14.7kmpl, which is praiseworthy compared to existing nearly 12kmpl. The new lower displacement D3 engine comes in two versions of Kinetic and Summum that are offered at an inaugural price of Rs 33.2 Lakh and Rs 35.9 Lakh, which will last for limited period, after which the regular costs will be Rs 33.99 Lakh and Rs 36.99 Lakh for Kinetic and Summum versions respectively. All prices are of ex showroom Delhi.

The Volvo XC60 is the car that has much to discuss about. It is manufactured by excellent engineering skills with advanced and exiting technology which lets the car to stand aside. The superbly admirable car with almost all features is really eye catching. The mileage of the car reaches up to an average of about 11 kmpl which is quite acceptable. The diesel engine is enabled with excellent features that will make it more powerful.

Volvo XC60 PictureVolvo has assured that the car will definitely make its top most position among the all SUV by providing luxurious and comfort ride, spacious and muscular cabin like sedan. The manufacturers have created a body installed with new and impressive styles and represent the eminent fame of the company. The car is assembled with all common as well as newly invented safety features which will ensure safe and sound journey. The XC60 is well equipped with a powerful and responsive steering that will help ease the pressure on the driver and deliver responsive handling.

Well more than just an attire, the SUV is an excellent rather a perfect example of craftsmanship. Moreover the ease of comfort and driver offered by this unique car is sound and superb. The XC60 catches breath from any and every aspect that it boasts about. Not only the style is glaring but also the unconditional love for the automobile, Volvo shows with its creations stands out outstandingly apart from the rest.


Volvo XC60 Mileage and Fuel Efficiency

Volvo XC60 Model Mileage (City) Mileage (Highway)
Volvo XC60 D5 9.0 Kmpl 12.0 Kmpl

The Volvo XC60 is assembled with D5 Twin-Turbo & Piezo high-pressure technology diesel engine which makes the car deliver an overall good mileage. The car is expected to give mileage of 9 kmpl in the city which hikes to 12 kmpl on the highways. As per the average statistics of an SUV, the XC60 offers a lot more.


Volvo XC60 Variants and Features

Volvo XC60 PictureThe Volvo XC60 being a member from the vast Volvo family, which is counted among one of the best in the world market, comes up with the price tag of around Rs 40 lacs which is quite worthy of such a load of advanced features that couldn’t be made available in a low pricing. The few features like clean zone interior software, interior movement sensor, level sensor, key integrated remote control, home safe lighting, approach light and global open/ close + sun roof guarantees best comfort and optimum luxury are installed to make the car best. The features like the bright roof rails, heated and electrical adjustable outer mirrors, puddle light, Volvo DNA lamps, front day running lights, dual headlights, side positioning lights and rear fog light auto off grants elegant and contemporary glance to the car are not left behind to put their effort.

Volvo XC60 PictureThe interiors constitute of various special features which provide the passengers with spacious and cozy classic wood décor inlays, leather / classic wood gear shift knob (AT), Bluetooth syncronisation for phone, watch dials combined instrument, vanity mirror, floor mats (4 pieces), parking ticket holder, power operated tailgated, and warning triangle. The music compartment holds much for music lovers like temporary spare 1125/ 80R17 jack, USB & IPOD function in sensus, head phones outlets rear seats, 12V power outlet cargo area and auxiliary audio input (AUX connector) which makes  the journey full of entertainment. To ensure the best safety to the passengers, many new and advanced features like trip computers, extended with speed display, laser assisted automatic braking city safety, hill descent control, four- C chasis, rain sensor, passengers airbag, SIPS airbag, whiplash protection, front seats, pyrotechnical pretensioners, front / rear positions, isofix- outer position rear seat, emergency brake light flashing, intelligent drive information system 2 etc are assembled on the instrument panel.


Volvo XC60 Engine, Power and Performance

The Volvo XC60 is congregated with highly advanced 2.4 LD5 Twin-Turbo diesel engines. The displacement offered by the car is reduced to optimize fuel consumption and is approximately equal to 2400cc. The engine is advanced with piezoelectric fuel injector system and 6 speed automatic transmissions. The injector is very effective in promoting efficient combustion. Engine comes with 5 cylinders, an all wheel drive and Euro V emission norms.


Volvo XC60 Pickup and Acceleration

The car is provided with a 2.4 L D5 diesel engine which is capable of generating the maximum power of 205 ps @ 4000 rpm and maximum torque of 420 Nm @ 1500 rpm along with a responsive 6 speed automatic transmission which will definitely be helpful in difficult situations. The car easily reaches up to 100 km in just 9.1 seconds which is actually very good. Being the car to be at such a height of the price graph the engine is also designed in such manner that it performs better like the other features of the car.


Volvo XC60 Interiors and Features

Volvo XC60 Seats PictureOne of the finest automobile makers of the world, the Volvo now comes up with the all new and dashing Volvo VC60 ready and waiting to receive applauds. The cabin of the car is decorated with rich class and modern styles along with cross brushed aluminium which represent soft touch and elegant look. The wood steering wheel which has come with graceful leather coating looks impressive and charming adds to the beauty. The wood driving wheel just doesn’t look good but also contribute to the driving and makes the handling task easy. The fine stitching of leather remains not just confined to the steering but also stretches out to the gear knob and panel as well. Beside steering wheel and gear lever knob the front dashboard is also very attractive and is assembled in such a manner that it can cover many useful accessories.

The front zone of the shell is also equipped with cup holders to store commodities. Car doors are even not left behind and possess valuable and wide pockets. The front section is accommodated with large area in center console to utilize is it for storing.

Volvo XC60 Driver Side Door Control PictureAlong with charming looks and spacious cabin the car is also rendered with innovative compact designs. The maintenance of the car is not much required if the headlight washer and heated windscreen washer nozzles are perfectly used. The park assist feature with the rear view camera for the rear as well as assistance for the front makes some brilliance. The instep plates and sport pedals are new styling features. Electronic climate control, air quality system, electric heater and air conditioner create a good environment in the cabin. The driver seat is associated with memory functions. The glove box is not so wide but can easily accept owner’s manual and other useful items. The rear seats split in the ratio of 40:20:20 which create a good boot space of 495 litres in the cabin. The infotainment system with MMi or idrive on the center console is quite exciting.

Volvo XC60 Mutifunction Steering Wheel PictureThe Volvo has come with such a luxurious, compatible and powerful car which is best among all his previous variants. To provide best level of relaxation the car’s seats are electrically adjustable. The electrically folded head rests are also installed with front seats. Both front and rear seats have the support of center arm rests ensuring a comfort able drive. To provide the seats a soft and soothing appearance they are associated with splendid stitch of full leather coating which is really commendable of the work by Volvo. The other advanced and classic features which constitute the interiors are watch dials combined instrument, vanity mirror driver, floor mats (4 pieces), parking ticket holder, power operated tailgated, 12V power outlet cargo area, warning triangle and much more.

Volvo XC60 AC Control PictureThe car is well installed with features to deliver best comfort, gorgeous looks and powerful performance but to fill the time of journey with joy and entertainment various elements are provided. Keeping this fact in mind, the Volvo XC60 is installed with temporary spare 1125/ 80R17 jack, AM/ FM radio, CD player, head phones outlets rear seats, 12V power outlet cargo area and auxiliary audio input (AUX connector) which makes the journey full of entertainment. DVD screens are attached on the back of front seat head rests enhancing the joyful ride. The audio controls on the steering wheel are very easy to understand. The integrated audio system is equipped with Bluetooth, USB, IPOD functions. The Volvo XC60 is really a nice car at quite reasonable price and that too with new innovative exciting features, modern styles and luxury.

Volvo XC60 Exteriors and Features

Volvo XC60 ORVM PictureThe Exteriors of the Volvo XC60 are amazingly brilliant and exciting. The company has presented this car in new modern styles which gives resemblance of Volvo cars. The side, front and rear views all looks quite impressive and strong. The front view of the car is very astonishing and gives steaming gaze along with beautiful bumpers. To enhance the name and fame of the company the manufacturers have installed the tag of Volvo on the well placed grill in the front which also improves the looks drastically. The doors are along with beautifully decorated upper and lower window sheet of glass which are really eye catching from side views. Along with spacious storage facility and grand looks rear face of the car becomes incredible.

Alloy wheels and few other elements not only enhances the looks but also strengths the driving section. The car comes with sparkling headlights and glowing rear lights adds to the exterior looks. The headlights are also associated with effective fog lights which reduce the inconvenience during various weather conditions. The head lamps look like the human eyes which are really attractive. The car is designed with grey shade outside rear view mirror, LED indicator and door handles.

Volvo XC60 Tail Light PictureThe car is available in 9 different varieties of colours in Indian market which gives users a good choice to choose. The sharply chiseled bonnet and peeled head lamps give an impressive look. The A pillar and D pillar connects in such a way that it looks like a coupe fashion. Apart from all this, the features like bright roof rails, retractable rear view mirror, puddle light, turn with steering lights, Volvo DNA lamps, front day running lights and side positioning lights makes the exterior look more astonishing and elegant.


Safety and Features in Volvo XC60

The Volvo XC60 is well designed in such a manner for the safety and even the features are installed to perform their task of reducing risk factor while driving for the driver and passenger. The features are loaded with such idea that they protect user as well as occupant in every situation. The XC60 is well supportive of ABS, EBD as obvious. The car has got (HAC) hill start assist which helps to manage the speed of the car on hilly or steep surface along with (BAS) brake start assist works like a helping hand for the driver to apply instant brakes by increasing brake pressure. For security purpose central locking, engine immobilizer & keyless entry with burglar alarm makes the car secure for the user. The XC60 is a great example of mobilistic safety & security.

The car also comes with amazing features like seat belt warning and door ajar warning which are smartly placed in the car. When at the back any vehicle is very near to the car, the bulb near ORVM starts glowing which prevents from accidents. Roll over protection system (ROPS) prevents the car to roll over. Tyre pressure monitoring is a technology which helps to maintain the inflation pressure. The car has extra feature like side and front impact beams which supports perfectly. The Electronic stability control is also there in this car to maintain the stability and smooth movement of the car. The feature like parking sensor is very helpful at the moment of parking in complex region. Few of the common features are assembled in the car like cruise control, power door locks and parking sensors.  There are also few advanced features which add stars to the safety of the car like Laser assisted automatic braking- City Safety, blind spot driving warning system, Four-C chasis (not with Normal),Whiplash Protection, Front Seats, Cut-off switch passenger airbag, High positioned rear brake light and intelligent drive information system 2.


Volvo XC60 Driving and Handling

Volvo XC60 Steering Wheel PictureThe Volvo XC60 is perfect and stable for all the sorts of rough and braked regions to run over and moreover the rear suspension also helps to smoother drive. The power steering is power assisted because of which the turning radius gets reduced. The car is associated with effective front and rear ventilated disc brakes systems which are affiliated with alloy wheels and tubeless tyres. The transmission running to all four wheels is supported with six speed automatic transmission. The car possesses ground clearance of 230 mm and wheel base of 2774 mm. The four wheel drive type and all wheel overdrive are also quite effective. DSTC a sort of driving aid is used to monitor various functions like pace and steering movements is also enabled in the car. The windows of the car are protected by double layer which reduces the effect of NVH level in the cabin. Hill descent control helps to control the specific speed on the various modes of the track. RSC active stability system helps in driving whenever any hurdle comes in between. The entire driving and handling of the XC60 comes out to be excellent.


Volvo XC60 Stereo and Accessories

Volvo S60 PictureVolvo XC60 is affiliated with loads of stereo features and accessories which enable the users to experience the best comfort and enjoyment in the car. Every bit of the XC60 has something refreshing and so is its great audio system with CD/ Mp3/ AUX/ USB support making it deliver amazing acoustics to every side of the car and along with Bluetooth connectivity providing audio system with so easy to operate and with a wireless remote for the passengers from rear. The audio system is very perfect in providing sharp, loud and clear sound with the help of front speakers.

DVD screens are attached on the back of front seat head rests enhancing the joyful ride. A Volvo maker has also implemented an audio button in the steering wheel which another new concept contributing to this car’s success. The Volvo XC60 is installed with temporary spare 1125/ 80R17 jack, AM/ FM radio, head phones outlets rear seats and 12V power outlet cargo area which makes the journey full of entertainment.


Volvo XC60 Conclusion

The Volvo XC60 is absolutely right shell for ample of power, beauty, performance, mileage and luxury which is very distinct from all other variants. As per the name of the company in the market car has even proved on the grounds. The car has been a tough call and a really good competitor for Mitsubishi Montero and Audi Q5.

Volvo XC60 Variants

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Volvo XC60 Diesel
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2400 cc , Diesel

9.0 kmpl (City)
12.0 kmpl (Highway)

*Heated Seats - Front *Roll Stability Control *Whiplash Protection System *6 Airbags (Front-Side-Curtain) *Cruise Control


Get On Road Price
2400 cc , Diesel

9.0 kmpl (City)
12.0 kmpl (Highway)

*Sun Roof *Interior Movement Sensor *Power Seat Passenger *Parking Sensors


Get On Road Price
2400 cc , Diesel

9.0 kmpl (City)
12.0 kmpl (Highway)

*Aluminium Decor Inlays *Park Assist + Rear Camera *Nordic Light Oak Decor Inlays

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